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President Obama is a Judgment (Punishment) of God sent by God on America. However, it is only a Warning Judgment (Punishment). If enough of America repents and votes for a good man, a man like Trump, for President, America will be saved.

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If there were LGBTs, there would still be lesbian-perverts, Gay-perverts, bisexual-perverts, and transgender-perverts; for example, pedophiles.

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The Bible names stupid people.

Muslims are a stupid people. If there were any good Muslims, they would still be stupid.

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The L. F. Nexus Think Tanks is now a part of the CCU Nexus (Chicago Christian University Nexus).

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Secret American Muslims Memo: “Act like a good American; then, when we give you the signal, CUT THEIR THROATS!”

Obama’s Muslims are filthy animals.

The Jews execute people who have committed the worst of crimes while the Muslims execute people who hold to the best of beliefs.

“Decline” means moral decay.

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Pornography: Spread Versus Decline

Gun Control

The L. F. Nexus Think Tanks is now a part of the CCU Nexus (Chicago Christian University Nexus).

Hillary The Murderer

Why are there so many Muslims? Most people become Muslim rather than have their head chopped off.

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About Muslims, if there were ten good Nazis out of a million Nazis, you would still call the Nazis evil.

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Dr. Michael Bisconti, M.D.

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Realilty Rules

We don’t hate Muslims; we hate their deranged (crazy) belief system. People who follow a deranged belief system long enough are likely to become deranged. Such a Muslim is called a “jihadist” and/or “terrorist.” One example of deranged belief is the belief that a mass murderer, Muhammad, was a prophet of God.

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New Political Party Intention Formal Declaration
For now, we are, at least generally (in most cases), supporting Republican candidates.  However, today, Friday, July 11, 2014 at 2:40 pm CST, we formally declare our intention to form a new political party (in a way that does not give the Democrats an advantage).
2016 Presidential Election Formal Platform (Updated!)
American Political Intelligence Platform

  • Destroy ISIS in six weeks
  • Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Energy Independence
  • Repeal Obamacare but preexisting conditions must be kept and existing insured must not lose the insurance
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • School Choice
  • Secure The Border
  • Drop ten million federal regulations.
  • Fire two million federal workers.
  • Shut down one hundred federal agencies.
  • Simplify the tax code.
  • Deport Activist/Criminal Muslims
  • Pro Tea Party Candidates (First Choice)
  • Pro Republican Candidates (Second Choice)

A New Political Party
It is time to begin forming a new political party. The development of a new political party must be handled very carefully. Carefulness is required because, if handled carelessly, our nation could be destroyed. A political party must have consistency. Consistency is achieved by rules. Here are our first rules:
Rule 1: Constitutional Rule: We support the Constitution of the United States of America as interpreted by the Founding Fathers and not as interpreted by the four asinine, liberal Supreme Court Justices that make up a part of the Supreme Court.
Rule 2: Bad Person Rule: If an American is a bad person, they are still an American.
Rule 3: Inclusion Rule: It is the duty of government to protect bad people along with good people.
Rule 4: Crime Rule: A criminal is a bad person who has deliberately broken the law.
Rule 5: Nonessentials Rule: All nonessential government services must be eliminated.
Rule 6: Budget Rule: Government must not spend more money than it takes in.
Rule 7: Tax Rule: The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) must be shut down and replaced with the STS (Simple Tax Service). Low-level IRS people will be rehired at the STS. All other IRS people will be fired.
Rule 8: Simplicity Rule: The “Code Simplification Law” will be passed. This will eliminate 75% of all federal law and eliminate 90% of all federal regulations. Nonessential, federal regulatory agencies (75% of all regulatory agencies) will be shut down and their high-level employees fired. Low-level employees will be retained to simplify the laws and regulations.
Rule 9: Energy Rule: The United States will strive for energy independence.
Rule 10: Health Rule: Obamacare will be repealed but preexisting conditions will be kept and existing insured will not lose their insurance. In addition, a Health Savings Accounts law will be passed.
Rule 11: Education Rule: Parents will be able to choose what school their children attend.
Rule 12: Border Rule: Our southern border will be secured.
Rule 13: Abortion Rule: Abortion will be prohibited with the “Mother’s Life” Exception & the “Morality Over Law” Rule.
Rule 14: Loonatic Rule: All Sharia (Muslim amputation/beheading/etc. laws) supporters will be deported along with all Muslim criminals.
Rule 15: Professors Rule: All college and university professors working at taxpayer-funded schools will teach both sides of every political and scientific issue or be fired.
Rule 16: Courses Rule: History, traditional arithmetic, and penmanship will be taught at all grade levels.

Our Overriding Position On Islam: Seventh Update

The Only Things You Need To Know About Muslims

All Muslims fall into one of four categories: (1) Terrorists [100,000]; (2) Sleepers (Muslims who are planning to kill you after becoming your friend) [400,000,000]; (3) Zombies (Muslims who don’t care if the terrorists and sleepers succeed or not) [1,200,000,000]; (4) Dreamers (Muslims who believe Islam is a religion of peace) [2].

Some Earlier Conclusions

Islam (Muslim belief) is a confused mishmash of ideas. No wonder almost all Muslims are nuts.
Muslims are Christianophobes.
Islam is not a religion. It is a political system. Therefore, it is not protected by the First Amendment. It is time to throw Islam out of America!
99% of Muslims are God-hating monsters. The proof is that they stand on the sidelines while they watch masses of men, women, and children being enslaved, tortured, raped, and beheaded. Their false god, Allah, and their false prophet, Muhammad, will burn in hell forever.

Muslims Are Atheists

You will be surprised to know that Muslims are atheists. Atheists do not believe in God. Muslims do not believe in God. Therefore, Muslims are atheists. Now, you will ask, “But isn’t Allah supposed to be God?” That is what Muslim propagandists want you to believe.
God does not hate. Allah hates. Therefore, Allah is not God. God does not torture. Allah tortures. Therefore, Allah is not God. God does not murder. Allah murders. Therefore, Allah is not God.
Finally, don’t fall for the lie promoted by Muslims when they say, “But the Koran teaches that Allah is God.” The main reason this is a lie is that the teachings of a religion are the lives of its followers, not the words of its book. Also, we provide a deep, technical analysis of the schizophrenic and evil teachings of the Koran elsewhere on our website.

Why There Are No Good Muslims

There are no good Muslims because all Muslims are either evil or unwilling to separate from evil Muslims and call themselves something other than “Muslim” and their religion something other than “Islam.”  This unwillingness to separate from mass torturer, mass murderer, evil Muslims (in the country of Turkey, Muslims mass tortured and mass murdered 1.5 million Armenian Christians)…this unwillingness to separate from mass torturer, mass murderer, evil Muslims makes the unwilling Muslims evil Muslims too.

Major Point

After years of research and analysis, we have further refined our “Overriding Position On Islam.” The current revision will enable freedom fighters to more quickly defeat our enemies. Here, more precisely, is a description of our enemies:
1. Terrorists
2. Sleepers (Loonatics and/or Terrorists)
A sleeper is an enemy secretly planted in the general population to live like the average person for years and years then suddenly attack.
We have coined the word “loonatics” to refer to a special class of lunatics (crazy people). Loonatics are Muslims who want the entire world to be under Sharia Law (Muslim Law) with its amputations of hands and feet and beheadings. Instead of violence, loonatics use lawsuits, politics (including getting elected to office), propaganda, and lying.

To be safe, treat all Muslims as a threat.

Below is an update of a previous “Overriding Position On Islam.”
Secondary (Less Important) Point
Our research teams have interviewed over 3,000 people from around the world, examined over 100,000 media sources from around the world, including over 10,000 websites, over 2,000 radio broadcasts, over 5,000 television broadcasts, thousands of sound files, thousands of video files, thousands of books, booklets, and pamphlets, hundreds of documentaries, and a multitude of other types of sources. The evidence is overwhelming that the threat from Islam is far greater than we ever imagined. So much so that we have been forced to change our overriding position on Islam. Our new position applies globally, which means the danger in America is as real as anywhere else. The lesser point of our overriding position on Islam is:

Secondary (Less Important) Point

The true definition of any religion is not the teachings of that religion but the lives and works of the majority of those who profess to be practitioners of its teachings. The majority of Muslims do not believe in opposing terrorist Muslims and are ready to allow terrorist Muslims to do as they please. Therefore, the majority of Muslims are a threat.

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