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Muslim Refugees

Muslims' Mental Illness Frequency

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New Pneumiatry Website

History Murder Counts

Obama And Hitler’s Muslims

Obama is not a Muslim but, just like there were Nazi sympathizers during World War II, Obama is a Muslim sympathizer. By the way, the Muslims sided with Hitler during World War II, forming a Muslim division, which they put under Hitler’s command (see below).

Hitler's Muslims

We Say No To Rand Paul
The Kleptomaniac Koran

The Koran plagiarizes (steals from) the Bible and from ancient literature, including the Diatessaron, the Protoevangelium of James, the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew and the Arabic Infancy Gospel.

Update 2: The Only Things You Need To Know About Muslims

All Muslims fall into one of four categories: (1) Terrorists [100,000]; (2) Sleepers (Muslims who are planning to kill you after becoming your friend) [400,000,000]; (3) Zombies (Muslims who don’t care if the terrorists and sleepers succeed or not) [1,200,000,000]; (4) Dreamers (Muslims who believe Islam is a religion of peace) [2].

Muslims Steal Land From Israel

Demote Evolution, Don’t Destroy It

Evolution is neither a theory nor a fact. It is a hypothesis (“educated guess”).

Bomb Iran’s Nuclear Facilities!

Iran has lied 263 times. They cannot be trusted. We support the bombing of their 127 nuclear facilities by anyone.

Obama’s Racist
Treatment Of Israel

Obama’s love of Muslims has caused him to be a racist in his treatment of Israel.



Smart evolutionists have considerable knowledge but limited intelligence. They will filibuster (talk a lot) but prove very little. The fact is that evolution has been defeated with just a little knowledge. Visit EON Super Nexus to arm yourself with this knowledge.

EON Super Nexus

Supreme Court Chooses
Gays Over Science

The liberals on the Supreme Court have rejected science so that Gays can be considered normal and also so that Gays can be allowed to marry. See the extensive proof at Supreme Court Rejects Science.

Psyche Doctor

Now you can check your mental health in the privacy of your own home and only you see the test results and no psychiatric/psychological history about you is stored anywhere to be used against you later.

Psyche Doctor

Collosus 2 - USS 1


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