{FD} Police in Germany are covering up the extent of crime committed by Muslims: Bildt

Police in Germany are covering up the extent of crime committed by migrants, claim Bild… as country is revealed to have taken in 1.1 MILLION people during 2015 Asylum seekers are being recruited as cheap drug dealers and traffickers as well as petty thieves, Bild newspaper claims But police have apparently been ordered to cover … Continue reading

{FD} Belgium: No fireworks and New Year celebrations in Brussels over Muslim terror concerns

Rather than happy New Year’s celebrations in Brussels, we see empty streets. Today it’s the cancellation of celebrations. What will it be tomorrow? Cancel all public transport, all airports, all shopping areas, all tourism? Isn’t it more rational and sensible just to ban and deport Muslims rather than changing Belgian life for the entire population? … Continue reading

{FD} Devout Muslim behind ‘Islamophobic’ arson attack on Houston mosque

The usual Muslim-on-Muslim islamophobia, always blamed by the Muslim community on a non-Muslim to gather pity and fake ‘hate crime’ statistics. The truth always emerge later on to be one of their own. Authorities rarely understand the Muslim mindset or take in consideration the fact that Muslims around the world constantly bomb and attack mosques … Continue reading

{FD} Richard Dawkins describes Islam to Muslim journalist: ‘Pathetic’

‘Pathetic’: Richard Dawkins in extraordinary outburst against Islam RICHARD Dawkins has launched an extraordinary new attack on Islam blasting one of its core teachings as “pathetic”. By Jason Taylor, Express PUBLISHED: 04:07, Tue, Dec 29, 2015   Professor Richard Dawkins has launched a fresh attack on Islamic belief. The furious academic walked out of an … Continue reading

{FD} Saudi Imam: ‘I see women at the airport, in hospitals, and so on. By God, it’s disturbing. I get a lot of complaints.’

Shouldn’t his dirty vision be focused on the pages of the Koran rather than searching for women to oggle at everywhere he goes? If he truly followed his Koran he would beg to be whipped. His activities are considered haram and equal to infidelity according to Sharia. These savages imagine women in the West ‘lament … Continue reading

{FD} Austrian Islamist ‘poster girl’ who joined ISIS was a sex slave for new fighters before beaten to death

Not much pity. She got what she begged for. She got what she wanted for others. . . Teenage Islamist ‘poster girl’ who fled Austria to join ISIS was used as a sex slave for new fighters before she was beaten to death as she tried to escape, former prisoner reveals Samra Kesinovic, 17, from Vienna, … Continue reading

{FD} Saudi transvestite in a burka faces lashes caught walking through mall

In the world’s largest gay prison, Saudi Arabia, there is very little tolerance for the nation’s favorite pasttime activity. Why can’t they just come out of the closet and chill out? . . Saudi transvestite faces prison or LASHES after he is spotted walking through a shopping mall wearing a burka The man was spotted … Continue reading

{FD} Two arrested in Belgium suspected of plotting a New Year’s Eve attack

The usual contribution to peace… . . Two arrested in Belgium suspected of plotting a New Year’s Eve attack Police found military clothing and Islamic State propaganda material. A Belgian soldier patrols through the Winter Wonders Christmas market in central Brussels. By Peter Foster, Europe Editor and agencies 7:52AM GMT 29 Dec 2015, Telegraph Belgian … Continue reading

{FD} Corsica: Third day mass protest over Muslim violence with arson, baseball bats and iron bars

It’s pretty appalling when a news outlet adopts the islamophobia narrative over protests rooted in escalating Muslim violence. Notice how this article leaves out the facts behind the Muslim violence and focus on a victimhood narrative towards violent and dangerous foreign elements? So called out-of-control ‘refugees’ from Africa attacked police and firefighters with baseball bats … Continue reading

{FD} Sweden is forced to apply for EU emergency aid to afford basic needs for Muslim ‘refugees’

Originally posted on Muslim Statistics:
? Refugee Crisis: European Commission awards €35 million to Sweden, €8 million to Finland and €5 million to Belgium in emergency funding 23/12/2015 European Commission Migration and Home Affairs ? The European Commission has awarded €35 million to Sweden, €8 million to Finland and €5 million to Belgium in emergency…

{FD} 300 suspected Muslim terrorists try to cross UK border daily

Nearly 300 Suspected Terrorists and Criminals Try To Cross UK Border Each Day by Nick Hallett 27 Dec 2015, Breitbart Around 300 potential terrorists, criminals and illegal immigrants try to enter Britain each day, with 99,500 alerts issued by the National Border Targeting Centre (NBTC) last year. Figures show the number of potentially dangerous passengers … Continue reading

{FD} France: Afghan ‘refugees’ insult Parisians and set-up homeless camp at terror attack memorial

Afghan migrants set up homeless camp at the site of Paris terror attack memorial to protest against lack of housing Migrants have set up a makeshift camp at the site of a Paris attack tribute The Afghan asylum seekers are protesting the lack of housing for migrants Place de la Republique, in Paris, was also … Continue reading