{FD} Afghans trying to move to Europe are buying forged Taliban threat letters

This has been going on for decades. Muslim societies are full of corruption and fraud. You can’t confirm or verify a single thing in their so called “documentation”. Send them to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have luxury tents able to accommodate 3 million people. What honor it would be for them to be in the … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

France prepares for a chemical attack as water poison fears spread

Paris gripped by water poison fear after chemical clothing is stolen from hospital The French Army was last night protecting water facilities around Paris  There were fears of a chemical attack by Islamic State terrorists  Scientists were carrying out tests on the city’s water supply  Equipment to guard against chemical products was stolen from a … Continue reading

{FD} Belgium grinds to a halt as Brussels turns into a ghost town

By Simon Murphy and Paul Cahalan in Brussels for The Mail on Sunday Brussels went into lockdown yesterday over the ‘imminent threat’ of another Paris-style terrorist atrocity. Unprecedented security saw shops and public transport closed, sporting events cancelled and people urged to stay indoors as heavily armed soldiers and police patrolled the streets of the … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading