{FD} British journalist buys identical Syrian passport for $2,000 held by Merkel’s terrorist “refugee”

Passport to terror: MailOnline reporter bought an IDENTICAL Syrian passport that ISIS bomber used to sneak into Europe before Paris attacks MailOnline reporter obtained forged Syrian passport for $2,000 in four days Investigation exposed security flaws where terrorists buy fake passports to get into Europe undetected Passport of ‘Ahmad Almohammad’ found at Paris Stade de … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

France: Pre-dawn anti-terror raids uncover AK-47’s, grenades and rocket launchers

This report tells only half a truth. They’ve found hand grenades, combat knives, machetes, AK-47’s, and even rocket launchers plus more, and stashes of cash while raiding Muslim homes. The French media keeps referring to the enemy as “Islamists”. Why give them a separate name as if they are some fringe group? It deceives people … Continue reading

UK: Muslim crowd mock Christian pensioner over his faith in Hyde Park – Video

England today in 2015. Gradually submerging into the middle ages. A Christian pensioner is surrounded by Muslims at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London. Mocking him for his religious beliefs yet they expect everyone to respect theirs. Watch how they surround him and jeer at him, intimidating and acting like brutes. Notice also how no … Continue reading