{FD} {FD} UK: Muslim Uber driver assault female passenger and hurl racist tirade

Mother claims Uber driver called her a ‘black c***’ before dragging her from the car and punching her twice in the face after a row about drop offs Taleka White, 27, claims that she was assaulted in south London She said that the Uber driver became angry after taking a wrong turn Uber said that … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} Welcome to Sharia state of HAMtramck, Michigan, where Muslims make up 50% of the population

Muslims have made their headquarters in a city called HAMtramck…. the irony. Is it halal? We recall when a TV producer were in pre-production preparations to create the soapy show “All-American Muslim (2011)” to prove to Americans how “modern and normal” Muslims actually were to counter “right-wing claims”. What was the biggest problem facing the … Continue reading

{FD} {FD} Turkey shot down Russian fighter to protect its supply of oil from ISIS, claims Putin

Russian President made the claim at the global climate conference in Paris Claimed downing of Russian plane was to protect supply of oil from ISIS Told news conference that shooting the plane down was a ‘huge mistake’ By Julian Robinson for MailOnline Published: 19:13, 30 November 2015 |   Vladimir Putin has accused Turkey of … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} {FD} Germany Just Confirmed Everyone’s Worst Fears About Syrian Refugees

  “They start by saying…”   Jack Davis, November 30, 2015 Western Journalism Islamic extremists in Germany are using food, shelter and the religion of home as bait as they fish the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany for new converts to radical Islam. “They start by saying, ‘We will help you live your faith,’” … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} {FD} Millionaire socialists need Islamic immigrants

… because Islamic immigrants will always vote socialist Larry Pickering Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media. Mon 30 Nov 2015 08:44:35 am The Pickering Post   In excess of 80 per … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} {FD} EU president drip-feed visa free travels and membership to Turkey to stem ‘refugee’ crisis

How …expletive deleted…ing stupid are these people? Unreal! This Donald Tusk is a total …expletive deleted…. He should be dumped in Raqqa, stripped and naked. You don’t reward Muslims for infiltrating your country. You PENALIZE them and SANCTION them. This stupid man is making the situation a thousand times worse. Turkey, an ally to Islamic state is … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} {FD} Finland: Government to look closer into growing number of Muslim rapes

Finland to investigate immigrant rape   Published 28 november 2015 FriaTider   The Finnish Government shall now look more closely at 10 cases where asylum seekers have committed rapes in Finland this year alone. Justice and labor minister Jari Lindstrom from the True Finns party say that asylum seekers pose a security risk in Finland, … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} {FD} Finland: Public anti-government rally against rapist Muslims

Like other countries across Europe the Eurocrats in Brussels have contributed nothing but new eras of divisions, anger, economic struggles and millions of pissed off people who are demonstrating in town after town against Muslim migration. In spite of that the government’s are superimposing Muslims on the population. Finland has seen several large demonstrations in … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} Serbia: ‘Palestinian’ Ambassador sells EU Visas to wealthy Muslim migrants

Migrants: Serbian media, Palestinian ambassador’s visa scandal For wealthy Middle Eastern migrants,prices up to 5000 euros Ansa IT 24 November, 12:14   (ANSA) – BELGRADE – According to Serbian daily Blic, since the migrant crisis began, Palestinian ambassador to Serbia Mohamed Nabhan – using his diplomatic position and high-level contacts – has provided a large … Continue reading

{FD} {FD} Muslim invaders spreading HIV across Europe at an alarming rate

German Police officer plays with “refugee” child. Muslim “refugees” in Kos, Greece, fight in residency registration line.   By Carol Brown American Thinker The attacks against European civilization by Muslim colonizers come from many directions – one of which is the rise in infectious diseases imported with many colonizers. Including HIV. Breitbart reports that the … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} Sweden’s police: We can’t protect the country from Muslim terrorists

Swedish police guarding the government building in Stockholm. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT Police: we can’t protect Sweden from terrorists Published: 27 Nov 2015 The Local After Sweden raised its terror threat alert to record high levels last week, more and more police officers on the beat warn that their weapons are not good enough to prevent … Continue reading

{FD} UK: Muslims claim no-one in Britain can cook curries and chefs must be imported from Bangladesh

This kind of nonsense arguments are typical within Asian nepotism within Indian and Muslim communities. These people are exploiting the West’s immigration generosity by prejudices against the natives. This is why the entire immigration system needs a total reform. It’s pretty laughable to claim that not even one native out of a 50 million population … Continue reading

{FD} {FD} UK: Immigration officers raiding seven sham weddings a day

The activity of these native traitors are likely much, much higher than the article reveals. Many of these sham marriages are performed for Muslims. We have received emails from British readers in the past where they have reported illegal Muslims engaged in drug peddling and other crimes, or threatening that Muslims will soon be taking … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} {FD} Germany: Muslims arrested at Islamic ‘cultural’ center in plot to terrorise

Police arrest two Islamists on suspicion of planning a ‘serious act of violence’ in Berlin TWO Islamists have been arrested in Berlin on suspicion of preparing a “serious act of violence”. By Jake Burman PUBLISHED: 00:00, Fri, Nov 27, 2015 | Berlin police arrested the two men on suspicion of carrying out an attack. Police … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} {FD} Sweden: 14,000 illegal Muslim immigrants disappear without trace

Swedish police officers patrolling Stockholm. Photo: Tomas Oneborg/SvD/TT   Published: 27 Nov 2015 The Local More than 14,000 foreign nationals told to leave Sweden have instead gone underground, with police saying there is little they can do to enforce deportation orders. A total of 21,748 people had been given deportation orders by the Migration Agency … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} Sweden: Village descends into open warfare as citizens fight back against Muslim invaders

Listen to the video at the bottom of the page where socialist left-wing idiot Anders Berg, Associate professor of economic at Lund University, fantasizes at 0:46 that Muslims will fill jobs and solve economic problems. He imagines Sweden “needs” immigrants from poorer countries to fill entry level jobs. Go to any poor country and see … Continue reading

{FD} {FD} Most European Muslims want Sharia – not European laws

In other words: the claim that they are “escaping” atrocities are actually not true. They want atrocities – plus free house and money. What exactly is included in Sharia law: Beheadings Stonings Hangings Crucifixions Honor killings Genocide Burning infidels alive Supremacy/global domination Warfare/conquest Beatings Torture Limb amputations Genital mutilation Death to apostates Forced conversion Slavery … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} {FD} Denmark: 46.1% of Muslims feel Danish law must be based on Sharia

Originally posted on Muslim Statistics:
One in four Muslims in Denmark feel that Danish law must be based on Koranic law mixed with basic Danish constitution, while one in ten believe Danish law must be based only on the Koran. In other words, 46.1% of Muslims want Sharia law in Denmark. The Danes assumed Muslims…Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading