{FD} UK: Libyan military recruits for ‘security’ demand asylum after serial rape charges

Asylum bid by Libyans in sex rampage: Three soldiers jailed following night of vile assaults demand right to stay in the UK Ibrahim El Maarfi, Mohammed Abdalsalam and Khaled El Azibi want to stay Trio jailed after they hunted in ‘pack’ to attack three women in Cambridge Soldiers escaped barracks, stole bikes and cycled to … Continue reading

{FD} {FD} Saudi Arabia: Dementia afflicted King Salman is demanded to resign as unelect nephew runs the roost

The two crown princes are plotting a coup against 79-year old dementia afflicted King Salman, whoms mental faculties are said to be unstable. Salman is even more extreme than his (now) dead brother Abdullah, who was the Fritzl of Saudi Arabia and imprisoned his own daughters and wives to a deserted wing of the palace. … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} {FD} UK: Muslim teen bride raped and beaten for 13-years for not giving husband a son

Woman who was forced into marriage at 16 was raped and beaten for 13 YEARS by her abusive husband who was angry that she hadn’t given him a son Sajida, who is in her 30s, was forced into an arranged marriage aged 16 She married in Pakistan and the couple moved back to London  Her … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} {FD} India: Muslim disregard of Hindu culture and slaughter of protected and sacred cows cause tension

This report does not mention the causes and the problems Indian people have with Muslims, especially in the North of the country, and where the foundation for this anger against the Muslims come from. The Muslims are illegally slaughtering the protected Hindu cows – a sacred animal in the Hindu culture. Not only are the … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} {FD} Victimology: Ahmed the clockmeister and the struggle to invent a case of ‘Islamophobia’

Muslims are constant provokateurs and exploiters of the legal system. They should not be given residency in the West. Ahmed the clockmeister struggled with his bomb-imitation clock to get a reaction from his school SIX TIMES so he could run to his father with an opportunity for an “Islamophobia” claim, calling in the press. The … Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading Continue reading

{FD} German police chief: Christians are not safe and should be housed separately from Muslim “refugees”

Christian and Muslim refugees should be housed separately, says German police chief As attacks on Christians in asylum seeker centres increase and religious groups clash, Jörg Radek says refugees should be separately accommodated based on their faith. A police officer survey as refugees stand outside a migrants shelter in Calden, near Kassel where clashes erupted … … Continue reading

{FD} Germany’s surprise to Muslim “refugees”: Food stamps instead of money, integration classes, safe zone deportations

They think this is some kind of solution. Its NOT a solution. The solution is to scrap the asylum system, ban all applications by illegal entry and ban Muslim asylum, refugee and residency applications completely. . . . . Germany approves new measures to cope with record surge in asylum seekers Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro … … Continue reading

{FD} George Soros Demands EU Accept 1 Million Refugees (Costing €15Bn) Per Year For Foreseeable Future

Unreal! Rich bastard has enough money to keep safe and relocate anywhere he wants should he need to. He is not getting raped, robbed and beheaded by these savages. Easy for him to demand countries where he doesn’t even live to take these animals in. Why doesn’t Soros focus on giving housing to his 25+ … … Continue reading

{FD} Israel: Organ of Jewish teenager killed by Muslim suicide bomber saves “Palestinian” girl

So many Jewish people have offered organs, offered their money, their homes, their everything to help the savage dogs who attack, bomb and occupy them. The “Palestinians” NEVER return the favor. NEVER. Not only do they never return any favors, but they don’t even have gratitude and continue to curse the jewish people and wish … … Continue reading

{FD} Weak Europe: Moroccan drug smugglers offload cannabis from a dinghy onto a packed Spanish beach in broad daylight

Readers who are familiar with Spain will be aware that Spain is Europe’s Brazil; a complete den of drugs, prostitutes and crime waves beyond imagination. And this is what the eurocrats has signed open borders with. The crime rate across Europe is a staggering 1,000% higher than the United States. London alone has a 400% … … Continue reading

{FD} Video: Arabic-speaking woman on Budapest train eavesdropped on “refugees” who wanted to take passengers hostage

Well, there you go. They’re all more or less the same. Completely unsuitable to live in the West. The criminal hordes were shouting “Money, give us money” and throwing food away while thinking of taking passengers hostage, and beating the Muslim women. Just shoot them on trespassing. No one owes them anything. The West doesn’t … … Continue reading

{FD} German authorities use morally dubious measures to evict its own citizens from their homes to fill them with “refugees”

Welcome to Angela Merkel’s Germany. Well, all the left-wingers that demanded that these fake Muslim refugees must be given entry and access get to lie and the bed they created. Hope they enjoy it. Better they use their non-exist reasoning next time. . . . . Germany: Migrants In, Germans Out The Death of Property … … Continue reading

{FD} Mecca: Pictures emerge of Saudi officials bulldozing bodies of dead Hajj pilgrims like garbage

They don’t have too much regard of other Muslims, do they? Nor do they seem to care about their own prophet. Pictures emerge of Saudi officials bulldozing bodies of dead Hajj pilgrims like garbage and dumping them into a pile. The Saudi’s have leveled ancient buildings and turned Mohammed’s only remaining historic places of origin … … Continue reading

{FD} Hungary to EU: Muslim “refugee” quotas will repeat EU’s failed attempts at multiculturalism

Hungary to EU: migrant quotas will repeat Western Europe’s ‘failed’ attempts at multiculturalism Budapest tells EU officials to stop “lectures” over question of taking in Syrian refugees. By Colin Freeman, Chief foreign correspondent 9:00PM BST 26 Sep 2015 Hungary has defended its opposition to Brussels’ plans for compulsory migrant quotas, saying it did not wish … … Continue reading