{FD} Icelanders have gone mad: 10,000 offer to house Syrian ‘refugees’

10,000 Icelanders offer to house Syrian refugees after author’s call Government says it is looking at offers and will consider accepting more refugees after initially saying it would only take 50. Bryndis Bjorgvinsdottir urged her fellow Icelanders to speak out on Facebook if they wanted Iceland to take in more Syrian refugees Photo: Óli Gneisti / … Continue reading

{FD} Watch: Islamic State releases video showing four Shia ‘spies’ being burned alive in Anbar, Iraq – #ISIS

You can view the new ISIS barbarity video from Iraq, here. Welcome to Islam. . . . . Isis releases graphic video showing four Shia ‘spies’ being burned alive in Anbar, Iraq Experts say there seems to be no limit to what militia fighters and Isis forces will do as an exchange of barbaric atrocities … Continue reading

{FD} Lebanon: Christian martyr who was beaten unconcious and beheaded for not converting to Islam, is beatified by Pope

Martyr Who Refused to Deny His Faith And Accept Islam Takes Step Toward Sainthood Blessed Flavien-Michel Malké beatified by Pope Francis. by Silas S. Henderson, Aleteia As he addressed the crowds gathered together in St. Peter’s Square to pray the Sunday Angelus on August 30, Pope Francis again asked for prayers and support for the … Continue reading

{FD} Thai police hunt more Muslim suspects after Bangkok bomb arrest

On the 17th, when the bombing was just announced, we mentioned Rohingya’s and Uighurs. They need to keep an eye on all those Rohingya “refugees” they have taken in, too. Thailand forcibly repatriated more than 100 Uighurs to China last month, “prompting international outrage”. Outrage over what?? Their right to stop importing terrorism? . . … Continue reading

{FD} Finland: 50 asylum rejects refuse to leave – get escorted out of the country by 54 police officers

Send the bill to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In fact, all asylum seekers should be put on a large plane and dumped in Saudi Arabia. Let the custodians of Mecca manage their own Muslim problems. Bing translated: . . . 50 Albanians and 54 policemen on board when Finland flew home illegal immigrants Posted August … Continue reading

{FD} UK: Muslim mosque worker who put child’s hands on his penis, has trial collapse

Yasir Muhammed Hafiz   Trial of mosque worker accused of sexually molesting two boys collapses Steve Wright, Crime Reporter / Saturday 29 August 2015 / Bradford Telegraph and Argus THE TRIAL of a mosque worker accused of sexually molesting two young boys collapsed yesterday because of difficulties interpreting the evidence. Yasir Muhammed Hafiz, 31, of … Continue reading

{FD} UK: Muslim rapes 15-year old mentally disabled, tries to intimidate her to lie about her testimony

Here we go again… another Muslim ARSEhad Mahmood has been targeting young girls and they don’t even shy away from victimizing children with mental disabilities. There are so many Muslim crimes and atrocities from this minority community that you could create an entire newspaper with reports only on the subject. It just never ends, Imagine … Continue reading

{FD} Turkey’s leading religious body warns of the ‘the Jedi religion spreading among Christians’

by Liam Deacon, 28 Aug 2015 Breitbart News Turkey’s leading religious body has warned of the supposed dangers of the Jedi religion spreading among the country’s Christian minority. Jediism is a movement based on the fictional religion in the Star Wars films, and is widely regarded as a joke. Marmara University Professor Bilal Yorulmaz wrote … Continue reading

{FD} Nobel Laureate in Literature: “Europe will soon go under – The Muslims are flooding, occupying and destroying Europe”

A combo of Bing and Google helped to translate this text into English: . . . Following Hitler Europeans no longer dare to discuss the disadvantages of alien races and religions, warns the Hungarian-Jewish professional Holocaust and Nobel laureate Imre Kertész in his new book, The Last Escape(?). [Photo of Imre Kertész as a child … Continue reading

{FD} Sweden: Palestinian convicted for gang-rape in 2013, is suspected of attempted murder

Jordan is the country created for the so called “Palestinians” in 1923 by splitting up Israel and handing the largest portion of the land to the invading Muslim mobs. So if he was ‘Jordanian’ he is basically Palestinian. . . Rapist suspected of attempted murder Published August 27, 2015 at 20:22 Fria Tider National: A … Continue reading

{FD} Muslim seeking ‘asylum’ at Macedonian border was photographed holding an AK-47 in July 2014

Check this out. Anyone surprised? The powers to be who are facilitating and allowing this influx needs to be arrested, prosecuted and charged for treason – and executed. No one should get away with this social engineering without facing due punishment. This Muslim appears to have been from the Free Syrian Army, judging by the … Continue reading

{FD} Propaganda: Israeli soldier who ‘held Palestinian child with broken arm at gunpoint’ was prolific Pallywood star

At least four Muslim witnesses and HD sharp images to give evidence of “Israeli atrocities”. Wow. Impressive. It’s always amazing what “skilled” war zone journalists the “Palestinians” are. They always manage to be at the exact right place and the right time with their cameras when these so called Israeli human rights violations are taking … Continue reading

{FD} UK: Nearly 100 Muslim terrorists a week – or 5,200 per year – are reported to authorities

Nearly 100 new suspected British extremists are reported to authorities every WEEK More than 2,000 people thought to be fanatics reported to the authorities  Figures show a huge increase in suspected extremists being referred Government’s terror rehab scheme is ‘bursting at the seams’, experts say  By Ollie Gillman for MailOnline Published: 09:50, 29 August 2015 … Continue reading

{FD} Thai police arrest ‘man’ with Turkish passport suspected of deadly bomb attack

Remember what all the human smugglers tell Muslims: try to look like a Westerner. This one has a newly cut hairstyle and his beard is trimmed. Hundreds of thousands of terrorists and Muslim infiltrators get fake passports through Turkey, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Tunisia. He’s refusing to state his real place of origin. … Continue reading