Fat Martians! Your Time Has Come To Breach Your Weight!

I have come to the conclusion that America is fat mainly because of poor education.  Everyone is told, “Exercise, exercise, exercise.”  That’s good but that is not enough.  A person needs more than exercise.  A person needs (pneumiatric) self-discipline.  Exercise is effortSelf-discipline is pushing the body past its normal limits by making an effort beyond the point where you believe you can make an effort.

This all makes perfect sense.  The body “knows” that it needs self-discipline; so, through a somatopsychic (the body affecting the mind) process the body neutralizes a person’s ability to stop eating.  Why?  So that a person will put on more weight.  Why?  The extra weight makes it more difficult for a person to move about.  In other words, it forces a person to push their body past its normal limits; it forces a person to make an effort beyond the point where they believe they can make an effort.

This also explains why a person keeps getting fatter and fatter.  Once a person has pushed their body past its normal limits, their normal limits have been increased and, therefore, their body says, “I’m making you even fatter so that you can push your body past its new normal limits.”  Note that this also explains the 1,000-pound man-in-the-bed.

Now, what is the practical application of all of this?  Get self-discipline before you get exercise.  Why?  The average person gets enough exercise through normal daily activity.  What they need is self-discipline.  Here’s two examples of self-discipline:

While sitting, raise your legs horizontal to the floor and hold them there until you believe you can’t hold them up any longer and then count to five then lower your legs.

Raise your arms and keep them up until you believe you can’t keep them up any longer and then count to five then lower your arms.

Finally, note that what we have been talking about is much, much more than exercise.  Why?

You are not merely exercising your body.  You are also ending your body’s control of your mind.  You are ending your body’s somatopsychic (the body telling the mind what to do) control of your mind.

One other observation:

It logically follows that, if a person couldn’t get self-discipline, it would be good for them to carry about some extra weight (maybe 110% of their so-called healthy weight), more weight than the weight experts recommend.

Also, to protect ourselves against frivolous lawsuits, consult your doctor and good health to you!

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