Elton John Is Mentally Ill

Elton John's "Family"Before we begin, we want everyone to know that we take no pleasure in writing this article.  In addition, we could have written about someone else but, since Elton John is so widely known, writing about him will result in more people being informed about the lies of the American Psychiatric Association.

Elton John is mentally ill. This statement will no doubt offend a few people.  However, here is the proof:  Elton John is GayAll Gays are mentally ill.  Therefore, Elton John is mentally ill.

Now, a number of you will say that none of this is true because psychiatrists have said that Gays are not mentally ill.  However, what the none-true sayers don’t know is that the psychiatrists they are referring to were paid off to say that Gays are not mentally ill.  You will find the historical record in The Trojan Couch.  Be sure to read between the lines.