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Copyright July 12, 2005 8:36 PM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




Faith can establish the true text of the Bible, as exemplified in the SR-OT3 Short Version Seminar.  The SR-OT3 Short Version Seminar establishes the true text of the Bible on the basis of certain principles found in the Bible.  These principles are a part of the Word of God (the “message” communicated by God to man in writing).  ALL BIBLICAL TEXTUAL CRITICS AND ALL BIBLE TRANSLATORS AGREE THAT THESE PRINCIPLES ARE EXPRESSED IN CERTAIN VERSES IN THE BIBLE WHETHER OR NOT THEY BELIEVE THAT THE BIBLE IS A “MESSAGE” FROM GOD.  In order for the SR-OT3 Short Version Seminar to persuade you of the identity of the true text of the Bible in both the original languages of the Bible and in the English language, YOU MUST BELIEVE THAT THE BIBLE IS A “MESSAGE” FROM GOD.  This belief is the product of faith, not science.


However, faith is NOT necessary to the establishment of the true text of the Bible in either the original languages or the English language.  The true text of the Bible in the English language is ALSO established by slow, careful, methodical examination, linguistic analysis, and linguistic synthesis performed by past, human translators and confirmed by present-day, human translators and doubly confirmed by present-day translating supercomputers.  This present-day confirmation and double confirmation is proven and fully explained in our SR-OT3 Seminar (the long version of the “Seminar on the ‘True Text’”).  These confirmations say (the “MT9-TR-CSR9 Principle”):


MT9-TR-CSR9 (see technical footnote below) comprises a flawless copy of the original autographs of the Holy Scriptures AND constitutes the original languages text of the Bible translated by the King James Bible translators.  In addition, the King James Bible is a flawless translation of MT9-TR-CSR9.






Technical Footnote:  MT9-TR-CSR9 is the formal name for the confirmed (reconstructed) original languages text of the entire Bible.  “MT9” refers to the Masoretic Text with critical apparatus produced by the Sentry 9X virtual supercomputers of the L. F. Nexus.  “TR-CSR9” refers to the true text of the ancient Greek New Testament [see the Technical Footnote at the bottom of God’s Standard Of Precision Of Biblical Textual Criticism And Bible Translation]).