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ADVISORY:  A number of our web pages deal with psychological or medical subjects.  If you need psychological, psychiatric, or medical help, please seek a Christian minister, Christian psychologist, Christian psychiatrist, or Christian doctor.  If you are confronted with an emergency situation and do not know any Christian health professionals, remember that the Lord may also meet your need through a non-Christian health professional (James 1:5).


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Visit our Bible scholarship and Bible scholarship technology pages, including "The Trillion Pages" on "The Perfect Bible" Internet.  Our main page on Biblical Textual Criticism has been upgraded (takes a few seconds to load).  (Our web builders are gradually upgrading all of our web pages.)  See our new Annual Q-Bible Ratings page.


Single people visit The “Christian Dating Services” Nexus.


Parents read The Child's Healthy Lifestyle and How To Raise Your Children.


Husbands and wives read How To Stop Fighting With Your Wife Or Husband.


Visitors, including doctors, see The Healthy Lifestyle - Maintaining Good Health and read The Brain-Injuring Sin.  Psychiatrists and other visitors see Pneumiatric Psychiatry.  Everyone see Bad Psychiatry – Dead-End Certainty and Think Twice Before You See A Psychologist Or Psychiatrist!  Everyone also see American Psychiatric Association - No Longer The Nation’s Most Esteemed Psychiatric Organization.


Scientists and statesmen see EON - Evolution Out Now!  Support the “Nationally Televised Debate On Evolution.”  Follow the ongoing “Planet of the Apes” Debate.


TNP, The Nexus Prayer Network, is now on-line.  Because certain individuals and businesses have no respect for the Lord and other people and have been using our Prayer Network to send spam, we have been forced to LIMIT ACCESS to our Network to our staff, reviewers, and subscribers.  However, you may send your prayer requests to our main email address (see below).  We will then manually put your request out on our Network.


On Tuesday, September 07, 2004, the L. F. Nexus was swamped with emails, over 20,000 in a 9-hour period, urging us to keep our website going.  Apparently, our website is having a greater impact than even we imagined (see our new Hit Sample Page).


Visit our practical, daily living pages via “The Intelligent Person” Topics List and The “Best Advice” Library.  Read Is Premarital Sex Always A Deadly Sin? and the advanced views on abortion on the Prebortion (Embryotomatic Prevention) page, as well as GABE’s research on the GABE (GAP Ornography Buster) page. 


Visit The “God Is Unbreakable” Chronicles, which prove that God is indestructible (“unbreakable”) and includes The Centillionplex Pages.  A “centillionplex” is the number “1” followed by a centillion zeroes.  A centillion is the number “1” followed by 600 zeroes.  You can see the number centillion on The "Centillionplex Number" Page.


Futurists see Androids, Dimethrodons, and Android Men. 


The L. F. Nexus has published API’s 2004 Presidential Election Year NAPP Position Analysis.  Because of the results of this analysis, we heartily support the continuation of the doctrines and policies of the present administration for the next four years.  Also, see the current results for The National Priorities Poll (“NAPP” for short) and read about The Madalyn Murray O’Hair DOUBLE HOAX.


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