Dr. John Bonnell served as pastor from 1935 to 1962 and introduced pastoral psychology/counseling, a field in which he became recognized as a leader. His Pastoral Psychiatry, published in 1938, was the first book on the subject. Dr. Bonnell (1893-1992) was a nationally renowned author and religious broadcaster on…[a major] radio network as host of [a popular religious program]…from 1936 until 1961….Dr. Bonnell played a leadership role in the movement to increase ties between [diverse religious groups]….Dr. Bonnell's…service as a guest lecturer at [a major theological seminary]…helped develop an international awareness of…[his church]. In fact, he "made the name [of his church]…synonymous with human sympathy, evangelical warmth, and spiritual refreshment," according to the Rev. Dr. John A. Mackey, [president of the aforementioned seminary], who praised Dr. Bonnell's services in 1943.