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Dr. Evil Health Care

(Update #12)


It dawned on us that we can design a better health care system than the federal government.  We are calling this better health care system, which replaces “Obama Death Care,” “Dr. Evil Health Care.”  Now, as we have said previously, rather than concentrate on what is wrong, we will concentrate on what is right and we will break this down in very simple terms:


1.       President Obama and others are not wrong about absolutely everything they want to do about health care.


2.       According to the Constitution, the federal government does not have the right to create any kind of federally run health care system.


3.       In any case, what would a good health care system look like?  We’ll start with the really simple stuff:


The Really Simple Stuff


a.       A person pays for their own health care if they are able-bodied, mentally competent, and financially able.  We already have that.


b.       If a person is neither able-bodied nor mentally sound, they still receive medical care.  We already have that.


c.       If a person is able-bodied and mentally sound and making an honest effort to get the money they need to pay for their own health care and cannot get the money, they still receive medical care.  We already have that.


Judging from what you just read, it sounds like we don’t need health care reform at all.  However, we need to dig deeper.  Here is the not really simple stuff:


The Not Really Simple Stuff


1.       In item “c” above, while medical care is not withheld, the person is required to pay for the health care later and the person is overcharged.


Okay, what’s the answer?


First, of course, the person should be required to pay for the health care later.  However, the person should not be overcharged and should be required to pay the health insurance premiums they would have paid if they had health insurance.


2.       Health insurance is too expensive.


Okay, what’s the answer?


The federal government should put a cap on what insurance companies charge people but, first, the insurance companies should be given one year to choose their own cap.  Whatever they choose will become law.  Now, like any other business, the insurance companies have a right to make a profit.  However, they should not make more than, say, a 25% profit (a profit of, say, ¼ of what a customer pays).  A large profit is necessary in order to pay insurance claims but we’re no experts on this.


3.      People without health insurance do not seek preventive medical care because they cannot pay for it.


Okay, what’s the answer?


These people should get the preventive medical attention they need but they will be required to prove that they have made an honest effort to get the money they need to pay for their own health care.  We already do this very type of thing when it comes to unemployment insurance.  If they cannot prove they made an honest effort, we will still provide them the preventive medical care but only to a point.  People deserve a second chance or, even, a third or fourth chance but there is a limit.  We suggest giving people a large number of chances.  Say, ten chances.  After that, they are on their own.


4.      We are supposed to take care of people whether they do their part or not.


This is an easy one – bologna!


This is the thirteenth edition of “Dr. Evil Health Care.”  We may expand upon it, depending on the feedback we receive.