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Copyright August 29, 2005 5:51 PM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




Do we have a perfect (flawless) Bible?  Yes.  If you believe we DO NOT, then you must choose between the following two beliefs.


The Override Principle


The Bible is imperfect (flawed) but God overrides its imperfection (flawedness) by miraculously giving us perfect (correct) knowledge of his message IN SPITE OF what we read in the Bible.


The Outside Authority Principle


The Bible is imperfect and we must rely on extrabiblical (outside the Bible) sources to know what the “message” of God is.



The Problem with the Override Principle


The Lord could, of course, perform the required miracle.  However, you would have no “common message” to share with others except, possibly, some who had complete and utter faith in your word.



The Problem with the Outside Authority Principle


All extrabiblical (outside the Bible) sources are IMPERFECT.  Therefore, you would not have a “message” that you could count on as being from the Lord.



The Only Way to Know The “Message” of God…But….


We are, thus, forced to conclude that the only way a “Bible IMperfectionist” could know the message of God would be through miracle…but they would have no authority to declare and spread such a message since they would have no tangible, demonstrable, external authority to back up this message.