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Copyright August 8, 2005 4:16 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




Does God require a final authority?  The answer to this question is so obvious that we almost feel like we are insulting everyone’s intelligence by even asking it.  Of course, the Lord requires a final authority.  There are many reasons why this must be so.  Here are two:


1.      The Bible itself, including certain Golden Verses and certain Platinum Verses, makes this crystal clear.


2.      How in the world would mankind be accountable to God if there were no final authority?


Note that the Bible teaches that God wants final authority to rest, UNDER HIS GUIDANCE, in the INDIVIDUAL and NOT in some leader.  For example, in the Old Testament God WARNED the Israelites to NOT make anyone king.  The Lord wanted the Israelites to be INDIVIDUALLY, UNDER HIS GUIDANCE, masters of their own destinies.  In the New Testament, we have the example of pastors as NOT being “lords [rulers] over God's heritage” (I Peter 5:3).  Note that the “absence of rulers” is UNDER GOD.  This means that, while there is no human ruler, there is the divine ruler. 


Now, in order to rule, a ruler must “enter into another’s life with a demonstration of their authority.”  How does the Lord do this?  He brings the Bible into our lives AND HE BRINGS A SPECIFIC BIBLE INTO OUR LIVES.  Why a specific Bible?  A ruler has ONE LAW AND ONE LAW ONLY.