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Copyright March 30, 2005 9:09 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




No matter what anyone does, it is God who has the final word on Terri Schiavo’s fate.  One might ask, “Why do anything to help Terri Schiavo since her fate is in God’s hands?”  Well, first, the Bible teaches that we our supposed to live our lives as if everything were in our hands and trust God as if everything were in his hands.  Second, God is involved in the affairs of this world.  God responds to us in accordance with our acts and decisions.  If we do nothing to help Terri Schiavo, God will still take care of her but our lives will be diminished.


Now, all that being said, God will NOT take care of Terri Schiavo if we do nothing to help her.


At this point, you should be quite confused.  We appear to be contradicting ourselves.  Well, there is no contradiction.  I will explain.  We, as human beings, see things in linear fashion, in one dimension, in a straight timeline.  God, however, sees things in planar fashion, in two dimensions, in a branching timeline.  He sees all the possible choices and all the possible outcomes.  At one point in his, not our, timeline he is able to help Terri Schiavo.  At another point in his, not our, timeline only we can help Terri Schiavo.


We must live our lives by God’s timeline, not our timeline.  Our timeline tells us that we don’t have to worry about Terri Schiavo or anyone else for that matter.  God’s timeline tells us that, AT THE APPROPRIATE TIMES, we must be concerned about Terri Schiavo and, of course, the other people in our lives.