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Copyright January 14, 2009 7:31 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti


Updated January 27, 2009 5:57 AM CST

Copyright January 27, 2009 5:57 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti






It turns out that we don’t have the time needed to develop and update this page.  Part of the problem is that a fair rating of a website is very time-consuming.  So, rather than taking a chance on judging one or more previously listed websites too harshly, we’re letting everyone off the hook.  We are leaving this page as is (no websites listed) as a reminder that there are websites out there that, in a personal way, range from mildly annoying to infuriating.



Linguistic Ethics of the Word “Scumbag”

January 26, 2009


We were going to drop the word “scumbag” for the following reason.  To begin with, the primary sense of the word is “a dirty or despicable person” according to the standard, American dictionary.  Second, there is a rare usage that has been commented on by some and that is very offensive.  However, according to the principles of linguistic ethics, the word can be safely used without users being considered indecent.  Now, there are a few people who seek to force a consideration of indecency upon users.  In the process, they have slightly elevated the rare, indecent sense of the word in the public consciousness.  However, if we were to follow their lead, we would also have to stop using the words “mother” and “bull.”


January 27, 2009 Update

Well the “wordsmiths of the underworld” have won the battle over the word “scumbag.”  They have managed to corrupt the public consciousness enough that we can no longer comfortably use the word (full details in our Etymology Department under “Etymological History”).  Note that nothing we have said above has changed, only that the use of the word “scumbag” has now become disagreeable.  The good news is that we have found a better word – “dirtbag.”




First, note that the websites listed on this page drew “FIRST BLOOD”; that is, THEY ATTACKED FIRST!


Anytime anyone ATTACKS FIRST, they earn an EXTRA HELPING of RETALIATION.  However, the PURPOSE of our RETALIATION is NOT to PUNISH but to CHASTISE.  The difference between PUNISHMENT and CHASTISEMENT is that PUNISHMENT seeks justice while CHASTISEMENT seeks the betterment of the person chastised.


Second, when it comes to negative commentary, this web page only addresses the websites, not the author(s) of these websites.  Keep in mind that sometimes a person writes things in a temporarily impaired mental or emotional state that they later regret and recant.  At anytime, if a website withdraws its attack and notifies us at our main email address (see our website lobby page), we will remove their website from this page.


Now, here is the definition of the word “dirtbag” from the standard, American dictionary:


a dirty, unkempt, or contemptible person


However, remember that any negative commentary below addresses the website, NOT the author(s) of these websites.


There are degrees of “dirtbagginess,” ranging from mild to severe.  Here is our “DRS,” “Dirtbag Rating System”:


Dirtbag Rating System

Universe-Collapsing Dirtbag

(Actually, worse than a dirtbag.)

Monster Dirtbag

Big Dirtbag

Medium Dirtbag

Small Dirtbag

Baby Dirtbag

"Bag" Candidate

(Right on the edge of being a dirtbag but not a dirtbag yet.)


Here are our current DIRTBAG WEBSITE listings:


WARNING!  We Recommend That You Be 18 Years Of Age or Older Or Be Accompanied By An Adult To Visit One Or More Of The Websites Listed Below.

These Websites Are Not Necessarily Christian Websites Or Even Just Decent Websites.


Dirtbag Websites

Website Address(es)

Current Dirtbag Rating

Team Analysis































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