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Copyright March 31, 2005 1:38 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




Did the Supreme Court do the right thing by Terri Schiavo.  Yes.  Why?  It was NEVER in the power and the wisdom of the Supreme Court to decide such life-or-death issues.  The honorable Justices of the Supreme Court do NOT have the authority and do NOT have the enlightened judgment necessary to decide life-or-death issues.  It is true that in most other matters the Justices have demonstrated their skill, intelligence, wisdom, sagacity, perspicacity, common sense, good judgment, and knowledge of the law.  However, they LACK these qualities and elements in issues that relate to life and death.


One might argue that, even with their lack of wisdom, they should have made an effort to save Terri Schiavo.  Well, you must understand how judges think.  Judges CANNOT change their natures.  They are taught ALL THEIR LIVES to put law before mercy, which is not to say that they never show mercy.  The Supreme Court Justices could not go against their natures.  That would be like asking an elephant to fly or a rooster to lay an egg.  It is not in their natures.  Does this mean the Supreme Court is worthless and should be dismantled?  No, far from it, for in most other respects, the Supreme Court does an admirable and excellent job.


Note that we in no way impugn (declare to be unrighteous) the character of any of the Justices of the Supreme Court.  They are an honorable group of people who are trying their best to do what is best for our country.  They are usually right in their decisions.  In this case, of course, they have failed and failed miserably.  But we have already explained their failure – they did not have the ability and the wisdom to come to a good and wise decision regarding Terri Schiavo’s fate.  The reason for this, again, is that they do NOT have the authority and enlightened judgment necessary to decide ANY life-or-death issue.


What is the grand lesson for all of us in all that has transpired (happened)?  AVOID JUDGES AND COURTS LIKE THE PLAGUE WHEN IT COMES TO MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH.  THEY MAY KILL YOUR MOTHER.  THEY MAY KILL YOU FATHER.  THEY MAY KILL YOUR WIFE.  THEY MAY KILL YOUR HUSBAND.  THEY MAY KILL YOUR SISTER.  THEY MAY KILL YOUR BROTHER.  THEY MAY KILL ALL OF YOUR LOVED ONES.  Judges and courts are good for car accidents and criminal complaints but not much more.  (Of course, the imprisonment of criminals is crucial to the stability and health of our society.)  DO ALL YOU CAN TO AVOID JUDGES AND COURTS IN MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH AND, AS FAR AS THAT GOES, IN ALL OTHER MATTERS.


One final note, there are times when you CANNOT avoid judges and courts in matters relating to life and death.  In such cases, do not give up hope…for there are a number of good and wise judges who will render decisions consistent with their natures and characters, good and wise decisions.