Biblical Textual Criticism

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Copyright Sunday, October 10, 2004 7:19:36 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti & The L. F. Nexus





Declaration Of Independence Of Biblical Textual Criticism


Biblical textual critics have had over one hundred years to create a scientific, uniform system of Biblical Textual Criticism. They have failed to do so and have, instead, by chance or by choice, foisted upon the community of biblical textual critics and upon the rest of humanity an arbitrary, imperfect, biblical, text critical system and methodology. We hereby declare our independence from those who would seek to continue to suppress the advancement of the science of Biblical Textual Criticism. We will continue to use advancements in the psychiatric and pneumiatric sciences and, indeed, all sciences, and continue to use modern computer technology and to apply the latest discoveries in the artificial intelligence sciences in particular, textual calculus - to create a reliable, scientific, uniform, worldwide, universal system of Biblical Textual Criticism.


Signed This Day, Sunday, October 10, 2004, 6:50:41 AM CST


Dr. Michael J. Bisconti

Dr. Steven Wright

Dr. William Campbell

Dr. Leonard Weinstein, M.D.

Dr. Perry Vitelli

Dr. Barry Waterford

Mr. Gene Raymonds

Gen. William Hartford, U.S.M.C.

Dr. Edward Johnson

Dr. Robert Vitelli

Dr. Samuel Laminski

Dr. Lawrence Tripp

Mr. Larry Garfield

Mr. Peter Hanson

Dr. Susan M. Manheim