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How To Cut Spending Without Touching Medicare


Thursday, May 26, 2011




Well, first, the Democrats and NON-Tea-Party Republicans are idiots.  They live in a fantasy world in which nothing bad ever happens to anyone.  They have no solution to our nation’s financial crisis.  Now, the Tea-Party Republicans too live in a fantasy world.  In their fantasy world the American people are supposed to all be geniuses.  There is no nation made up of geniuses alone.  Most Americans are simply smart people.


We do not need to cut Medicare.  What do we need to cut?


We need to cut the “MedAgency.”


The MedAgency runs Medicare.  Most of the money that the government puts into Medicare does not go to Medicare.  This means that the money does not go to you.  Where does the money go?  It goes to the MedAgency.  We will elaborate (say more) about the MedAgency as soon as possible.






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