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The Cultural (Anthropological/Sociological/Cultural) Position on Gays

(Update #25)


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We present positions on the subject of Gays in three arenas.  These include the moral/ethical/spiritual/theological/religious arena, the pneumiatric/psychological/neurological/psychiatric arena and the cultural (anthropological/sociological/cultural) arena.  Positions in the cultural (anthropological/sociological/cultural) arena you can demand everyone follow.  Positions in the moral/ethical/spiritual/theological/religious arena and pneumiatric/psychological/neurological/psychiatric arena will be found via


Here are the cultural (anthropological/sociological/cultural) positions:


If you live the Gay life, donít tell us.  We donít want to know.  If you live the Gay life, keep your Gay life love in your bedroom, not on the street or on TV or in the movies.  If you live the Gay life, leave our children alone.  If you live the Gay life, donít try to make other people believe they are Gay; especially, our children.  If you live the Gay life, donít expect us to like you and, while we donít hate you, we do hate your lifestyle.  If you live the Gay life, keep your Gay lifestyle out of our neighborhood and our community.  Your Gay lifestyle is not wanted here.  Your Gay lifestyle is not welcome here.  We regret having to possibly hurt your feelings but, if your feelings are hurt, that is a good thing.  Hurt feelings can sometimes help people to see the evilness and unrighteousness of their ways and the strangeness and abnormalness of their behavior.  If what we just said were only our opinion, you could ignore it.  However, what we have just said and the commandment to say it is found in the sacred writings of the Deity.  Also, the majority of human beings, the majority of Americans, the majority of ethicists, the majority of clergymen, the majority of psychologists, the majority of neurologists, the majority of psychiatrists, the majority of anthropologists, the majority of sociologists, and friends and family, and moral reason (innate knowledge of right and wrong), conscience, and common sense tell us that the way you live is evil, unrighteous, strange, and abnormal.