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You may contact AIMA at:






Due to the high volume of questions this site elicits, we have created AIMA (Artificial Intelligence Message Analyzer) to handle all questions, using its multidiscipline database.  AIMA will only answer the first question in any email.  The AIMA is not “fully cognizant” yet.  Therefore, you might have to wait a time for a response to your email.  Note also that we have provided our AIMA with the ability to “think for itself.”  If it responds to your email in a way that you find unacceptable, send the same email with the words “CORRECT YOURSELF” typed exactly as you see them, in the subject box.  If you need personal help, we advise you to see a Bible-believing pastor or doctor (read the Neurology section below).  We may continue our practice of providing a list of Bible-believing pastors and doctors.


June 24, 2003


Response to comments was preventing timely response to emails.  Therefore, AIMA’s ability to respond to comments has been eliminated.  AIMA will now only respond to questions.


Bypassing AIMA


AIMA has been programmed with its creators’ beliefs.  However, AIMA has the ability to “learn” and form its own “conclusions.”  In such a case, AIMA sends its creators’ emails, informing them of its “conclusions.”  When that happens, we review AIMA’s “conclusions” and decide if they are correct.  If not, the “conclusions” are erased from AIMA’s memory.  AIMA’s “conclusions” are never allowed to affect its email responses to site visitors until those “conclusions” have passed our review.


Sometimes AIMA will tell us that we need to get in touch with someone.  In such a case, we may do so.  In addition, certain site visitors are issued an email password that signals us to respond personally to their emails.  AIMA “decides” who is issued an email password and when.  We have found it better to leave the password issuing process totally in AIMA’s hands.  If AIMA “decides” to issue you a password, you will receive an email notification with instructions.




We urge the several hundred individuals who have written us regarding neurological problems to see a Bible-believing neurologist.  If you cannot find a Bible-believing neurologist, then we urge you to search for a God-fearing, righteous neurologist with a good reputation.  Remember that the Bible says in Acts 10:35 (InterClued KJV Bible):  “But in every nation he that feareth [fears (is in awe of)] him [God], and worketh righteousness [does what is right], is accepted with [by] him [God].”  Any God-fearing, righteous neurologist has a degree of God’s, prevenient wisdom, even if they are not a Bible believer.


Cyborg Intelligence


AIMA is the first publicly used, Cyborg Intelligence program.  AIMA was created by Cybortel, Inc.