This page satirizes certain SECULAR institutions of higher learning and was created in concert with the real Chicago Christian University.








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By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti & The L. F. Nexus




Chicago Christian University was founded in 1975. We have had an Internet presence since 2000. Chicago Christian University is built on the foundations of the various institutes established by Dr. Michael J. Bisconti. These include but are not limited to The MicroTech Institute, The Pneumiatry Institute, The Chicago Linguistics Institute, The Chicago Theoretical Physics Institute, The Chicago Business Institute, and The Chicago Constitutional Law Institute. Note that we have been gradually deactivating the websites for these institutions as a part of our process of consolidating their resources into Chicago Christian University.


We believe in the Bible, which we believe is only fully represented in the King James Bible, FIRST, and, then, the International Authorized Version.


One of our goals is to provide postgraduate education to the tens of thousands of Christians and other, decent people who graduate from the thousands of Christian colleges and other, decent schools across America. We also welcome graduates from the thousands of Christian colleges and other, decent schools in other lands.


Note that, while we welcome decent people of all lands:


We are a CHRISTIAN-FIRST institution. ALL will be required to attend CHRISTIAN CHAPEL SERVICES and NO INTERFAITH DATING WILL BE ALLOWED. To state our CHRISTIAN-FIRST position more strongly, we could, for example, say that while Christian Americans do not have more rights than Muslim Americans, CHRISTIANITY IS BETTER THAN ISLAM!


We are an AMERICAN-FIRST institution. ALL will be required to attend AMERICAN VALUES CLASSES.


Chicago Christian University is fully accredited and its accreditation is as good as or better than that of Harvard, Princeton, and Yale in America and Oxford and Cambridge in Great Britain.


Fall classes will begin September 1, 2008.


Contact Dr. Peter Zarkoff for details.










Do not confuse the International Authorized Version with the error-ridden New International Version and the other non-King-James-Bible Bible versions, which are also error-ridden. The International Authorized Version agrees perfectly with the King James Bible.




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