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#7  Thursday, June 2, 2011




Part I Ė The Rich


Well, first, letís talk about the rich.  Are we supposed to take more money from the rich?  Well, the truth of the matter is that the Democrats donít want there to be any rich people.  They believe that if you work you should not get paid.  Most rich people are rich because they slaved away to earn the money they have.  Most Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, say that these hard workers should not get the money they deserve.  Well, obviously, most Democrats are idiots!  Now, it is true that there are a number of rich people that didnít work for their money but inherited it.  Well, if these rich people donít contribute to society, they should be taxed more.


Now most Republicans are idiotic as well, though far less idiotic than most Democrats.  Instead of talking about giving the rich a tax break they should be talking about giving the rich an employee increase.  In other words, the rich keep their tax money so that they can use this tax money to try to create new employees.  Now, if they donít make an effort to create new employees then they should pay the money in extra taxes.


However, no law should be passed that destroys incentive.  In other words, everyone, including the rich, has a right to expect a profit.  If hiring a new employee will destroy that profit then the rich person is free to not hire a new employee.


However, there comes a point where the welfare of others becomes more important than profit.  Bill Gates has, in effect, calculated that ten million dollars held in reserve in the bank is sufficient profit for any one person.


However, there is a difference between personal profit and company profit.  What we said above about ten million dollars refers to personal profit.  Company profit is money needed to try to put more people to work.


There is no limit on company profit as long as it is used to try to put more people to work.







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