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Today, the L. F. Nexus released edition, the first edition, of  The Bintel Library, which is short for The Biblical Interpretation Encyclopedic Library.



The Bintel Library provides the only absolutely correct interpretation of every word, verse, passage, chapter, and book in the Bible.  The Bintel Library comes as a 1000-volume (100,000 pages per volume) work accompanied by an electronic version on a set of 200 DVDs packaged with an automated DVD swapper that can hold up to 300 DVDs.  In addition, a single XVD (produced by Cybortronä, Inc.) containing the contents of the entire 200 DVD set is provided, so that you can carry The Bintel Library with you for use on your laptop.  The Bintel Library is now the one and only final authority for the correct interpretation of the Bible, in the entire world.



Bible Appendix


The Bintel Library contains a Bible Appendix.  This appendix includes the full text of each of the following Bibles.  These Bibles are provided for informational purposes. We include some Bibles that contain errors.  When a Bible contains errors, this is pointed out and a complete list of errors provided.



Amplified Bible

(Provided by The Lockman Foundation)


Complete Jewish Bible

(Provided by eStudySource)


Holman Christian Standard Bible

(Provided by eStudySource)



(Provided by eStudySource)


New American Standard Bible Study Set

(Provided by The Lockman Foundation)


NIV Family Bundle

(Provided by eStudySource)


New King James Version

(Provided by eStudySource)


New Living Translation

(Provided by eStudySource)


New Revised Standard Version

(Provided by eStudySource)


Revised Standard Version

(Provided by eStudySource)


American Standard Version


Bible in Basic English


Contemporary English Version

(Courtesy of American Bible Society)


Douay-Rheims Bible (w/ Deuterocanon)


English Standard Version

(Courtesy of Good News Publishers)


Good News Translation

(Courtesy of American Bible Society)



(Courtesy of GOD'S WORD to the Nations)


International Standard Version

(Courtesy of The ISV Foundation)


Jewish Publication Society Old Testament


King James Version


King James Version (Red Letter)


King James Version (w/ Strong's)


King James Version (w/ Apocrypha)


Literal Translation of the Holy Bible

(Courtesy of Sovereign Grace Publishers)


Modern King James Version

(Courtesy of Sovereign Grace Publishers)


Revised Version


Darby Bible


English Majority Text Version

(By Paul W. Esposito)


James Murdock New Testament


Webster Bible


Weymouth New Testament


Young's Literal Translation


Bishops' Bible, 1568 (w/ Apocrypha)


Geneva Bible, 1587 (w/ Apocrypha)


King James Bible, 1611 (w/ Apocrypha)


Greek New Testament (Majority Text)


Scrivener Textus Receptus


Robinson/Pierpont Byzantine Greek New Testament (w/ Strong's)


Textus Receptus Greek New Testament (w/ Strong's)


Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament (w/ Strong's)


Greek New Testament (w/ Variants)


Hebrew New Testament


Hebrew Old Testament (Tanach)


Hebrew Old Testament (w/ Strong's)


Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)


Latin Vulgate (w/ Deuterocanon)


Afrikaans Ou Vertaling

(Courtesy of Bible Society of South Africa)


Arabic Smith & Van Dyke Bible

(Courtesy of Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry)


Bulgarian Bible


Czech Bible Kralická


Chinese Union Version (Simplified)

(Requires the PMingLiU font)


Chinese Union Version (Traditional)

(Requires the PMingLiU font)


Jian Ming Sheng Jing (Traditional)

(A Dynamic Chinese Translation)

(Requires the PMingLiU font)


Danish Bible


Dutch Staten Vertaling


Finnish Pyhä Raamattu


French Darby Bible


French Louis Segond Bible


German Elberfelder Bible


German Luther Bible


German Neue Evangelistische Übertragung


German Schlachter Bible

(Courtesy of the Geneva Bible Society)


Vamvas Modern Greek Bible


Hungarian Károli Bible


Icelandic Bible

(Courtesy of the Icelandic Bible Society)


Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari


Indonesian Terjemahan Baru


Italian Nuova Riveduta

(Courtesy of the Geneva Bible Society)


Italian Riveduta Luzzi


Japanese Shinkaiyaku Seisho

(Requires the MS Mincho font)


Korean Revised Version

(Requires the Gulim font)


Norwegian Bible


Polish Biblia Gdanska


Portuguese Joăo Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada


Romanian Dumitru Cornilescu Translation


Romanian Orthodox Bible


Russian Synodal Text


Russian New Testament (w/ Strong's)

(Courtesy of Victor Zhuromsky)


Serbian Daničić Karadžić (Latin version)


Modricker Somali Bible


Spanish La Biblia de las Américas

(Courtesy of The Lockman Foundation)


Spanish Nueva Biblia de los Hispanos

(Courtesy of The Lockman Foundation)


Spanish Reina-Valera


Spanish Sagradas Escrituras


Swedish Bible


Tagalog Ang Biblia


Thai King James Version

(Requires the Cordia New font)

(Courtesy of Philip Pope)


Turkish Kutsal Kitap

(Courtesy of British & Foreign Bible Society)


Ukrainian Bible


Vietnamese Bible


Y Beibl Cymraeg Newydd Argraffiad Diwygiedig (Revised New Welsh Bible)

(Courtesy of British & Foreign Bible Society)




We will be expanding this article over time, providing much more detail.


















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