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Antievolution – Evolution Dialectic


Copyright September 6, 2004 1:55 AM CST

By The L. F. Nexus


Updated September 6, 2004 4:15 AM CST

Copyright September 6, 2004 4:15 AM CST

By The L. F. Nexus




For the first time in history, we are attempting a dialectic between the antievoutionary view and the evolutionary views.


What is a dialectic?  Webster’s defines a dialectic as “any systematic reasoning, exposition, or argument that juxtaposes opposed or contradictory ideas and usually seeks to resolve their conflict.”  Note that we are NOT talking about sacrificing truth for the sake of agreement.  We are talking about a prolonged, systematic “debate” that step-by-step argues back and forth proving and disproving the view of the other side until everyone on both sides is convinced of the single, remaining truth.


The L. F. Nexus already knows which view will prevail – the antievolutionary view.





Antievolutionist Position:  Dr. Michael Bisconti


Evolutionist Position:  Dr. William Darwin (Dr. Darwin’s last name really is “Darwin.”)





We will be providing more details as soon as possible.



Round 1


Antievolutionists Win


“Complex-To-Simple Fossil Theory” Disproven


Dr. Darwin presented the widespread idea that the ground beneath us proves that life evolved from simple life-form to complex life-form, from a single-celled animal to man.  This idea says that the deeper you dig the simpler the fossils become.  We presented 1,000 documented digs in which the simpler and more complex fossils alternated and/or were mixed.  Dr. Darwin could not present even a single dig in which fossils rested on top of simpler fossils that in turn rested on top of even simpler “fossils,” etc., etc.


Round 2


Antievolutionists Win


“Carbon 14 Dating Old Earth Theory” Disproven


Dr. Darwin presented three popular ideas.  We will pick this up later.  For now, suffice it to say that Dr. Bisconti disproved each of these three ideas.



Round 3


Antievolutionists Win


“Dimetrazine Theory” Proven



Round 4


Antievolutionists Win



“Fossil Linkage Theory” Proven



Round 5


Antievolutionists Win


“Dinosaur Geologic Theory” Disproven



Round 6


Antievolutionists Win


“Cataclysm Theory” Proven



Round 7


Antievolutionists Win


“Causal Negation Through STL-7 Pregation” Proven



Round 8


Antievolutionists Win


“Allosteric Parameterization of Fossil Records” Disproven



Round 9


Antievolutionists Win


“Enzymatic Derivation Through Corpusculation of Internal Membranes of Fossils” Proven



Round 10


Antievolutionists Win


“Systematic Degeneration of Tissues Through Genetic Sequencing” Proven



Round 11


Antievolutionists Win


“Multicellular Fragmentation in Fossil Tissue Samples Pregenerated Through Lateral Hystosis” Proven



Round 12


Antievolutionists Win


Case Study Y.1134.889 Examined and Confirmed



Round 13


Antievolutionists Win


Case Study Y.1134.890 Examined and Confirmed