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No Longer The Nation’s Most Esteemed Psychiatric Organization



Copyright November 9, 2004 3:40 AM CST

By The L. F. Nexus


Updated October 7, 2008 8:32 PM CST

Copyright October 7, 2008 8:32 PM CST

By The L. F. Nexus





The American Psychiatric Association is no longer the nation’s most esteemed psychiatric organization.  The American Psychiatric Association believes that the judgment of Gays is NOT impaired, wants to end the stigma (discredit and shame) associated with being Gay, and much more.  Here is a portion of their official statement, taken directly from their website (see their page at http://www.psych.org/public_info/homose~1.cfm).  We have highlighted a couple of key phrases and we have added the words in brackets to clarify their statement.


APA Position Statement on Homosexuality

The American Psychiatric Association is officially on record with the following position statements:



Whereas homosexuality per se implies no impairment in judgement, stability, reliability, or general social or vocational capabilities, the American Psychiatric Association calls on all international health organizations, and individual psychiatrists in other countries, to urge the repeal in their own country of legislation that penalizes homosexual acts by consenting adults in private. And further, the APA calls on these organizations and individuals to do all that is possible to decrease the stigma [discredit and shame] related to homosexuality wherever and whenever it may occur.


On two episodes of television’s “Law & Order,” a program with a reputation for use of documented, historical fact, (one airing Friday, November 26, 2004, the day after Thanksgiving, on TNT and the other airing Sunday, December 26, 2004, the day after Christmas, on TNT) the point was made that the removal of the (explicit [not implicit]) classification of the homosexual lifestyle as a mental illness by the APA was a “social policy decision.”  In plain English, it was a POLITICAL DECISION AND NOT THE RESULT OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY.  Because of this and other political decisions made by the American Psychiatric Association, the L. F. Nexus urges all psychiatrists to leave the American Psychiatric Association and to join the National Psychiatric Association.  “Law & Order” is not the only source of the information they reported.  In addition, we have more damaging information that we are able to report.  We are holding this other information in reserve, for the time being.