How To Turn Off The Sexual Drive

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New discoveries in pneumiatric psychiatry have revealed how 
to turn off the sexual drive.  Normally, a person simply 
exercises self-control to suppress their sexual drive.  Self-
control is still necessary.  However, we now have an 
additional mechanism for sexual drive suppression.  The 
knowledge of this mechanism is the result of an application of 
Dr. Bisconti’s “Unified Field Theory Of Pneumiatric 
Psychiatry.”  (The field theory is consistent with biblical 
principles.)  We are publishing a pamphlet titled "How To Turn 
Off The Sexual Drive."  Dr. Bisconti’s pamphlet also 
addresses the concern that one be able to turn the sexual 
drive back on.  Yes, the sexual drive can be turned back on.  
The pamphlet will be made available in the Nexus Mall as 
soon as mall construction is completed.