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“The Seven Keys” Updated

The Seven Keys have been updated.

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“Seven Keys” Refinement

Dr. Bisconti has refined the “Seven Keys”; specifically, item 5. See the Seven Keys.

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Atheism is based on ignorance and sloppy thinking.

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Obama’s Fake Story

Obama is floating the fake story that he has “made peace with Iran!” #fb

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Taxing The Internet

Obama supports the taxing of the internet! #fb

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Free Stuff

The only free stuff you may be morally obligated to provide anyone is EMERGENCY supplies!

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Message To Moron Drivers

When turning, you may ONLY turn into the lane CLOSEST TO YOU! #fb

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We Are Not “Gay” Haters>

We are not “Gay” haters, though, in order to achieve our objectives, we sometimes use strong language and imagery. These are necessary to get the attention of certain people and to wake up certain people regarding the crisis facing our … Continue reading

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When Is It Right To Person?

<Q> When is it right to <text deleted> person?  <A> The same time it would be right to <text deleted> any person – if they were trying to <text deleted> you or a member of your family or a friend or an … Continue reading

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Italy Prosecutor Corrupt

The prosecutor of Amanda Knox is a convicted criminal yet he is allowed to practice law!

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This is just a test.

Testing category creation.

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Another Dumb Test>

Just another dumb test.

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To reply to a tweet from now on, either (1) use the usual means or (2) click on the link, read the linked content, and use either the Tweet icon button or other available means. Other available means allow you … Continue reading

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Just a formatting test.

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This tweet tests a new format for auto-generated subject-and-link-only tweets.

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This post is testing the automatic creation of link-only-containing tweets on Twitter.

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Email Posting Functionality

We now have email posting functionality. 🙂

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