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{NX} Why Doctors Are Morally Stupid: Part II

Medical schools, hospitals, doctors, nurses, CNA’s, etc., etc. are morally stupid because they have no clue about the existence and nature of alternate reality hullucinations; especially, eternal humiliation ARXs. Continue reading

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{NX} Alternate Reality Hallucinations

alternate reality hallucination: an hallucination that encompasses your whole experience, seems like a real three-dimensional experience, and, usually but not always, lasts for only a short period of time ARX: an alternate reality hallucination ARX memory: memory of an ARX, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Pneumiatry Versus Psychiatry

Pneumiatry teaches you how to keep your sanity. Psychiatry teaches you nothing. Psychiatry is actually a collection of competing groups. These groups, in effect, do not agree with each other about anything. Pneumiatry has a 100% success rate. Psychiatry has … Continue reading

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