Question #1483: Was Noah a real person?

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Answer: Yes, first, we have the proof of the Bible.  The Bible has never been proven to be historically false or inaccurate about anything and, in fact, the Bible has reported historical events BEFORE historians knew about them.  The Bible says that Noah was a real person.

In addition, archaeological artifacts have been discovered which confirm the existence of Noah; for example, ancient coins with Noah’s name on them, which were widely circulated for many years during the Roman Empire and with a representation of the Ark and the dove.  Some excellent photographs at  In case their page is unavailable, we have archived a copy of the essential portions of their web page on our Other Websites Archive/Noah page. Also, here are sketches of one of these coins (“NOAH” is spelled “NOE” in ancient Greek and, in one of the sketches below, the Greek “O” in “NOE” looks much like an “A”):

Ark Coin

Here is one of many photographs that clearly shows the name of Noah in Greek; that is, “NOE” (again the Greek “O” in “NOE” looks much like an “A”):

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