UPDATED Question #1462: Has science classified all of the different types of thought?

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Answer: Get ready for a shock, thought does not exist; therefore, there are no types of thought, though, of course, the common beliefs are that thought exists and that there are types of thought.  (Note that in the Bible the word “thought” means something different than how we use the word “thought” today.)

The reason that there are no types of thought is that the human mind does not think thoughts, the human mind thnks thoughtisms.  A thought is defined as a mental image.  A thoughtism is defined as a mental conceptropism.  Now, we have documented over a trillion types of thoughtism (mental conceptropism) and the “Principle of Cogitative Extrapolation” tells us that the number of types of thoughtism is infinite.

One final note:

There are many psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who promote the sick idea that we think in mental images.  As a result, many, many people are suffering mentally.

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