Question #1243: Can an involuntary act be a sin?

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Answer: Before we answer this question we must define a couple of words.

What does the word “involuntary” mean?  “Involuntary” means constituting something that is not chosen.

What does the word “sin” mean?  “Sin” means moral failure; that is, an act that is not a righteous act.

The above meaning of the word “sin” is found throughout the Bible.  The Bible also says that sin can be voluntary or involuntary.  In addition, UPAX researchers have established that people are unable to distinguish voluntary behavior from involuntary behavior every moment of every day.

So, the answer to the question of whether an involuntary act can be a sin is:

Yes, an involuntary act can be a sin.

We add as a footnote that we have one million pages of research on the psychology of the will available to our readers.

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