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Well, after years of research and analysis, here is our final solution on Muslims:

1. Some Muslims murder.

2. Some Muslims do not murder.


A Muslim is someone who might murder.


A Muslim is not more worthy of trust than a non-Muslim.


Ignore whether or not a person is a Muslim. Instead, remember that a Muslim is more likely to be a terrorist or sleeper (loonatic) threat than a non-Muslim.


Live your life as if Muslims don’t exist. Instead, be aware of the Muslims in your community since they are more likely to be terrorist or sleeper (loonatic) threats than non-Muslims.

However, oppose:

1. Terrorists

2. Loonatics (Non-Terrorist Sharia Supporters)


Loonatics (Non-Terrorist Sharia Supporters)

These people are lunatics. We have named them “loonatics.” The double “o” spelling “oo” is to distinguish them from regular lunatics. Among other things, these people want to cut off your hands if you steal an apple. Oh, and other little things like beheadings. More later on what they want to do to you. The important thing to remember right now is that these people are not terrorists, who are, it is true, also crazy but terrorists use violence while loonatics use lawsuits. More later.

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