CJA Modifies Their Target List To Include Loonatics

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Note: In the article below, when you see "[sic]" you are seeing an abbreviation that means "intentionally so written" and is used after a word to indicate that the word is intended exactly as it is spelled. In this article, you will see "loonatic [sic]," which means the double "o" spelling is on purpose.

Apparently, our research and extensive analysis has persuaded CJA to modify their target list to include loonatics [sic]. Now, while it is true that all loonatics [sic] are Muslims, all Muslims are not loonatics [sic]. Remember, a loonatic (with 2 "o’s") is a special type of lunatic (no "o’s"). A loonatic is a Muslim who wants the whole world to be under Islam’s Sharia Law with its amputations of hands and feet and beheadings. Loonatics, unlike terrorists, use lawsuits to achieve their goals.

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