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“The Muslim Issue” Website

If you have courage and a strong stomach, visit the anti Islamic website The Muslim Issue to have your eyes opened to the horrendous things Muslims are doing in the United States and around the world. Note that we have … Continue reading

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“God” Article Updated

We have updated our “God” article.

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How To Tell If You Are A Stupid Roman Catholic

If your child or someone else’s child was raped by a priest and the other priests in your church covered it up and protected the rapist priest and you subsequently remained at the same church, you are a stupid Roman … Continue reading

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Anti Islam Think Tank & Website

We have launched a new think tank dedicated to the destruction of Islam, which is quietly destroying America from the inside out. Go to Islam: The ****** Religion.

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God works in different ways. He may work in your life differently than he does in ours. However, he probably works the same way in your life as he does in ours. We believe in the existence of God (theism). … Continue reading

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Death Penalty

We support the death penalty for individuals caught in the act of committing certain crimes. These include: Child Rape (Pedophiles, Pedophilia) Rape Murder For these same crimes, where the individual was not caught in the act, evidence, the law, witnesses, … Continue reading

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