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“The Seven Keys” Updated

The Seven Keys have been updated.

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BOSS (Biological Origins Science) Surpasses Evolutionary Science

Evolutionary science promotes the mythical ideas of evolution, adaptation, and natural selection, among others. BOSS (Biological Origins Science) teaches the truth that, instead, there is the evolution construct, adaptation construct, and natural selection construct, which are mental constructs imposed on … Continue reading

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BOSS: Biological Origins Science

Preface The purpose of science is the expansion of knowledge. The tools of science are certainty and uncertainty. If you are looking for certainty, do not look to science but, rather, look to the parent of science, the scientific method. … Continue reading

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Evolution’s Myth Of Forces

In physics, objects “experience” force. For example, a paper clip “experiences” the force (pull) of a magnet and the oceans “experience” the gravitational pull of the sun. These forces manifest themselves in changes in physical objects. They exist in the … Continue reading

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