The Theory of Reverse Evolution

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Updated 4:19 AM CST by Dr. Michael Bisconti

According to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity the universe folds back on itself.  This means, consistent with other facts, that man is the beginning of a reverse-evolutionary cycle!  As a result, the so-called first life-form is actually reverse-evolved from man and is actually the last life-form.  This theory resolves the “Young Earth Problem.”  The earth is “young” at the fold point of the universe.  The theory solves all of the problems with evolution (while disproving evolution).  For example, the lack of intermediate forms (“missing links”) is explained by the “short interval” at the fold point of the universe, which does not allow time for evolution to occur!

Note also that the theory solves problems with radiocarbon dating since in our folded universe we may be receiving data both from the past and from the “future past,” which would skew the data.

The theory allows for the intervention of universe-external agencies into the events of Einstein’s folded universe.  If you are a Bible-believer, this UXA (universe-external agency) would be God!

In all of this, please remember that, like the theory (actually, hypothesis) of evolution, this is only a theory (and we mean theory, not hypothesis) and not fact.  However, we believe that this theory is 99% fact.

More later.

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