Twitter Updates for 2011-10-06

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  • CORRECTION>> ATHEISM> I have never heard an argument that supports the belief that there is no God. #
  • ATHEISM> I have heard an argument that supports the belief that there is no God. #
  • ATHEISTS BRAINWASHING CHILDREN> Atheist Richard Dawkins has written a children's book that seeks to brainwash children to hate God. #
  • STEVE JOBS> We mourn the loss of this good man. #
  • VERIZON'S SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION> Accusations of sexual discrimimation AGAINST MEN by Verizon mounts. #
  • DEVRY UNIVERSITY'S SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION> For 100th time Human Resources Dept. of corporate office charged with discriminating AGAINST MEN! #
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN> Intelligent design is science because it does not require that the designing intelligence be supernatural. #
  • TEACHERS UNIONS> Teachers who belong to PRIVATE (or no) unions LOVE your children! PUBLIC union teachers want your children to ROT IN HELL! #
  • HARRY REID> He thinks he's better than you. #
  • THE YETI> Are the yeti real-life Nephilim? #
  • PEOPLE> The longer you live, the more cautious you will become about trusting another human being. #
  • EVOLUTION> Are the "yeti" the end result of evolution? #
  • CORRUPT ITALY PROSECUTOR IN AMANDA KNOX CASE> The prosecutor, a convicted criminal, should BE IN PRISON, not free practicing law! #
  • 2012 ELECTION> Elect an AMERICAN to be president! #
  • FREEDOM OF SPEECH> We work day and night to maintain the free speech rights of all Americans! #
  • ENVIRONMENTALISTS> These people are not holistic; that is, they are blind to the negative effects of their actions, including LOSS OF JOBS! #
  • SANSWAYS> A sansway is a sane belief. #
  • SANSWAYS> A sansway is not a sansway because everyone believes it. If everyone believes it, it is simply a more important sansway. #
  • SANSWAYS> A sansway is a sansway before it becomes a part of any collection of sansways. #
  • SANSWAY MASTER> Dr. Bisconti is the Sansway Master of the World! #
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