Twitter Updates for 2011-08-21

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  • Evolution> <Q> Dr. Bisconti, do you believe in evolution (T-evolution)? <A> No but the H-evolution speculation can be tolerated. #
  • H-evolution & Creationism> These two things never cross swords; therefore, you never have to choose between them. #
  • H-evolution> H-evolution is a mere idea, neither a belief nor a fact. It is congruous with some but not all facts. #
  • Evolution> <Q> Dr. Bisconti, do you or do you not believe in evolution? <A> That is a loaded question; thus, only a fool would answer it. #
  • Evolution> <Q> Dr. Bisconti, do you believe man descended from apes? <A> Such a matter should not be decided by belief but by fact. #
  • Evolution> <Q> Dr. Bisconti, have you concluded (reasoned from fact) that man descended from apes? <A> No. #
  • Evolution> <Q> Dr. Bisconti, since you not concluded man descended from apes, doesn't that mean you oppose mere idea of evolution? <A> No. #
  • Evolution & Creationism> <Q> Dr. Bisconti, do you believe in both evolution and creationism? <A> That is an implicitly loaded question. #
  • Evolution & Creationism> Everyone shut up! Evolution a somewhat congruous idea. Creationism a belief. THEY NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER! #
  • Evolution> <Q> Dr. Bisconti, you still haven't said if you believe in evolution. <A> You're a moron! MAN NOT FROM APES! What more you want? #
  • Creationism> <Q> Dr. Bisconti, do you believe in creationism? <A> Yes, I B E L I E V E in creationism? #
  • Evolution & Creationism> <Q> Dr. Bisconti, since you believe in creationism, doesn't that mean you don't believe in evolution? <A> Loaded q. #
  • Evolution> <Q> Dr. Bisconti, why don't you take a stand and say you don't believe in evolution. <A> Saying so means you reject H-evolution. #
  • Evolution> <Q> So, Dr. Bisconti, you believe in evolution after all? <A> No, moron. I believe in the FREEDOM OF SCIENCE behind H-evolution. #
  • Position Statement Summary> We have started our first position statement summary at #
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