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A Super Cry Babies Page is one written for mentally challenged, average people who do not know when we are using satire. It is written in simple language and simple metaphor. If you have any doubt about where we stand, read our Super Cry Babies Pages.


Abortion of a living embryo (unborn child) might be a sin.  One or more embryos might not be alive.  An embryo is alive if it has a brain.  The brain may come into existence as an “iota” at the moment of conception.

The question of abortion cannot be decided by science.  The question of abortion must be decided by an individual’s moral judgment.  One must judge whether it is good or evil to take a chance that abortion is killing an unborn child.  We say chance because, as shockingly cruel as it may sound to say this in the present context, not all killing is evil.  For example, when the mother’s life is at stake, do you save the life of the mother or of the baby?


Your mommy and daddy did NOT have “monkeys” for ancestors.


No one knows whether Gays exist.  If they did, they still would not be able to tell whether or not a given person was Gay.  Also, what some people perceive as the quality of “Gayness” is an effect and not a cause.

The term “Gay” refers to an imaginary group of people; specifically, the imaginary group of people born with a genetic makeup that compels them to have sex with people of the same gender.

The term “Gayprac” refers to a real group of people; specficially, the real group of people who are not members of the imaginary group of people known as “Gays” and that have sex with people of the same gender.  Gaypracs are sexual deviants.  Gaypracs are perverts.  Gaypracs are mentally ill.  Gaypracs are immoral.

Footnote: The terms “Gay” and “Gayprac” refer to both genders.

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