Abortion – What God Thinks – The “Pro Smart Position”

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Both Pro Choice and Pro Life groups are wrong, though the Pro Life group is much closer to the truth.  The Pro Choice group assumes that the unborn child is “dead.”  The Pro Life group assumes the unborn child is alive.  Why do these two groups make these assumptions.  They make these assumptions because they believe they must keep things simple for the American public.  Well, things are not simple.

The fact is that no one knows whether an unborn child is alive except when birth pangs begin.  We must quickly add that we do know when neural pain transmission begins and so we know when, if an unborn child were alive, it would have the capacity for suffering.

We have researched and written at length on this topic.  Our position is that the Pro Choice position is wrong because plans relating to an unborn child should not be chosen.  Rather, they should be dictated by fact and reason.  On the other hand, the Pro Life position is wrong because it is not compatible with the full spectrum of ethical and spiritual considerations.  For example, would God force a rape victim to carry the baby of the monster that raped her?

Now, here is the Pro Smart Position:

A woman would have latitude in the sight of God to have or not have an abortion if she acted in accordance with all possible knowledge and wisdom.

A full discussion (we are working on an updated article) of our position, now known only as the Pro Smart Position, will be found on our XEGP Pro Smart Position. We have dropped the term “Smart Pro Life Position” because it makes it sound like our position is some form of Pro Life position, which it is not.  Of course, our position is much closer to that of the Pro Life group than it is to that of the Pro Choice group.

PS: On a related topic, we oppose Planned Parenthood because they are a backward, stupid, and insane organization since they do not at least subscribe to the Pro Smart position.  We added the word “insane” because they have over the decades accumulated vast archives of pictures and videos of PNPT (post-neural-pain-transmission) unborns fighting desperately for their lives in the womb as the Planned Parenthood doctors cut off their arms and legs then crushed their skulls with a pair of “wide-tipped pliers” (this is what [PNPT] abortion is).  I was just speaking as a doctor.  Now let me speak as a minister:

The doctors and other workers at Planned Parenthood will burn in hell forever for the millions of unborn children they have tortured and put to death.

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