Does Dr. Bisconti Know Anything About Psychiatry?

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Does Dr. Bisconti know anything about psychiatry?  Well, first, Dr. Bisconti is laughing hysterically at the mere thought of the question.  Read About The L. F. Nexus.  Visit the Bisconti Pneumiatric Psychiatry Forum.  Check out 1% of Dr. Bisconti’s lifetime bibliography in the field of psychiatry under “Consulted Works” on our EGP page The Pneumiatric Mental Health Dictionary.

Dr. Bisconti is the founder and president of the United States Psychiatric Association and runs the Bisconti Neurosurgical & Psychiatric Clinic.  He is the foremost expert in the world in the psychiatric specialty of Normal PsychiatryNormal Psychiatry delineates (sets forth) those attributes (qualities) that are possessed by a normal person.  We will save the other hundred pages of Dr. Bisconti’s psychiatric background for another time.

In spite of all of his accomplishments, Dr. Bisconti is, in his words, “…humbled by the expertise of some of my fellow psychiatrists in psychiatric specialties different from my own.”  Dr. Bisconti instructed us to end this post with the following dire (desperately urgent) warning:

The American Psychiatric Association is incorrectly and perversely changing the definition of mental illness so that more people will be classified as mentally ill.  Now, more than ever, Americans need to stand with the correct and sane United States Psychiatric Association.

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