Psychiatric Associations Battle For Power!

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A battle has begun between the legitimate United States Psychiatric Association and the now illegitimate American Psychiatric Association as to who will wield the greater influence in American society and among individual Americans.  The American Psychiatric Association stands for superstition, slavery, opposition to the Constitution, and their own self-interest.  The United States Psychiatric Association stands for science, freedom, the Constitution, and the American people.  Support the United States of America.  Support the United States Psychiatric Association!

Breaking News:  The United States Psychiatric Association has now issued its own version of the DSM, the “psychiatrists’ handbook,” to the general public.  Now, you can choose between the half-dishonest, half-scientific APA (American Psychiatric Association) handbook and the honest, scientific UPA (United States Psychiatric Association) handbook.  The UPA handbook contains the truth about Gays; Gays are mentally ill.

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