Gays Shot On Sight

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Littlepeak, Illinois has passed an ordinance that forbids Gays within its city limits. The penalty is to be shot on sight. So far, ten Gays have been shot and killed after entering Littlepeak.  The shooters are in jail.  We, of course, to put it mildly, decry (vehemently disapprove) the killings and, of course, believe Littlepeak’s ordinance is, to put it mildly, in part (the part about shooting people who merely threaten  harm), insane.  We do agree that a city has some right to decide who will and who will not live within its boundaries.  For example, a town of a hundred people wouldn’t want a hundred pedophiles moving into it.  Now, note that the Gays were warned five times but proceeded into the city anyway. This failure by the group of Gays to heed the five warnings is further proof of the mental illness of Gays in general.

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