A Word of Explanation

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Updated February 19, 2014 at 12:25 AM CST

Since there is no shortage of websites for family, fun, sports, video games, movies, music, etc., etc., we have discontinued our efforts to develop The Super Nexus.

To access collections of tweets search our website using the words “Twitter Updates.”  Our tweets reveal the real-time, thought processes behind intellectual discoveries! You are there when the discoveries are made!  Modifications and tweaks to our positions happen so fast that our website does not necessarily report our current positions.  Our current positions are usually reported first in our tweet feed.  The most recent tweets report the most recent position changes.  We do not usually correct misspellings in tweets because doing so usually would break a train of thought.

In order to assure absolute fairness and impartiality, our censor team will be handling all blocking of tweeters according to a predetermined set of rules.  Blocked tweeters may appeal to have their access restored. The amount of material on our website is so extensive that we cannot guarantee the absence of inaccuracies and misinformation.  Where possible, always confirm reports from at least two other sources. A tiny bit of our content is satiricalSatire is brainy, entertaining criticism.  Satire should not always be taken literally.  Be sure not to mistake some of our satire for fact.  Some of our satire takes the form of irony, which is the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning.  Some of our satire individually or in combination with other forms of satire consists of hype, exaggeration, caricature, propagandism, sarcasm, parody, provocative rhetoric, strange zaniness, dark satire, complex satire, etc., etc. If you do not know what satire is, do not believe everything you read. We sometimes insert a totally moronic statement to keep you on the ball.  Don’t believe everything you read. We sometimes play a game we call “Gotcha.”  We post a series of patently false statements with some true statements mixed in and then say, “Gotcha!”  So, again, don’t believe everything you read. We also sometimes use provocative language to excite interest, words like “stupid” and “moron” and, on rare occasions, we use the language of extreme revulsion (for example, the word “kill”) that may be misunderstood to be an expression of hatredBe assured that we hate no one! Based on the data and on biblical principles, homosexuality, etc. are sins for everyone!  We oppose gaypracs.  See “(3) Absexuals (“Gays” [note quotes])” at http://lfnexus.com/fifthgen/2011/08/22/position-statement-summary/ and numerous associated tweets for more information.

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