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  1. Trump shuts down 2 jobs councils amid wave of CEO departures
  2. Military leaders speak out against racism, extremism
  3. The Latest: Los Angeles cemetery moves Confederate monument
  4. Drive-by shooting in Mississippi kills 6-month-old boy
  5. Family: FBI knew Oklahoma bomb plot suspect is schizophrenic
  6. Police: Man electrocuted while trying to steal copper wire
  7. Florida man pleads guilty in 2016 Jewish center bomb plot
  8. Maryland judge denies DC sniper Malvo’s bid for new sentence
  9. More arrested in toppling of Confederate statue in North Carolina
  10. Radio host sues neo-Nazi website for linking him to bombing
  11. Michael Moore likens Trump supporters to enablers of rapists – Rosie O’Donnell: You’re a ‘Nazi’ if you work with ‘Adolf Trump’
  12. Lexington braces for protests as it moves ahead with plans to remove Confederate statues – Obama’s tweet in response to Charlottesville violence is the most liked ever
  13. Stabbed to death: Stripper killed man he thought was a cannibal, police say
  14. Trump’s comments on North Korea, from ‘fire and fury’ to blaming China – North Korea’s nukes are not the only weapon in its arsenal
  15. Strange, Moore head to Alabama Senate runoff election: Who are they?
  16. Trump says North Korean regime was smart to back down on missile threat – OPINION: Time to end the North Korea sanctions merry-go-round – BELLWETHER: A much-needed Trump victory: Germany keeps its promise
  17. TUCKER CARLSON: If we want to erase the past, we must prepare for the consequences – ‘HANNITY’: Ingraham: Politics to blame for ‘outrage’ over statues
  18. Ex-flight attendant, teacher, 53, had sex tryst with teen boy student, officials say
  19. FULL COVERAGE OF SOLAR ECLIPSE 2017 – Janice Dean: An eclipse never gets old (but you’ve gotta protect your eyes) – SLIDESHOW: Stunning pictures of solar eclipses
  20. JOHN STOSSEL: Google can fire an engineer but social engineers will never erase the real differences between men and women
  21. Virginia man pleads guilty to trying to fund Islamic State
  22. TRANSCRIPT GOOF Trump speech error could bolster ‘fake news’ claims
  23. HUGE MS-13 BUST: ‘Columbus Clique’ group rounded up in Midwest raids
  24. MH370 FOUND? New image analysis may finally reveal crash site
  25. FBI EYES LYNCH? Feds to take second look at Lynch-Clinton meeting
  26. DEATH ANN’Y CHARGE Elvis fans miffed over fee to visit grave amid vigil
  27. Baltimore mayor says she wanted to remove Confederate statues ‘quickly and quietly’
  28. DHL, Ford unveil jointly made electric delivery van
  29. From crop duster to combat
  30. Audrey Hepburn’s dark secret
  31. Planes collide at JFK
  32. College pal spills on Gaineses
  33. Switzerland OKs strange burger
  34. At least 2 killed in attack on Guatemala hospital
  35. Simone Askew is first black woman to lead West Point cadets
  36. Mom of dog attack victim suffers fatal stroke at doctor’s appointment
  37. Trump’s comments on North Korea, from ‘fire and fury’ to blaming China
  38. Cops: Man passed out with heroin said he was headed to jail
  39. Syrian warplanes attack IS near Lebanon border
  40. Sanctuary cities: What are they?
  41. Infant left outside in plastic bag released from hospital
  42. French ministers rent home linked to ex-drug trafficker
  43. Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber on when she realized her mom was famous
  44. The Latest: Pence meets with Chilean president
  45. Israel revokes Al-Jazeera reporter’s press permit
  46. ‘Flip or Flop’s’ Christina El Moussa files for divorce
  47. MH370 revealed? New analysis of satellite photos may reveal crash site in Indian Ocean
  48. The Latest: Reignited Portugal blaze strains resources
  49. Sierra Leone prepares for mass funerals after mudslides kill at least 300
  50. Pence won’t take questions from press in Chile
  51. Woman died of shock from naked intruder jumping into her bed
  52. 2 charged with murder in suspected New York MS-13 killing
  53. German pol slams Trump’s ‘downplaying of Nazi violence’
  54. Solar Eclipse: Why some schools across the US are closing and others are open
  55. Iraq asks UN to collect evidence to prosecute Islamic State
  56. Audrey Hepburn nearly starved to death during World War II: ‘She survived by eating tulip bulbs’
  57. Man guilty of killing Syracuse University student from China
  58. Woman accused of molesting 2 kids, selling videos online
  59. Cops: Teacher let son sell drugs, teens use LSD at her home
  60. Big Ben backlash: Plan to silence beloved bell under review
  61. Breaking free from stress fractures
  62. Solar Eclipse 2017: What you can (and can’t) see in New York City
  63. FBI has ‘reopened’ case on search for Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting records
  64. US adds Kashmir militant group to terrorism blacklists
  65. Stanley Tucci forgot that he worked with Emma Thompson in ‘Beauty and the Beast’
  66. Zimbabwe first lady wants diplomatic immunity over assault
  67. North Korea’s nukes are not the only weapon in its arsenal
  68. Afghan migrant ‘Little Picasso’ offered Serbian citizenship
  69. Married teacher and mother, 53, accused of ‘trailer park sex’ with her teen boy student
  70. Rosie goes off on Trump AGAIN
  71. HBO’s latest disaster
  72. Airbnb bans white supremacists
  73. Lexington braces for protests as Confederate statue removals proceed
  74. Confederate monuments removed overnight in Baltimore
  75. Cambodia’s tax agency denies crackdown is political
  76. Hope Hicks tapped for interim White House communications director
  77. Black Hawk helicopter with 5 crew members on board crashes off Hawaii
  78. Trump shows he hasn’t forgotten McCain’s health care vote
  79. PAY TO PRAY Elvis fans miffed over $29 charge to visit grave
  80. US teen drug overdose deaths increase after years of decline
  81. More arrests made in toppling of Confederate statue
  82. Woman sentenced to life in prison for killing ‘other’ woman in love triangle, stealing identity
  83. ‘Us’ vs. ‘Em’: Faulty transcript on Trump presser spreads like wildfire
  84. ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 6 leaked online after HBO Spain error
  85. Hacked-off legs, head, torso found in Rome trash bins
  86. Author plotting crime novel arrested in connection with 1995 murders
  87. Iran opposition leader under house arrest on hunger strike
  88. Second man arrested over alleged kidnapping of British model Chloe Ayling
  89. Ohio man accused of plotting US attacks asks for leniency
  90. Taylor Swift trial: DJ David Muller ‘not pleased’ with verdict
  91. 5 missing after Army helicopter goes down off Hawaii
  92. Black Hawk helicopter with 5 crew members on board crashes off Hawaii, Coast Guard says
  93. Ric Flair’s rep is ‘cautiously optimistic’ about his medical condition
  94. Cops: Ex-officer revived with drug antidote as baby in car
  95. NYC mom critically injured while saving kids from tree – Baby, 2 women among 13 killed by tree on island
  96. BREAKING NEWS: Hope Hicks tapped for interim White House communications director
  97. Report: California is No. 1 haven for hate groups – Antifa protesters arrested at Chicago rally against white supremacy
  98. College student, 22, arrested for her role in toppling Confederate statue in North Carolina – Confederate statues, flags and other symbols abound around the country – Baltimore takes down four Confederate statues overnight
  99. TUCKER CARLSON: If we want to erase the past, we must prepare for the consequences – ‘HANNITY’: Ingraham: Politics to blame for ‘outrage’ over statues – Gingrich on Trump press conference fallout: ‘Everybody who went insane is insane’
  100. KIM’S ‘VERY WISE’ DECISION Trump says N. Korean regime was smart to back down on missile threat
  101. HUGE MS-13 BUST ‘Columbus Clique’ group rounded up in raids
  102. REPUBLICAN DIVIDE Trump’s ‘both sides’ remarks spark new split
  103. Appeals court refuses to halt dune project that led to ponds
  104. Subway owners: Cop ruined us
  105. Rosie: Support Trump = Nazi
  106. HBO in hot water again?
  107. Pal: What Fixer’s REALLY like
  108. All preppers know THIS
  109. UK police arrest brother of main suspect in model kidnapping
  110. 13-year-old had fatal dose of heroin, fentanyl in system, autopsy reveals
  111. Minneapolis police reviewing punching of handcuffed man
  112. Country music icon John Prine performs in Ireland on anniversary of fatal blast
  113. Rosie O’Donnell: You’re a ‘Nazi’ if you work with ‘Adolf Trump’
  114. Argument over military branches leads to brutal death
  115. APNewsBreak: Univ. of Florida denies white supremacist event
  116. Woman fishing in wheelchair falls asleep, drives into river
  117. Psychiatric test deems driver responsible in pizzeria attack
  118. US home construction slumped in July
  119. 13 accused ‘Columbus Clique’ MS-13 gang members arrested in Ohio, Indiana
  120. UK leader criticizes Trump remarks blaming “both sides”
  121. Chris Brown talks Rihanna relationship, assault: ‘She would hit me, I would hit her’
  122. Baby, 2 women among 13 killed by tree on Portuguese island
  123. After Jordan, Lebanon repeals ‘marry the rapist’ law
  124. The Latest: Austrian soldiers to help stop migrant entries
  125. NY town closer to acquiring Revolutionary War battlefield
  126. Trump’s ‘both sides’ comments spark new tensions with Hill Republicans
  127. Lawyer: Afghan who helped US military fears deportation
  128. College student, 22, arrested for her role in toppling Confederate statue in North Carolina – Confederate statues, flags and other symbols abound around the country – Lincoln Memorial defaced with explicit graffiti
  129. Moore, Strange head to Alabama Senate runoff – Curtis wins GOP primary in Utah for House seat
  130. Elvis fans not happy about $28.75 charge to visit grave
  131. ‘Bathroom bill’ dies again in Texas as session ends
  132. Federal court orders Texas voting map changes
  133. Suspected killer of ex-Fox News employee’s son ID’d
  134. ‘Hearkens back to Nazi Germany’: Palin rips Iceland’s Down Syndrome abortion policy
  135. STABBED IN THE EYES Cops: Stripper killed man he thought was a cannibal
  136. The Latest: Trump says Kim made ‘wise and reasoned’ decision
  137. Poland needs until 2019 to clear trees felled by heavy wind
  138. Baltimore takes down four Confederate statues overnight
  139. Last house in restive Shiite town center has been demolished
  140. Sierra Leone prepares for mass funerals after mudslides
  141. Trump: Kim Jong Un made ‘very wise’ decision to back down
  142. Fire destroys buildings in historic Saudi neighborhood
  143. Gross find in McD’s burger
  144. Phone cameras get big boost
  145. Halle Berry unrecognizable
  146. Daniel Craig confirms rumor
  147. ‘Thrones’ new episode leaks?
  148. ‘Deadliest’ captain is done
  149. Murder probe starts after legs are found in Rome trash bin
  150. ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 6 reportedly leaked online after HBO Spain error
  151. Top Zambia opposition leader freed, treason charges dropped
  152. Rainie Yang stars in Taiwanese horror sequel ‘Tag Along 2’
  153. Obama’s post-Charlottesville message most-liked tweet ever
  154. Civil rights group sues Nebraska state prisons system
  155. NYC church removes 2 plaques honoring Robert E. Lee
  156. Koala named Katherine from LA welcomed at Florida zoo
  157. Elvis Presley fans not happy about $28.75 charge to visit grave
  158. Vandals scrawl anti-law message on Lincoln Memorial
  159. ‘Deadliest Catch’ recap: Time Bandit captain Johnathan Hillstrand goes out in a blaze of glory
  160. Spain rescues 339 migrants from 7 boats in Mediterranean
  161. Burkina Faso stunned by another deadly extremist attack
  162. Greek firefighters close to containing wildfire near Athens
  163. The Latest: Kenya election official stopped flying to US
  164. Baltimore takes down Confederate statues
  165. Baby, 2 women among 13 killed by falling tree on Madeira
  166. ‘Bathroom bill’ dies again in Texas as session abruptly ends
  167. Stripper fatally stabbed partner in eyes with pen, police say
  168. Couple exploited Lowe’s website glitch to steal, resell items, authorities say
  169. South Korea’s president: Any strike on North Korea should be approved by us – North Korea is executing, torturing and enslaving those who practice religion, US says in new report
  170. 20 immigrants found locked in a semitrailer in West Texas
  171. 5 years after 34 South African miners shot dead, no arrests
  172. Former NY correction officer sentenced for sexual assault
  173. Turkey asks Germany to extradite top coup suspect
  174. UN experts: Charlottesville exemplifies rising racism in US
  175. Pakistani police: Militants kill police officer in northwest
  176. Swedes boosts defense budget over next 2 years
  177. The Latest: Malaysia says it will evaluate new MH370 data
  178. ‘Fixer’ duo’s friend tells all
  179. Smartphone cameras are getting
  180. NASA to help aliens take over?
  181. 41 percent of men admit to…
  182. WHAT won’t Danica do?
  183. Preppers share best tips
  184. Elvis’ ex still pining?
  185. Is that you Halle Berry?
  186. Why young people cheat
  187. Banned for being too sexy?
  188. Egypt archaeologists discover tombs dating back 2,000 years
  189. Antifa protesters arrested at Chicago rally against white supremacy
  190. Elvis Presley left a lasting impact on Ann-Margret, says TCM host Ben Mankiewicz
  191. FOX411’s snap of the day
  192. Damaging storms to saturate Midwest through midweek
  193. NGO:Nigeria’s displaced people increasingly targeted
  194. Daughter of US envoy Friedman immigrates to Israel
  195. MOM HAILED A HERO Woman critically injured shielding kids from tree
  196. Texas lawmakers fail to pass property tax bill
  197. Bannon increasingly isolated as Kelly takes command; GOP allies defend McMaster
  198. Anti-abortion activist David Daleiden wins another legal victory in US Court of Appeals
  199. Second lawyer wants off Bill Cosby defense team
  200. Chip and Joanna Gaines’ friend tells all: ‘What you see is what you get it’
  201. In his own words: President Trump on Charlottesville protest
  202. SKorean party calls for US to bring back tactical nukes
  203. India surveying the number of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar
  204. Vietnam fires vice trade minister amid graft crackdown
  205. China’s Xi looks to party congress to cement authority
  206. ‘HANNITY’ Ingraham: Politics to blame for ‘outrage’ over statues
  207. NOT LETTING GO Trump hasn’t forgotten McCain’s health care vote
  208. Kenya election official stopped from flying to US
  209. Life jacket find in Denmark submarine case unlikely related
  210. MORNING BRIEF: White House says Trump ‘entirely correct’ to blame both sides for Charlottesville violence
  211. NYC mom critically injured while saving kids from falling tree
  212. South Korea’s president: Any strike on North Korea should be approved by us
  213. China, India soldiers hurl stones at one another in Kashmir
  214. Iraqi Shiite cleric’s Saudi, UAE trips show Gulf realpolitik
  215. Young Afghans see opportunities dwindle as security worsens
  216. Israel builds underground wall after Gaza tunnel trauma
  217. Israel demolishes West Bank home of Palestinian attacker
  218. California is No. 1 haven for hate groups, report says
  219. Federal court orders Texas voting map changes ahead of 2018
  220. Curtis wins GOP primary in Utah for House seat
  221. HEADED TO RUNOFF Moore, Strange advance in Alabama race for Senate
  222. NAILED IT Wis. man accidentally shot nail gun into heart
  223. Scientists potentially narrow MH370 search area to 3 spots
  224. Bond’s big announcement
  225. Man drives himself to hospital with nail in his heart
  226. ‘ENTIRELY CORRECT’ WH stands by Trump in blaming both sides for Charlottesville violence
  227. NAILED IT Wisc. man accidentally shot nail gun into heart
  228. RUDY RUSHED TO ER Report: Former NYC mayor fell while on vacation
  229. WINNER IN UTAH Curtis wins GOP primary for Chaffetz House seat
  230. Philippine police now say 32 drug suspects killed in 1 day
  231. Daniel Craig will return as James Bond
  232. Husband of Joyce Mitchell, who helped 2 NY inmates escape prison, angry over wife’s delayed parole hearing
  233. 2 women die on Mount Hood after apparent fall – Missing Alabama woman found after 28 days in the woods
  234. OPINION: Ivanka and Melania get shoe-shamed
  235. Dashcam video of alleged sexual assault by Texas deputies during traffic stop is released
  236. FULL COVERAGE OF SOLAR ECLIPSE 2017 – What if your solar eclipse glasses don’t arrive in time – SLIDESHOW: Stunning pictures of solar eclipses
  237. Taiwan official resigns after blackout hits much of island
  238. Palin rips Iceland’s Down Syndrome abortion policy – Dr. Manny Alvarez: Down Syndrome children are different, so what?
  239. North Korea is executing, torturing and enslaving those who practice religion, US says in new report
  240. Bannon increasingly isolated as Kelly takes command; GOP allies defend McMaster – Trump slams ‘grandstanders’ who quit CEO council over Charlottesville
  241. Middle school PE teacher, 40, arrested for sex romp with teen boy student – Baylor University settles with woman who said sexual assault was ignored
  242. College student, 22, arrested for her role in toppling Confederate statue in North Carolina – Will cities secure monuments, or let protesters tear them down? – Lincoln Memorial defaced with explicit graffiti
  243. Mom shares photo of dying daughter after fatal overdose
  244. Arizona mom accused of recording herself molesting children, selling videos online
  245. Suspected killer of ex-Fox News employee’s son ID’d, police say
  246. Teen chokes mom’s ex-boyfriend after witnessing him assault her, cops say
  247. Indonesia president: Spread wealth, protect diversity
  248. Violin-playing protester freed from jail in Venezuela
  249. Intel CEO is third to exit Trump’s manufacturing council after Charlottesville
  250. Laura Ingraham: Politics to blame for ‘newfound outrage’ over Confederate statues
  251. Indonesia clinic gives relief to Muslims with tattoo regrets
  252. Baylor University settles with woman who said sexual assault was ignored
  253. Rudy Giuliani hospitalized after fall, report says
  254. Trump ‘entirely correct’ to blame both sides for Charlottesville violence, White House says
  255. Mom finds needle in hamburger
  256. Lion ATTACKED by hippo
  257. Phone tapes fall from plane
  258. Mining complex on the moon?
  259. Aaron Rodgers has a new gal?
  260. Scary new sex-trafficking tool
  261. Faris’ divorce message to fans
  262. Heaton bashes CBS
  263. Doctors calling more ‘overfat’
  264. Kim Kardashian finally snaps
  265. ‘GoT’ Episode 6 predictions
  266. ‘Deadpool’ fatality identified
  267. Clooney removes co-star
  268. OJ Bronco a bust?
  269. Air Force pilot performs miracle landing with no wheels, canopy
  270. Mexico judge orders new probe in 2014 killings by soldiers
  271. Man accidentally shoots nail into his heart, and lives
  272. Northern California officials brace for political rallies
  273. Moore, Strange head to Alabama Senate runoff
  274. Ann Coulter cheers Trump: ‘Today we got our leader back’
  275. Democratic congressman arrested outside White House during rally for illegal immigrants
  276. Korea fight is latest conflict for indigenous people of Guam
  277. ‘Deadpool 2’ stuntwoman who died on set reportedly identified
  278. The Latest: LA officers justified in fatal shooting of man
  279. Lawmakers, national figures react to Trump’s Charlottesville comments
  280. Maryland man pleads guilty to supporting Islamic State
  281. Texas mother charged after newborn found covered with ants
  282. 2 ex-guards in KKK convicted of plot to kill black inmate
  283. College student, 22, arrested for her role in toppling Confederate statue in North Carolina
  284. US: ‘Zero’ chance of Colorado River water shortage in 2018
  285. 5 nations appeal for support to fight extremists in Sahel
  286. Photos show dad walking son to first day of kindergarten, first day of college
  287. ‘America’s Got Talent’ live rounds recap: Young singers steal the show again
  288. Man charged with locking kids in apartment, setting fire
  289. 5 charged with witness intimidation in baby-in-fridge case
  290. US envoy: Iran can’t use nuclear deal to hold world hostage
  291. Police: Girl lured by babysitting job forced into sex work
  292. Maryland trooper charged with driving under the influence in crash that hurt woman, child
  293. Man beaten at protest says police were indifferent to attack
  294. Anna Faris shares message with fans about her divorce from Chris Pratt
  295. The Latest: Police: Middle finger ticket to be training tool
  296. Boko Haram bombers kill 20 at camp in northeast Nigeria
  297. Fugitive sought for dumping radioactive oilfield waste
  298. Cuban felon, pardoned, gets 2nd chance to fight deportation
  299. Mormon church specifically condemns white supremacy
  300. Ex-nursery school worker gets prison term for child porn
  301. ‘Outdoors Bandit’ suspect nabbed trying to board Belgium jet
  302. Manchester bombing ‘hero’ charged with stealing credit card
  303. Missouri woman fired after post against police support sign
  304. Ex-government aide launching new party to keep UK in the EU
  305. Cops: Group broke into home, killed man in front of daughter
  306. Jennifer Aniston almost hit by Jack Black on ‘The Gong Show’
  307. Guam residents relieved – for now – after North Korea tones down missile threat
  308. Nigerian asylum seeker on trial in Germany for allegedly murdering girlfriend
  309. Roman Polanski’s newest accuser revealed by Gloria Allred
  310. Report: Lack of command stymied response to airport shooting
  311. Palestinian leader sends greeting to North Korea
  312. Police department gets hazmat-like protective gear for overdose calls
  313. College student hospitalized after fall on camp ropes course
  314. Martin Shkreli trial: A timeline of events
  315. Dad walks son to first day of kindergarten, first day of college
  316. Illegal immigrant in Utah who was deported raped 7-year-old girl ‘thousands of times,’ police say
  317. District may stop embarrassing kids with cheese sandwiches
  318. Police: Couple exploited website glitch for free merchandise
  319. Parents seek investigative records into son’s disappearance
  320. Congress leader says Brazil gov’t lacks votes to pass reform
  321. ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, Episode 6 Predictions: What will happen in ‘Death is the Enemy’
  322. Lincoln Memorial defaced with explicit graffiti
  323. Teen accused of vandalizing Holocaust memorial faces judge
  324. Missing Alabama woman found after 28 days in the woods
  325. North Carolina KKK leader: ‘I’m sorta glad’ people got hit, woman died in Charlottesville
  326. North Carolina KKK leader: ‘I’m sorta glad’ people got hit, girl died in Charlottesville
  327. World War II soldier returns home 74 years after death
  328. Wisconsin parents of student who died in Rome sue university
  329. Macedonian prostitution kingpin shot dead by unknown gunman
  330. Illegal immigrant in Utah raped 7-year-old ‘thousands of times,’ police say
  331. Deal reached in lawsuit over student with bag placed on head
  332. 2 Oregon women die on Mount Hood after apparent fall
  333. Violent girl accused of murdering Uber driver has been attacking guards since her arrest, prosecutors say
  334. Remains of WW II ‘Hell’s Fury’ crew member return after 74 years
  335. Man sentenced to life in prison for deadly Iowa jail escape
  336. Solar eclipse travel forecast: Storms may cause delays in southern, eastern US
  337. NYC teen chokes mom’s ex-boyfriend after witnessing him assault her, cops say
  338. Trump’s tough talk prompted North Korea to stand down, experts say
  339. Hate crimes in US on the rise
  340. Little Rock already matches last year’s homicide mark with 42nd killing
  341. Ex-South Carolina trooper who shot man gets 3 years
  342. Big tree falls in Central Park, injuring woman and 3 kids
  343. The Latest: Children of slain deputy speak in court
  344. South Carolina official resigns after reported ‘kill yourself or leave’ remark
  345. Tree crashes down during festival in Portugal, killing 12
  346. Baby allegedly burned by babysitter’s hot bath recovering from surgery
  347. What to do if your solar eclipse glasses won’t arrive in time
  348. Lawsuit filed in Milwaukee inmate’s dehydration death
  349. The Latest: Portugal: Death toll from tree rises to 12
  350. ICC orders arrest of commander loyal to Libyan general
  351. The Latest: Driver who rammed pizzeria says was suicidal
  352. Nuclear attack preparation: US government provides survival tips
  353. Fargo family disavows son who was at white supremacist event
  354. German politician rails against people speaking English
  355. Suspected al-Shabab attack kills 5 policemen in Kenya’s east
  356. UN set to remove final container holding Colombia rebel arms
  357. Suspected militants kill 2 policemen in Egypt’s Sinai
  358. Massive tree falls in New York’s Central Park, injuring 3 kids, adult
  359. Algeria’s president sacks prime minister
  360. Criminal charges sought for protesters who toppled Confederate statue in North Carolina
  361. Cops: Woman who set man on fire, doused him with urine dies
  362. US decries Islamic State ‘genocide’ of Christians, others
  363. Rockies’ Bettis pitches 7 shutout innings in first start since cancer battle
  364. US businesses increase stockpiles in June
  365. Study: Light drinking may be healthier than abstaining
  366. Mannequins in North Carolina department store appear to give Nazi salutes
  367. Indonesia police arrest militants preparing chemical attacks
  368. Four more solar eclipses will be visible in the U.S. this century
  369. Sierra Leone mudslides: At least 300 dead, upwards of 600 missing as rescuers ‘racing against time’
  370. Miami Dolphins, UM develop program to study concussions in high school athletes
  371. Lebanese army takes new areas on the border with Syria
  372. French leader sues photographer who trailed him on holiday
  373. Scientists discover how some fish survive in icy water
  374. US Army commander in Europe honored on Poland’s army day
  375. The Latest: 600 estimated missing in Sierra Leone mudslides
  376. America prepares for the solar eclipse
  377. Mother, 21, of newborn found covered in ants could face 20 years
  378. Man dies in fall at London stock exchange
  379. Former Pakistan PM challenges disqualification by court
  380. Hillary Clinton’s pastor plagiarized prayer at heart of book
  381. 2 worshippers shot to death outside Chicago church
  382. Reports: Multiple deaths from fallen tree in Portugal
  383. Charges sought against those who toppled Confederate statue
  384. Cosmetic surgery: The real dangers of fat injections
  385. Keep calm and carry on bonging: Lawmakers slam Big Ben plan
  386. Little evidence shows cannabis helps chronic pain or PTSD
  387. Top five worst superstitions about solar eclipses
  388. New charges in crackdown on violent Long Island gangs
  389. Rare crocodile eggs hatched at Cambodian conservation center
  390. US officials: Canadian man tried to ship live snakes in mail
  391. Tilak Marapana named Sri Lanka’s new foreign minister
  392. Sign at Swiss hotel directed to ‘Jewish guests’ draws scorn
  393. Doctors say Kim Jong Un may be on steroids, giving him ‘roid rage’
  394. Confederate flag clothes banned by schools’ new dress code
  395. The Latest: Wildfire near Greek capital burns for 3rd day
  396. Funeral for NY teen killed in football training accident
  397. Judges reject appeal over juror who slept during testimony
  398. Officer accused of mocking death during Virginia rally
  399. Pence expected to praise economic reforms in Argentina
  400. BBC says Iran freezes local assets of Farsi service staff
  401. New York family suffers 3rd pedestrian death in 2 years
  402. South Sudan’s rebels recapture Pagak, their headquarters
  403. Reports: Turkey detains Interpol-sought Belgian IS suspect
  404. Prosecutors: Shooting by off-duty officer was justified
  405. Top US military officer notes ‘difficult issues’ with China
  406. Kim Jong Un appears to back down after Mattis, Trump warnings
  407. State police investigate man’s death in police custody
  408. Police: Woman, 84, bound with leash, belts during robbery
  409. Error causes hangar to be covered in fire-suppression foam
  410. Thai activist gets prison for posting BBC story about king
  411. Zimbabwe’s first lady accused of assault in South Africa
  412. A sonic attack in Cuba? How an acoustic weapon might work
  413. During eclipses, astronomers try to reveal the secrets of the solar wind
  414. President: Romania is security provider in uncertain region
  415. Gravely injured in restaurant attack out of danger
  416. Death toll in Sierra Leone mudslides expected to rise
  417. Ex-Rhode Island House speaker being moved to halfway house
  418. 3,000 firefighters in Portugal combat raging wildfires
  419. UK probe into tower fire to sidestep wider social issues
  420. The Latest: Trump congratulates Kenyan president on election
  421. Trump congratulates Kenyan president on winning re-election
  422. The Latest: Dead soldier’s kin thanks vet for returning flag
  423. Afghan official: Taliban suicide car bombing kills 1
  424. Tributes paid to man who tried to save lawmaker Jo Cox
  425. Death toll in South Asia monsoon flooding rises to 218
  426. Japanese siblings accept WWII soldier’s flag from US veteran
  427. Swedes help Danes in submarine case with missing woman
  428. Israel arrests radical Islamic cleric for inciting violence
  429. Iraqi, coalition aircraft step up airstrikes on IS-held town
  430. Google, GoDaddy boot neo-Nazi site that mocked rally victim
  431. MORNING BRIEF: Scaramucci says he’d fire Bannon
  432. Taliban ‘open letter’ to Trump urges US to leave Afghanistan
  433. US vet returns dead Japanese soldier’s flag to grateful kin
  434. Russia detains Ukrainian intelligence officer in Crimea
  435. Suspected Islamist militant killed in Bangladesh raid
  436. Philadelphia firefighter apologizes for Confederate photo causing backlash
  437. Dubai billionaire seeks to sell Trump-branded villas abroad
  438. India opens 1st Partition museum 70 years after bloody event
  439. Indian prime minister pledges to wipe out graft from country
  440. A look at North Korea’s past bluster and actual attacks
  441. Woman gets OK for license plate inspired by ‘covfefe’ tweet
  442. Analysis: To launch or not? Either way, North Korea may gain
  443. Hong Kong activist arrested over allegation of stapled legs
  444. Political feud erupts between Australia and New Zealand
  445. Iowa State Fair cow and boy taking nap wins the internet after photo goes viral
  446. Philippines: 21 alleged drug offenders killed in single day
  447. The Latest: US WWII vet returns flag to Japan soldier’s kin
  448. NYC cops accused of storing bodies in transit worker break rooms
  449. The Latest: Moon says North Korea crisis must end peacefully
  450. Protests break out around Trump Tower as president arrives
  451. The Latest: Little Rock’s 42nd homicide matches 2016 mark
  452. Holocaust memorial vandalized for second time this summer
  453. Texas A&M calls off planned ‘White Lives Matter’ rally
  454. US WWII vet in Japan to return flag to fallen soldier family
  455. Boston Holocaust Memorial smashed to pieces
  456. Florida man gets 6 years for firing gun while taking selfie
  457. Confederate statue toppled in North Carolina during protest
  458. Protests break out around Trump Tower ahead of president’s arrival
  459. Man gets 16-20 years in Detroit officer’s hit-and-run death
  460. 3 Milwaukee men charged in fatal shooting of 9-year-old girl
  461. UK says it may seek ‘temporary’ customs union with EU
  462. N. Korea leader briefed on plans for missile tests near Guam
  463. Kim Jong Un briefed on North Korea’s plans to hit Guam, state media claim
  464. Al Qaeda’s propaganda magazine Inspire calls for train attacks in US, Europe
  465. The Latest: Texas A&M says planned rally posed security risk
  466. The Latest: Gunmen attack UN base in Mali, killing 7 people
  467. Charlottesville suspect accused of beating his disabled mother, threatening her with knife, 911 calls show
  468. Oklahoma teacher, 31, who had sex with student, 15, ordered to pay $1 million
  469. Mattis: US would ‘take out’ any NKorean missile aimed at US
  470. Sen. McCain decries criticism of McMaster as ‘smear tactics’
  471. Scott Peterson in death-row phone call: ‘I wasn’t the last one to see Laci alive’
  472. Woman poured anti-freeze in grandma’s juice in malicious plot to poison her: Police
  473. Man who killed his dog in toss from balcony pleads guilty
  474. Kim Jong Un’s disappearance sparks concerns missile launch could be imminent
  475. Dozens rally in Guam for peace amid North Korea threats
  476. The Latest: Officials: Car drove into patrons intentionally
  477. Texas A&M calls off planned white nationalist rally
  478. Police: Girl, 8, killed as car plows into French pizzeria
  479. Girl killed, several injured after car intentionally slams into patrons at pizzeria near Paris, police say
  480. Oklahoma teen awarded $1M in sexual abuse lawsuit
  481. Taxi driver thought to be resting for 18 hours was dead
  482. Argentina: Macri alliance bolstered by election
  483. Rabbi charged with sex assault makes first court appearance
  484. Vietnam War veteran receives medals after a 45-year wait
  485. The Latest: Libya called ‘not a safe port’ for migrants
  486. Official: Prisoners escaped solitary recreation areas
  487. Americans sentenced in Panama for 5 murders
  488. The Latest: Germany urges freedom for Venezuela prisoners
  489. Maduro supporters march in Venezuela against Trump
  490. Contractor finds purple heart in rubble of Wisconsin house
  491. Italy: progress in probe of Cairo torture murder of scholar
  492. Charlottesville attack suspect: What we know about James Alex Fields, Jr.
  493. Little Rock’s 42nd homicide already matches last year’s mark
  494. Police: Florida man wrecks liquor shop, blames “caterpillar”
  495. Police: Teens who roamed unfinished bridge on video arrested
  496. Holocaust memorial urges vigilance after US protests
  497. Pentagon cites artillery ‘mishap’ in 2 US deaths in Iraq
  498. UN: Gunmen attack 2 UN peacekeeping sites in Mali, 2 killed
  499. Victim recounts Charlottesville car attack that killed 1, injured 19
  500. Roadside bomb kills 6 paramilitary forces in Pakistan
  501. Police: Alaska man made fake 911 call to divert pursuit
  502. Grandmother, 50, dies from blood clot after marrying convicted US killer
  503. Where is Guam and why would North Korea attack it?
  504. ‘Out for blood’: Man arrested in plan to bomb Oklahoma bank
  505. Activists plead not guilty in Trump Tower banner hanging
  506. Man pulls gun at church during self-defense argument
  507. US Navy reports another tense encounter with an Iran drone
  508. Woman overdoses while driving, crashes into police cruiser leading funeral procession
  509. $16G handcycle stolen from disabled veteran
  510. $16K handcycle stolen from disabled veteran
  511. ‘Unsafe’ incident between Iranian drone, US Navy aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf
  512. Mexico raids 31 hot spots, 10,000 gallons of illegal alcohol seized after Wisconsin woman’s death at posh resort
  513. New York gets tougher on community center bomb threats
  514. Officer on fatal Charlottesville crash: ‘Hahahaha love this’
  515. Uptick in Atlantic tropical systems may continue as new feature bears watching
  516. Bomb kills 11 in southern Yemen
  517. Teacher, 36, charged in illicit, 3-year sex romp with teen boy which led to her ‘bearing his child’
  518. 3,000 year-old female statue uncovered in Turkey
  519. Serbian official suggests major compromise over Kosovo
  520. The Latest: Judge won’t guarantee pay for ‘El Chapo’ lawyers
  521. Fugitive Romanian businessman surrenders to British police
  522. Confederate memorial park in Florida vandalized with paint
  523. North Korea defector says Kim Jong Un followed out of fear
  524. James Fields flunked out of basic Army training, denied bail in Charlottesville case
  525. Kenyan boat sinks off coast; politician’s family missing
  526. German court orders sentence enforced in Chile abuse case
  527. Paul Ryan to hold first public town hall in nearly 2 years
  528. Woman poured antifreeze in grandma’s juice in plot to poison her, cops say
  529. More than 200 dead in Sierra Leone mudslides, official says
  530. The Latest: Pence draws attention to plight of Venezuelans
  531. Fewer than 3 hours into their hike, trouble
  532. Austrian Social Democrats fire Israeli political consultant
  533. Turkish police arrest suspected killer of Syrian journalists
  534. PETA’s ‘Lettuce ladies’ promote vegan eating in Romania
  535. Colorado mom dies trying to save son while tubing in creek
  536. Man falls into 10-foot sinkhole while trying to block it off
  537. Total eclipse towns stock toilet paper, add cell towers ahead of unprecedented crowds
  538. Chloe Ayling relives terror of being kidnapped during first TV appearance since incident
  539. The Latest: Official: 200 dead in Sierra Leone mudslides
  540. Spain: Police arrest 3 Russians in killing of Italian
  541. 91 volcanoes discovered under Antarctic ice sheet
  542. Official: More than 200 dead in Sierra Leone mudslides
  543. Turkey: IS stabbing suspect was wanted internationally
  544. Witnesses: Militiamen seize Libyan ex-premier in Tripoli
  545. Chinese dissident stands trial after 2 years in detention
  546. Heroes without capes: Portugal’s firefighters work for free
  547. Sinking of homemade sub carrying Kim Wall a ‘deliberate act,’ police say
  548. The Latest: Many Kenyans go to work despite stayaway call
  549. AP EXPLAINS: Impact of Saudi death sentences, Shiite unrest
  550. Solar eclipse viewing conditions: Clouds could spoil views in Oregon, Southeast
  551. Sierra Leone floods, mudslides kill at least 21 people
  552. US medal dominance could reflect doping cleanup in track
  553. Polish horse auction disappoints after political purge
  554. Afghan official: Gunmen kill 3 local aid workers
  555. Dubai’s Emaar posts first-half profits, announces new IPO
  556. The Latest: Sheriff IDs 3 men slain at Wisconsin race track
  557. Florida couple transporting grill injured after SUV explodes when woman lights cigarette
  558. Israel official warns Lebanon over Hezbollah leader’s threat
  559. Pope calls welcoming migrants a way to show brotherhood
  560. Is the northwestern US done with extreme heat this summer?
  561. Search for journalist who left Danish submarine intensifies
  562. China implements UN sanctions against North Korea, as Trump trade probe looms
  563. Monsoon flooding kills at least 173 across South Asia
  564. World’s fastest-swirling vortex simulates the Big Bang
  565. Russian intelligence agency says it foiled attack plot
  566. Iraqi Shiite militias pledge to take part in next IS fight
  567. The Latest: Greek island wildfires prompt state of emergency
  568. Project aims to attract tourists to remote Albanian villages
  569. Elephant kills Argentine hunter in Namibia
  570. Yemen Central Bank: Saudi-led coalition strangling economy
  571. Big Ben to fall silent in London next week as repairs start
  572. Large fire burns for 2nd day, threatens homes near Athens
  573. Many Kenyans go to work in capital despite call for stayaway
  574. Top US military officer warns NKorea that US military ready
  575. MORNING BRIEF: McMaster calls Charlottesville violence ‘terrorism’
  576. Israeli police arrest tycoon, others in bribery, fraud sting
  577. Iran’s leader names conservative cleric to arbitration body
  578. Syrian rebels, civilians leave Lebanon border area for home
  579. South Korea: North Korea lacks missile technology
  580. Monsoon flooding kills at least 160 across South Asia
  581. Pressure mounts on Trump to address race-fueled clash
  582. Critiques fly as Tillerson struggles to define his mission
  583. US takes another look at providing lethal weapons to Ukraine
  584. 18 killed in attack on restaurant in Burkina Faso capital
  585. A snapshot of Guam before US-North Korea conflict and now
  586. Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
  587. The Latest: 18 killed in Burkina Faso restaurant attack
  588. Missing Dutch national found dead in Turkey
  589. Death sentences of Shiites point to limits of Saudi reforms
  590. Police officers corral loose pig; jokes ensue
  591. Third of Syrian refugee kids not in school, despite pledges
  592. With gun salutes, Pakistan marks 70 years of independence
  593. Police: 16 immigrants locked inside rig at Texas truck stop
  594. Officials: 3 killed at race track were known gang members
  595. Australian inquiry: Priests should report abuse confessions
  596. Rescuers pull out 46 bodies after landslide hits north India
  597. ‘El Chapo’ seeking new lawyers in US drug trafficking case
  598. Arctic voyage finds global warming impact on ice, animals
  599. Clerical abuse scandal hits Argentine president’s school
  600. One-fifth of Americans find workplace hostile or threatening
  601. At least 17 killed in attack on popular tourist restaurant in Western Africa
  602. 70 years after Pakistan-India split, Sikhs search for home
  603. Australian deputy prime minister under citizenship cloud
  604. Wisconsin dragstrip shooting kills 3
  605. At least 17 killed in attack on restaurant in Burkina Faso
  606. At least 17 killed in attack on restaurant in Western Africa
  607. Charlottesville vigil honors victims one day later
  608. North Korea nuclear acceleration prompts church intervention
  609. Small earthquake hits island in Alaska’s Aleutian chain
  610. At least 4 people shot, killed in Mexican resort of Acapulco
  611. Will NKorea’s Kim pull the trigger? Possible signs to watch
  612. Model allegedly kidnapped for ransom says she feared ‘Black Death’ criminal syndicate
  613. Protesters, counter-protesters clash in downtown Seattle
  614. Police: Restaurant under attack by gunmen in Burkina Faso
  615. Bolt gets the cheers, and Americans get the medals at worlds
  616. China’s military is key to helping resolve North Korea tension, Joint Chiefs chairman says
  617. Turkish police officer stabbed to death by suspected ISIS suicide bomber in Istanbul
  618. Charlottesville rally organizer spat at, chased from press conference by protesters; 1 arrested
  619. Suspect fatally stabs Istanbul officer in police station
  620. Charlottesville violence: Feds investigate whether suspect had help with planning
  621. Los Angeles service honors slain El Salvador archbishop
  622. Miami officer fatally shoots man who had stabbed a woman
  623. Charlottesville rally organizer chased from press conference by protesters; 1 arrested
  624. Tropical Storm Gert forms in the Atlantic Ocean
  625. White House scrambles to explain Trump’s response to clashes
  626. Illegal immigrants found locked in hot tractor-trailer in Edinburg, Texas
  627. Illegal immigrants found locked in hot trailer in Edinburg, Texas
  628. Six-Year-Old Boy: “Mommy, Please Don’t Make Me A Girl!”
  629. The Latest: Victim’s friend calls her death an act of terror
  630. Texas police chief asked to leave doctor’s office for carrying gun
  631. People from across Europe protest logging in Polish forest
  632. Reports: Key witness in Indonesia corruption case dies in US
  633. Charlottesville rally organizer chased from press conference by protesters
  634. Wildfire burns home, leads to evacuations in Washington
  635. Security workers at Barcelona airport plan 24-hour strike
  636. Authorities: Shoplifting suspect flees cops, drowns in lake
  637. AirDropping penis pics is the latest horrifying subway trend
  638. Protests, vigils around US decry white supremacist rally
  639. The Latest: Arson suspected in fires raging on Greek island
  640. Hezbollah leader says Syrian government ‘will stay on’
  641. North Carolina boy, 13, bitten by shark at South Carolina island
  642. Florida airport evacuates passengers after natural gas leak
  643. Year after flood, entire Greenbrier River Trail reopens
  644. Western countries call on Kosovo to break political deadlock
  645. Charlottesville suspect’s mom told him to protest ‘peacefully’
  646. 2 Kosovars jailed for allegedly trying to join extremists
  647. Kenyan graffiti artists spray peace slogan in troubled areas
  648. Central US to face rounds of severe weather this week
  649. US military says 2 American soldiers killed in Iraq
  650. Officials: Exhumation of killers from vet cemeteries is rare
  651. Egypt says 2 militants killed in shootout with police
  652. German nationalists pull anti-Islam pig poster
  653. Lion rescued from Syria zoo gives birth in Jordan reserve
  654. French summer wildfires ravage over 2,000 hectares of land
  655. Iran moves to end death penalty for some drug crimes
  656. Taliban seized northern Faryab province in Afghanistan
  657. Heather Heyer, Charlottesville victim, 32, was Virginia paralegal: report
  658. The Latest: Mayor calls alleged car-ramming ‘terrorism’
  659. NY man pleads not guilty to murder of mom, sister, 3rd woman
  660. APNewsBreak: Grandmother in travel ban lawsuit arrives in US
  661. The Latest: Rebels fighting for Damascus suburbs kill 20
  662. The Latest: Trump aide considers Va. clash to be terrorism
  663. 3 women murdered in grisly hammer attack at NY home
  664. Egypt detains train driver 15 days over crash
  665. Egypt officials: 2 militants killed in shootout with police
  666. The Latest: Kenya opposition leader condemns police killings
  667. The Latest: Romanian coastguard intercepts Iraq migrant boat
  668. Another ship suspends migrant rescues citing Libyan threats
  669. Renegade al-Shabab leader defects to government
  670. Town hall by former Malaysian PM Mahathir marred by violence
  671. US looking to help India modernize its military, Pacom commander says
  672. American tourist gives Nazi salute in Germany, is beaten up
  673. Citizens worried, but Seoul mum on Trump’s N. Korea threat
  674. Russia says Syrian government doubles territory it controls
  675. Floods, landslides triggered by heavy rain kill 47 in Nepal
  676. Stormy weather poised to return to northeastern US this week
  677. Merkel challenger remains confident of unseating chancellor
  678. Kenya gets respite from election violence that killed 24
  679. Iran lawmakers raise missile, Guard spending to challenge US
  680. Amid criticism, UK government tries to show unity on Brexit
  681. IS claims Karbala attack on Iraqi troops
  682. Some LA sheriff’s deputies equipping selves with body cameras
  683. Iran lawmakers vote to boost spending on missile program
  684. Hundreds suffer symptoms in Iran chlorine leak
  685. 3 rebels, 2 Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir fighting
  686. Rescuers pull out 6 bodies after landslide hits north India
  687. APNewsBreak: Grandmother in travel ban flap arrives in US
  688. Federal civil rights probe launched into fatal Charlottesville crash
  689. Strong earthquake strikes off Indonesian island of Sumatra
  690. APNewsBreak: Grandmother in travel ban flap arriving in US
  691. Ohio man, 20, identified as suspect accused of driving car into Charlottesville protesters
  692. Devoutly Catholic Guam celebrates Mass amid N. Korea threat
  693. UK police clear American banker of pushing woman in front of London bus
  694. Weaned Hawaiian monk seal moved to undisclosed location
  695. Pastor freed from North Korean prison arrives back in Canada
  696. Two Virginia state troopers killed in helicopter crash tied to white supremacist rally
  697. Charlottesville white nationalist rally blamed for 3 deaths, dozens of injuries
  698. Brother: Slain Missouri officer saw policing as dream job
  699. UK tries to counter claims it’s unprepared for Brexit talks
  700. Two killed in Virginia helicopter crash tied to white supremacist rally
  701. Ex-officer charged in murder case cites tribal membership
  702. One dead, 19 injured after car plows into protesters during Virginia white supremacist rally
  703. Boy, 14, accused of killing 2 last month in South Carolina
  704. Authorities: Woman tried to poison grandma with anti-freeze
  705. New Jersey man on FBI’s Most Wanted list caught in Virginia
  706. One dead, 19 injured after car plows into protesters during clashes at ‘Unite the Right’ rally
  707. Police: Florida man dies after punch from Uber driver
  708. Who is worse, Alt-Left or Alt-Right?
  709. Greek Orthodox church aims to block property sale in court
  710. Analysis: Trump ‘military’ talk on Venezuela unnerves LatAm
  711. Venezuela rejects Trump’s talk of potential ‘military option’ to resolve political crisis
  712. Member of cannibalistic Chicago ‘Ripper Crew’ to be released in September
  713. Iowa woman accused of dumping baby in trash pleads guilty
  714. Lawyer: Livestreamed, deadly crash caused by blown tire
  715. Old tree that shaded Indians before settlers came is dying
  716. California cops search for man who blinded woman with bleach
  717. White House’s Omarosa Manigault jeered during panel talk
  718. Police: Security guard killed 2 co-workers at Florida resort
  719. Bomb blast kills 15 in southwestern Pakistan
  720. Egypt’s Moussa rejects calls to extend presidential terms
  721. Reward offered to catch Nevada lake invasive fish dumper
  722. Tips lead to arrest of MS-13 gang member on FBI Ten Most Wanted list
  723. Nigeria’s president says he feels ready to return home
  724. Massive crowd greets deposed Pakistani PM in hometown
  725. Orthodox Jewish group sues town to keep religious markers
  726. The Latest: Venezuela rejects Trump talk of military option
  727. White supremacists clash with protesters at Charlottesville rally
  728. Fall trials set for 2 charged in killing of coal executive
  729. 1 in custody in Philadelphia shooting outside Target store
  730. Car plows into protesters during clashes at ‘Unite the Right’ rally
  731. Violent clashes erupt at ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Virginia, state of emergency declared
  732. US diplomat arrives for expected rebuke from Venezuela
  733. Battle starts over $200M estate of Hawaiian royal descendant
  734. Migrant aid group suspends rescue ship off Libya, cites risk
  735. Heavy rains damage George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate
  736. Massachusetts school removes ban on hair braid extensions
  737. Police: NY man kills mother, sister, 3rd woman with hammer
  738. $393M Mega Millions winning ticket sold in Chicago suburb
  739. Official: Syria to facilitate chemical weapons team mission
  740. Florida school accused of offering students ‘front of lunch line pass’ for $100; parents outraged
  741. New tropical depression may soon form offshore of US Southeast Coast
  742. Tropical Storm Jova forms west of Mexico, no threat to land
  743. US Navy pilot ejects in crash landing in Bahrain, officials say
  744. At least 24 killed, including 9-year-old child, during Kenya’s post-election violence, reports say
  745. At least nine killed, including 9-year-old child, during Kenya’s post-election violence, reports say
  746. Two gay Missouri teens say school district deleted ‘offensive’ quotes from yearbook
  747. UK police say they arrested wrong man in jogging-rage case
  748. The Latest: Pilot ejects as US fighter jet crash lands
  749. Raising the stakes: Why North Korea is talking up Guam
  750. Merkel emphasizes German prosperity, security at rally
  751. State TV: Flash floods kill 12 in northwest Iran
  752. World’s oldest man, a Holocaust survivor, dies at 113: report
  753. Fighter jet crash lands at Bahrain airport
  754. Fearing more Mafia murders, police nab 4 in southeast Italy
  755. Bullies leave wood plank nailed to Autistic boy’s head, parents say
  756. Portugal fights record number of wildfires for 1 day in 2017
  757. Fire blocks route for dozens in Glacier National Park chalet
  758. Father of Australian woman shot and killed by officer says she was ‘ripped from our arms’
  759. Father: Woman killed by officer was ‘ripped from our arms’
  760. Dalai Lama cancels Botswana visit because of ‘exhaustion’
  761. A look at Kenya’s recent history of deadly election unrest
  762. Kuwait arrests 12 ‘terrorists’ with alleged ties to Iran
  763. Xi calls for calm after Trump says US is ‘locked and loaded’
  764. Flood threat to persist as downpours soak southern US early this week
  765. 7 White Helmets members shot dead in northwestern Syria
  766. Submarine builder suspected in journalist’s disappearance
  767. Media: World’s oldest man, a Holocaust survivor, dies at 113
  768. Cambodian leader says border crisis with Laos averted
  769. Afghan official: 13 civilians killed in battle in the north
  770. Pakistani court recommends parliament review blasphemy Law
  771. National Guard on standby for ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Virginia
  772. AP sources: US-NKorea talking behind the scenes for months
  773. Trump says he’s open to military intervention in Venezuela
  774. Qatar crisis redraws red lines and frays age-old Gulf ties
  775. 35 children die in Indian hospital in 3 days
  776. India adds troops in China border region
  777. In phone call, Trump and Xi discuss a nuke-less Korean Peninsula
  778. Texas home health agency gets 75 years in prison for fraud
  779. UAE says 4 soldiers killed in Yemen helicopter crash
  780. Fox News ex-employee dies after learning of son’s death
  781. NBA star Durant apologizes for India comments
  782. Pentagon says White House should clarify Trump’s Venezuela comments
  783. Battle to free Raqqa puts coalition up against booby-traps, car bombs and mines
  784. 22 states back bid to keep New Mexico 10 Commandments statue
  785. Ex-executives sentenced in sweeping Navy corruption case
  786. Trump says he won’t rule out military response to Venezuela
  787. The Latest: Venezuelan mastermind of failed assault captured
  788. Lawsuit claims teenage detainees were wrongly tied to gangs
  789. Army: Exhumed remains don’t match 19th century Indian child
  790. Tillerson says diplomats in Havana suffered ‘health attacks’
  791. Navy: Only woman in SEAL training pipeline drops out
  792. Parole granted to man who fatally strangled woman in 1972
  793. Double trouble: Man hits twin with bat over sharing tacos
  794. Lawsuit: Christian school covered up rape of 12-year-old boy
  795. Peru expels Venezuela’s ambassador to protest assembly
  796. American flag picked up, re-positioned by Good Samaritan
  797. Man shot outside Target store, hospitalized; shooter escapes
  798. Judge throws out Alabama teacher-student sex law, clears teacher accused of teen boy sex romps
  799. Rotting foot horrifies family at burial for family patriarch
  800. Man convicted of trafficking heroin in US in car batteries
  801. Detectives: Dad tells daughter he killed her mom in ’87
  802. New Mexico land office goes after Texas ‘dirt bandits’
  803. Man and 1 wife indicted in deaths 2nd wife and relatives
  804. Police recover gun 36 years after it was reported stolen
  805. Marine Corps orders all of its aircraft grounded following deadly crashes
  806. Man admits child sex trafficking of boy at costume parties
  807. Congress approves bill to address VA claims backlog
  808. US, North Korea in regular contact, report says
  809. Ohio man charged with cyberstalking sheriff for decades
  810. Nobel laureates urge Saudi king to halt 14 executions
  811. The Latest: Man ordered detained in Ohio cyberstalking case
  812. Iran’s foreign minister: Trump trying to ‘kill’ nuclear deal
  813. Mexico says remains of missing Spanish woman found
  814. The Latest: Submarine owner held in missing woman’s death
  815. Michigan vet’s ‘no foreigners’ home sale sign violates law, state agency says
  816. Man who killed girlfriend’s daughter gets up to 40 years
  817. Appeals court upholds Nebraska funeral picketing law
  818. Jail sentence for 2 members of polygamous sect in Canada
  819. The Latest: WWII vet arrives in Tokyo with battlefield flag
  820. The Latest: Not guilty plea for suspect in officer’s death
  821. The Latest: Fiance says it was ‘a privilege to love Justine”
  822. Ohio driver punched by people in another car dies days later
  823. Student seeking paramedic internship saves choking man
  824. New Hampshire hospital evacuates patients following ‘chemical release’
  825. Russia, Iran pushing their influence in Afghanistan as country’s future grows shaky
  826. Jordan not in a hurry to allow back Israeli ambassador
  827. Former Bengals LB Schaffer gets jail for indecent exposure
  828. Croatia court overturns extradition of Albania soccer fan
  829. Migrant sea arrivals rising in Spain, could outpace Greece
  830. Judge rules Alabama teacher-student sex law unconstitutional in teacher’s case
  831. Girl, man injured in Washington DC shooting
  832. The Latest: Death toll in Egypt train collision rises to 36
  833. Train collision in northern Egypt kills at least 36
  834. Colorado man found dead in elevator called for help twice
  835. More than 250 Oregon residents mark ‘X’ gender on licenses
  836. Afghan official: Gunman opens fire inside mosque, killing 4
  837. Mexico drug cartel violence hits tourist hotspots of Cancun and Los Cabos
  838. ‘Guccifer’ calls Fox from Romania, says he shouldn’t be sent back to U.S.
  839. First US woman to summit K-2 in Pakistan says she’s ‘proud’
  840. Police: Hair stylist slain in Chicago stabbed over 40 times
  841. APNewsBreak: Beyond bluster, US, NKorea in regular contact
  842. Locally heavy storms to drench northeastern US into Saturday
  843. Latest: Judge orders Brit suspect in killing back to Chicago
  844. Nigerian military makes unauthorized search of UN base
  845. US-backed Syrian fighters pressure ISIS militants in Raqqa
  846. American investment banker denies pushing woman in front of London bus
  847. Officials: Baby found in plastic bag doing ‘remarkably well’
  848. Greek authorities seize 2 tons of marijuana on Italian yacht
  849. Trains collide in Egyptian city of Alexandria, killing 25
  850. Rescuers seek to recover students’ bodies from car in California river
  851. Guam guarded by lethal air power
  852. After North Korea nuclear threat, Guam residents prepare for possible missile strike
  853. NYPD seeks 2 sneaker-robbery suspects
  854. Former Missouri law officer convicted of double murder
  855. Guam’s top tips for avoiding ‘imminent’ North Korea missile attack
  856. Is summer weather over for midwestern, northeastern US?
  857. The Latest: Merkel: More needed to address migration causes
  858. Guam, a U.S. territory in the western Pacific Ocean, is tiny – but its strategic location is of great importance, especially to the U.S. military.
  859. Arrested man denies being jogger who pushed woman into bus
  860. Venezuela’s currency now worth less than ‘World of Warcraft’ gold
  861. Report: 5 killed as German garbage truck tips onto car
  862. Lions, tigers, bears from war-torn Syria evacuated to Jordan
  863. US consumer prices up slight 0.1 percent in July
  864. What does North Korea really want? Its playbook offers clues
  865. Weekly wrap-up: Franklin slams Mexico as 1st Atlantic hurricane of 2017; Seattle shatters old record with rain-free streak
  866. WWII veteran returns Japanese flag taken from fallen enemy soldier
  867. The Latest: 600,000 Syrians returned home in 2017, more fled
  868. Severe storms to batter US High Plains with large hail, flooding through the weekend
  869. Police: Man beat women for cellphones during NYC robberies
  870. Vandals destroy suburban NYC couple’s charitable food truck
  871. Checks after London blaze reveal more high-rise safety flaws
  872. 2 arrested in pepper-spraying of 80-year-old Walmart worker
  873. Slovenia to hold presidential election in October
  874. Israel, the land of milk and honey _ and now whiskey?
  875. Merkel: ex-Stasi prison in Berlin ‘painful’ reminder of past
  876. US-backed Syrian fighters pressure IS militants in Raqqa
  877. Man sentenced in officer shooting recorded by camera glasses
  878. Bodybuilder dies after botched backflip attempt
  879. Tibetan exiles support India in border standoff with China
  880. The Latest: China appeals for calm on Korean Peninsula
  881. Palestinian Authority edict threatens free expression, critics say
  882. Soldier attack suspect brought to Paris, still hospitalized
  883. Associated Press Koreas bureau chiefs talk rising tensions
  884. German court convicts 3 smugglers over deaths of 13 migrants
  885. The Latest: Kenya’s government urges citizens back to work
  886. US drone strikes in Somalia target al-Shabaab fighters
  887. As North plans missile launch, US, S. Korea ready war games
  888. Columbia University may face fine for treatment of Muslim ex-employee
  889. South Africa’s storied ANC weakens as president stays on
  890. No longer king of the jungle: New fund to aid Africa’s lions
  891. The Latest: 3 dead in powerful explosion in Pakistan
  892. London Tube station evacuated amid reports of smoke
  893. MORNING BRIEF: China pledges neutrality unless US strikes North Korea first
  894. Official: Indonesian family that joined IS now in Iraq
  895. Bill to help curb veterans’ suicides might have opposite effect, critics say
  896. WWII vet brings fallen enemy’s keepsake on long journey home
  897. Cambodia accuses Laos of border violation, threatens force
  898. Danes search for missing private submarine off Copenhagen
  899. Kenya waits to hear final results of already disputed vote
  900. Private deep-sea search pitched for missing Malaysia Airlines jet
  901. Police: Drive-by shooting kills 2 Pakistani police officers
  902. Palestinian leader curbs social media expression in decree
  903. Strong, but deep earthquake shakes northern Philippines
  904. California billionaire ordered to restore public access to $32.5M beachfront property
  905. Trump aide says Tillerson’s role is diplomatic, not military
  906. Frat adviser faces hearing in Penn State pledge death case
  907. Family bonds survive India-Pakistan split, but for how long?
  908. China pledges neutrality – unless US strikes North Korea first
  909. Venezuela’s Maduro: ‘Mr. Donald Trump, here is my hand’
  910. NAFTA negotiations could mark end of era for Mexican exports
  911. Venezuela’s Maduro looks to meet with Trump, despite political turmoil
  912. Asian stocks slump on profit-taking amid US-North Korea nuclear tensions
  913. China protests US ship sailing by island in South China Sea
  914. US company offers to take financial risk of new MH370 search
  915. Bus crash in China’s northwest kills at least 36, hurts 13
  916. China bus crash kills at least 36, state media report
  917. 2nd man arrested in officer’s death, faces tampering charge
  918. The Latest: 2nd man arrested in officer’s shooting death
  919. UN: Islamic State is funding attacks, al-Qaida is resilient
  920. ISIS used eBay to funnel terror cash to US, feds say
  921. Coach crash in China’s northwest kills at least 36, hurts 13
  922. UN worker accused of aiding Hamas is arrested
  923. Canadian diplomat in Cuba also suffered hearing loss, officials say
  924. Ex-cop convicted of murder from days as alleged gang member
  925. Utah man wrongly accused of drugging officer gets $50K
  926. Missing Denver man found dead in elevator called for help twice, report says
  927. Mattis: War with North Korea would be ‘catastrophic’
  928. Newborn girl rescued after being abandoned, covered in ants
  929. Mexico experts: Outdated drain caused July’s deadly sinkhole
  930. Board won’t stop in-state tuition for eligible immigrants
  931. US, Japanese troops begin joint military exercise amid North Korea threat
  932. Florida day care driver charged in boy’s hot van death
  933. Wrongfully convicted man weary of protracted civil case
  934. The Latest: Credit Suisse bans trading of Venezuelan bonds
  935. Police officer shot in New York City responding to call
  936. Navy secretary says ‘any patriot’ should be able to serve
  937. Fallen Marine’s body escorted by Honor Guard through Bay Area
  938. US, Baghdad warn against Kurdish independence vote
  939. NYPD officer shot in Brooklyn, gunman kills himself
  940. NYPD officer shot in Brooklyn
  941. Homicidal violence ruled as cause of death for Texas teen found in landfill
  942. South Carolina cop survives shooting on video: ‘Tell my family I love them’
  943. Lawmakers reject injection sites as opioid epidemic rises
  944. Train slams semi-truck in Georgia, no injuries reported
  945. Vermont man whose kin died mysteriously unhurt in crash
  946. Diamondback rattlesnake seen slithering across Hilton Head beach
  947. New arguments scheduled in Russian Taliban appeal
  948. Feds offering possible change in visa status to persuade illegal immigrants to turn on MS-13
  949. Police: Woman high on weed in wreck that killed grandkids
  950. The Latest: 6 migrants dead, 13 remain missing off Yemen
  951. Foster care worker takes wrong girl from Georgia school
  952. The Latest: Sheriff confident in ex-officer’s abilities
  953. Massachusetts babysitters caught on Snapchat video putting baby in refrigerator
  954. Navy honors 102-year-old vet, black pioneer
  955. Mexico captures female drug gang leader in Cancun
  956. Channeling Trump? Beleaguered Netanyahu assails media
  957. Teacher, 35, convicted of sexting her teen boy student, is back in jail after getting caught volunteering as a ‘classroom mom’
  958. Police: Officer injured when suspect hurls Molotov cocktail
  959. Confederates for Snooty: Southern group backs manatee statue
  960. Parolee admits stabbing man 90 times in fight over football
  961. ‘Sophisticated’ ISIS plot to bomb airliner raises serious questions
  962. Residents of smoke-choked Montana town advised to leave
  963. N. Carolina woman relieved to be home after Honduras ordeal
  964. Bank of England says animal fat will stay in banknotes
  965. US airstrikes in Somalia; high-level al-Shabab leader killed
  966. 20 students help walk Indianapolis teacher down the aisle at wedding
  967. Study finds climate change altering Europe’s river floods
  968. High school student dies after being struck by log during football practice
  969. Cops: Mom, missing girl found in car with blocked tailpipe
  970. California man convicted of rape worked at rape counseling center as security guard
  971. Acid becoming weapon of choice among teens in London amid growing attacks
  972. North Carolina woman accused of dumping boiling water on children to punish them
  973. Lawyer’s daughter, 18, gets jail for ‘horrendous’ acid attack on her school orchestra love rival
  974. New Orleans braces for possible flooding amid pump failures, as more rain in the forecast
  975. Second suspect arrested after reported rape at UCF frat party
  976. Police: Prosecutor found dead in Florida killed himself
  977. High school student dies soon after injury at football practice, cops say
  978. Irish hiker missing on Pacific Crest Trail in California
  979. Grand jury indicts veteran in Tulsa recruiting office bomb
  980. Model, 33, and her ex-FBI agent father get 20 years in prison for killing husband
  981. NYC girl pours boiling water on 11-year-old girl’s face during sleepover, police say
  982. Swiss to vote on push for at least 4 weeks paternity leave
  983. Ex-Cold Stone Creamery exec dead after attacking parents
  984. Beware at the pump: Black market fuel is making millions
  985. Omagh families suing police over bomb investigation failings
  986. Frustrated with Trump, McCain promotes his own Afghan plan
  987. Spain: Britons face fines for allegedly laser-beaming planes
  988. Tropical system may form along southeastern US coast to end the week
  989. ISIS plot using drone to attack Turkish base foiled, authorities say
  990. Maltese priest convicted in sexual assault on a woman
  991. EU slaps sanctions on additional North Korean nationals
  992. 2nd man sentenced for killing sparked by spilled coffee
  993. The Latest: South African freed by al-Qaida speaks out
  994. Ohio woman posts Snapchat video of alleged rape by stepgrandfather, cops say
  995. Loophole sets free teacher, 27, who had vodka-fueled sex romp with teen boy student
  996. Loophole sets free Utah high school teacher, 27, who had sex romp with teen boy student
  997. Canadian pastor freed from North Korea on his way home
  998. Scaramucci claims vulgar interview taped without permission
  999. UCF suspends fraternity amid rape allegations at campus party
  1000. French security forces now top targets of Islamic radicals
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