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  1. {FD} Malaysia’s leader: ASEAN seen growing to 4th-largest economy
  2. {FD} Secret jail in Philippine station linked to drug war abuse
  3. {FD} South Korea: No plan to fix US trade deal or pay for THAAD
  4. {FD} A look at 11 victims of suspected gang violence
  5. {FD} Violent street gang MS-13 puts Long Island towns in its grip
  6. {FD} The Latest: Philippines investigates secret police jail
  7. {FD} Tillerson: China threatens North Korea with Sanctions if nuclear tests persists
  8. {FD} Police: Man stockpiled massive amounts of explosives
  9. {FD} US Supreme Court won’t block Arkansas execution
  10. {FD} US Supreme Court won’t block Arkansas execution
  11. {FD} US Supreme Court won’t block Arkansas execution
  12. {FD} US Supreme Court won’t block Arkansas execution
  13. {FD} Off-duty border patrol agent may have started Arizona fire
  14. {FD} Philippines charges 2 police for deaths of drug suspects
  15. {FD} Japan economy’s vital signs dull in March, but views upbeat
  16. {FD} Taliban announce spring offensive, vow to build institutions
  17. {FD} Trump tower fated not to rise in Indonesian isle of the gods
  18. {FD} Family sues after school janitor charged with raping boy
  19. {FD} Family sues after school janitor charged with raping boy
  20. {FD} Berkeley protests: Hundreds rally after Coulter talk canceled, at least 6 arrested
  21. {FD} London anti-terror raids: Woman shot, 4 arrested, police say
  22. {FD} Woman reported man was abused at home for mentally disabled
  23. {FD} Berkeley protests: Hundreds rally after Coulter talk canceled, at least 4 arrested
  24. {FD} Inmates put to death in Arkansas during the past week
  25. {FD} Coast Guard suspends use of injured animals to train medics
  26. {FD} Minnesota appeals court rejects bid to move officer’s trial
  27. {FD} Explosive armed robbery is Paraguay’s biggest heist
  28. {FD} Lawyer: ‘Infowars’ host Jones often acts like ‘cult leader’
  29. {FD} Canadian sent to US prison for smuggling immigrants in 1999
  30. {FD} Woman convicted in mom’s death; case tied to found remains
  31. {FD} North Korea vs. the world: Tensions are rising
  32. {FD} Faith and millennials: Bringing them back into the fold
  33. {FD} Search on for 2 Arkansas children after mother found dead
  34. {FD} Macedonia protests: Demonstrators attack lawmakers, storm parliament after leadership vote
  35. {FD} Helicopter hits NC home, crashes; 2 hospitalized
  36. {FD} The Latest: California police say woman died helping friend
  37. {FD} Mother of Hawaii boy missing for 20 years released from jail
  38. {FD} From 0-100: Presidents’ first days come at varying speed
  39. {FD} Man gets probation in Ohio military base security breach
  40. {FD} Protesters attack Macedonian lawmakers after leadership vote
  41. {FD} Israel’s Patriot missile defense system knocks down drone from Syria
  42. {FD} University of Missouri sets new policies in wake of protests
  43. {FD} Ohio man arrested at airport for alleged attempt to join ISIS
  44. {FD} South Carolina murder suspect captured after woman found slain in ditch, sheriff says
  45. {FD} California landslide forces workers to get out fast
  46. {FD} Arkansas prepares for its fourth execution in eight days
  47. {FD} Ohio man detained at airport for trying to help ISIS, officials say
  48. {FD} Utah seven-year-old writes fake letter from school to get more video game time
  49. {FD} Gulf Arab royals meet in Saudi capital to unify Iran stance
  50. {FD} Physician who was dragged off flight settles with United
  51. {FD} North Carolina man accused of leaving child in car alone again, police say
  52. {FD} Portland rose parade canceled after ‘anti-fascist’ email threatens local Republican group
  53. {FD} Bank of America survey small business optimism surging
  54. {FD} Death toll rises to 2 as storms move across the Deep South
  55. {FD} Video shows 2-year-old girl being run over by two cars, surviving with minor bruises
  56. {FD} Trump repeats criticism of court that halted 1st travel ban
  57. {FD} Parents await answers after son shoots himself in police car
  58. {FD} FBI joins hunt for body of Hawaiian child missing for two decades
  59. {FD} Atlanta attorney indicted on murder charge in wife’s death
  60. {FD} Lost Nepal trekker found after 47 days; his girlfriend died after 44
  61. {FD} Georgia police beating: 1 of 2 wanted Gwinnett officers turns himself in
  62. {FD} Not-guilty plea for doc in Detroit genital mutilation case
  63. {FD} The Latest: Turkey releases official referendum results
  64. {FD} Missing Illinois girl, 1, found dead in ‘squatter’ home
  65. {FD} Analysis: Finally, crystal-clear clarity in French election
  66. {FD} DNA from dirt: Tracing ancient humans found in ’empty’ caves
  67. {FD} Venezuela crisis: Son of top Chavista official publically urges him to help stop bloodshed
  68. {FD} Turkey’s electoral board defends unstamped ballot decision
  69. {FD} Trump Hotel fires: No political motive to arson, police say
  70. {FD} ISIS sees more and more foreign fighters trying to escape
  71. {FD} US envoy accuses Russia of allowing Syria to deny needed aid
  72. {FD} Arizona boy saves younger sister from kidnapping attempt
  73. {FD} 600-year-old tree that witnessed history taken down
  74. {FD} Police in Scotland warn lawmakers over suspicious packages
  75. {FD} Cause of blaze that killed 6 children remains undetermined
  76. {FD} 7 Latin American nations request info on Brazil graft probe
  77. {FD} SC bus driver saves all students in under a minute after head-on crash
  78. {FD} The Latest: Police ambush killer back in court for sentence
  79. {FD} Man charged in Fresno rampage to undergo mental evaluation
  80. {FD} APNewsBreak: Witness says he lied about casino gang killing
  81. {FD} NATO chief acknowledges Italy for boosting defense spending
  82. {FD} 8 more Jamaican lottery scam suspects appear in US court
  83. {FD} Prosecutors say Ohio man planned to join Islamic State group
  84. {FD} Baby penguin chicks make debut at London Zoo
  85. {FD} Family sues after man kills himself outside mental hospital
  86. {FD} Kenya opposition alliance announces presidential candidate
  87. {FD} Murdered Delaware trooper served the force for nearly a decade
  88. {FD} APNewsBreak: Lincoln Hills psychologist dismissed
  89. {FD} Berlin police shoot man who threated officer
  90. {FD} Insurance agent pleads guilty in $8.2M promissory note scam
  91. {FD} Gridiron Grandpa: 70-year-old plays semi-pro football with his son
  92. {FD} Arkansas prepares to wrap up aggressive execution schedule
  93. {FD} Macedonian opposition head calls for end to deadlock
  94. {FD} Document filed for death penalty in Oklahoma deputy slaying
  95. {FD} Israel strikes arms depot near Syrian capital
  96. {FD} Belgium sorry it helped get Saudi Arabia on UN rights panel
  97. {FD} The Latest: EU on track to meet $3B commitment to Turkey
  98. {FD} CVS pharmacy tech charged with 20 counts of identity theft
  99. {FD} Cyprus police: Norwegian sought in daughter’s kidnapping
  100. {FD} Eric Frein trial: Pennsylvania trooper’s ambush killer sentenced to death
  101. {FD} SC firefighter sending for sending fake bomb-threat texts
  102. {FD} 2 US troops killed in eastern Afghanistan
  103. {FD} Louisiana elementary teachers charged with bullying student
  104. {FD} Cyprus crossing point toured by Greek, Turkish officials
  105. {FD} France: Explosion hit a McDonald’s in Grenoble
  106. {FD} UK: Secretive Muslim convert leaves homemade bomb in London subway
  107. {FD} North Carolina prison guard dies after inmate attack
  108. {FD} The Latest: Police expect clash with or without Ann Coulter
  109. {FD} UK: Muslim is arrested with a backpack filled with knives outside the Parliament
  110. {FD} Sri Lankan protest demands information on civil war missing
  111. {FD} 2 US Army soldiers killed fighting ISIS in Afghanistan
  112. {FD} Flynn was warned not to accept foreign payments in 2014
  113. {FD} Deutsche Bank executive says some 4,000 UK jobs could move
  114. {FD} Delaware standoff over: Trooper’s killer shot dead after barricading himself in home
  115. {FD} Uncle accused of chaining boy to weight pleads not guilty
  116. {FD} Terror suspect caught with knives outside UK Parliament
  117. {FD} Ex-Penn St officials to be sentenced in June over Sandusky
  118. {FD} Fewer people signed contracts to buy US homes in March
  119. {FD} Germany investigates reported slurs yelled at crash victim
  120. {FD} Amtrak accelerating Penn Station work, major rail delays expected
  121. {FD} Amtrak accelerating Penn Station work, rail delays expected
  122. {FD} Montenegro says Russia banned its wine over NATO accession
  123. {FD} UK police arrest man with ‘weapon’ near Parliament
  124. {FD} Moldova detains officials suspected of embezzling EU money
  125. {FD} NYPD starts body-camera program for dozens of police
  126. {FD} Albanian Parliament fails to elect president for 3rd time
  127. {FD} Save the Children asks for proof of NGO-smuggler collusion
  128. {FD} Police raid office of Khodorkovsky-backed charity in Moscow
  129. {FD} Bob Levinson’s wife asks Trump to make a deal with Iran to free her husband
  130. {FD} The Latest: Store where trooper was shot remains closed
  131. {FD} Palestinians strike in support of prisoners’ protest
  132. {FD} Inmate argues religious duty to deal heroin; appeal fails
  133. {FD} EU warns Poland: Stop widespread logging in primeval forest
  134. {FD} World Trade Center transportation hub escalator malfunctions, 2 hurt
  135. {FD} Oklahoma City-based Feed the Children names new president
  136. {FD} British teen admits planning London bomb attack
  137. {FD} Senior Vietnamese Communist Party official faces punishment
  138. {FD} Man faces life in prison for Indianapolis officer’s killing
  139. {FD} British man, wife detained on Turkish-Syrian border
  140. {FD} ISIS weapons being captured by Canadian woman working to disarm terrorists
  141. {FD} The Latest: Arkansas inmate hopes to avoid being 4th killed
  142. {FD} Montenegro set to approve NATO membership in historic move
  143. {FD} Bouchard: ‘Cheater’ Sharapova should be banned for life
  144. {FD} Putin hosts Japan’s Abe in Moscow, discuss disputed islands
  145. {FD} 2 officers shot on French island of Reunion; bomb materials found at Islamist suspect’s home
  146. {FD} Venezuela increasingly isolated as it announces withdrawal from OAS
  147. {FD} The Latest: Venezuela ombudsman’s son makes protest video
  148. {FD} US durable goods advance modest 0.7 percent in March
  149. {FD} German police probe ‘gun club’ members over far-right ties
  150. {FD} Kashmir civilian killed, 7 injured during anti-India protest
  151. {FD} Suspected Muslim insurgents in S. Thailand kill 4 soldiers
  152. {FD} The Latest: Russia navy ship sinks off Istanbul; all rescued
  153. {FD} Croatia PM wants ministers dismissed amid coalition dispute
  154. {FD} Spain offers to host EU medicines agency after Brexit
  155. {FD} 6 investigated for manslaughter in Italian hotel avalanche
  156. {FD} The Latest: US drone strike kills 7 in northwest Pakistan
  157. {FD} Russian navy ship collides with freighter near Istanbul
  158. {FD} Senegal court upholds life sentence for Chad ex-leader Habre
  159. {FD} German ex-Chancellor Kohl wins privacy violation lawsuit
  160. {FD} Strike ends at South African Airways after court ruling
  161. {FD} Berkeley violence still possible despite Coulter speech cancellation
  162. {FD} The Latest: European Central Bank keeps stimulus unchanged
  163. {FD} Report: 15 Russian soldiers missing after ship collision
  164. {FD} Duterte says he won’t raise sea feud win vs. China in summit
  165. {FD} Delaware trooper’s suspected killer surrounded in home hours after shooting
  166. {FD} Russia says naval reconnaissance ship damaged in Black Sea
  167. {FD} Search is on for man accused of shooting Georgia deputy
  168. {FD} A look at North Korea’s evolving brinkmanship
  169. {FD} UN rights expert to visit Panama after ‘Panama Papers’ leak
  170. {FD} ‘I cannot go back’: South Sudan refugee clan begins new life
  171. {FD} Sickly snake slithers into elementary school classroom
  172. {FD} Boris Johnson says UK likely to strike Syria if asked by US
  173. {FD} Europe’s top human rights body debates new Hungarian laws
  174. {FD} EU members stress unity heading into Brexit talks
  175. {FD} Germany: Turkey must answer reports of election fraud
  176. {FD} Angry Turkey protests Czech parliament’s genocide vote
  177. {FD} Reports: German soldier planning attack arrested
  178. {FD} UN says slight drop in war deaths, but more women among them
  179. {FD} European Central Bank says economy is ‘increasingly solid’
  180. {FD} Top euro officials eye May agreement on Greek loans
  181. {FD} Suspected radical Islamist wounds two officers on the French island of Reunion
  182. {FD} The Latest: Le Pen goes fishing for votes _ literally
  183. {FD} Abbas to stop funding electricity in Hamas-run Gaza: Israel
  184. {FD} 2 police wounded in shooting on French island of Reunion
  185. {FD} UNICEF urges Malaysia to ban corporal punishment in schools
  186. {FD} UAE’s first solar-powered gas station opens in Dubai
  187. {FD} 25 detained in southeast Turkey for links to US-based cleric
  188. {FD} Polish premier: no regrets about opposing Tusk re-election
  189. {FD} Hot Switch sales boost Nintendo sales, trim quarterly loss
  190. {FD} Trump to sign order creating accountability office at VA
  191. {FD} Suspect barricaded in home after Delaware officer killed
  192. {FD} France debates: did Le Pen or Macron win Whirlpool fight?
  193. {FD} The Latest: Merkel wants dialogue before Brexit negotiations
  194. {FD} Kia to invest $1.1 billion to build its first India factory
  195. {FD} China bans list of Islamic names in restive Xinjiang region
  196. {FD} Spain jobless rate at 18.8 in Q1, halting downward trend
  197. {FD} Pope faces balancing act in Egypt amid security fears
  198. {FD} French court refuses to extradite Kosovo ex-prime minister
  199. {FD} Merkel wants dialogue before Brexit negotiations
  200. {FD} Pentagon gets more flexibility on Iraq, Syria troops
  201. {FD} The Latest: Israeli minister says strike in line with policy
  202. {FD} North Korea threat: Top admiral calls on more missile interceptors in Hawaii
  203. {FD} Coulter’s Berkeley speech canceled, police prep for violence
  204. {FD} MORNING BRIEF: Top admiral calls for more interceptors in Hawaii over North Korea
  205. {FD} French tourist recovers in New Zealand after shark attack
  206. {FD} Militant group: Pakistani ISI using prisoner for propaganda
  207. {FD} Red Bull heir seeks another delay in alleged hit-and-run
  208. {FD} Egyptian artist paints church murals, unfazed by attacks
  209. {FD} Observers: Large explosion rocks Syrian capital
  210. {FD} MORNING BRIEF: Full Senate heads to rare classified meeting at White House on North Korea
  211. {FD} Train delays likely this summer over work at Penn Station
  212. {FD} Ohio man charged with kidnapping neighbor to be in court
  213. {FD} Rumors rife as gas restrictions in N. Korean capital drag on
  214. {FD} Suspected arsonist in custody after 2 fires in Trump Hotel
  215. {FD} Israel reportedly strikes arms depot near Syrian capital
  216. {FD} Mexico’s ruling party, others caught in old tricks
  217. {FD} Venezuelan unrest continues as Maduro decides to quit OAS
  218. {FD} Jefferson Muzzle ‘awards’ take aim at free-speech offenders
  219. {FD} US Navy helicopter crashes in Pacific near Guam
  220. {FD} Eric Frein trial: Jury sentences Pennsylvania trooper’s ambush killer to death
  221. {FD} 3 Indian soldiers, 2 suspected rebels killed in Kashmir
  222. {FD} Border wall talk leads top Mexican official to float American entry fee
  223. {FD} Miffed over border wall talk, top Mexican official floats American entry fee
  224. {FD} UAE sentences Iranian to 10 years for aiding nuclear program
  225. {FD} Trump gives Pentagon more flexibility on Iraq, Syria troops
  226. {FD} Paraguay congress axes measure for presidential re-election
  227. {FD} Australia warns gas companies they risk export restrictions
  228. {FD} South Korea’s economy grows at fastest pace in 3 quarters
  229. {FD} Dad reveals Hawaii site where he says he dumped dead son
  230. {FD} Samsung’s profit at 3-year high thanks to memory chips
  231. {FD} Deported Mexican migrants offered jobs _ in bullet-proofing
  232. {FD} The Latest: Fresno suspect may not be mentally competent
  233. {FD} IRS, postal inspectors raid Benny Hinn Ministries
  234. {FD} North Carolina DA says police justified in 2016 shooting
  235. {FD} Masked man with multiple guns arrested outside Dallas police station
  236. {FD} Georgia deputy shot, manhunt underway near outlet mall
  237. {FD} Rio slum residents bury teen, protest police-gang shootouts
  238. {FD} Suspect charged with 3 counts of murder in Fresno rampage
  239. {FD} Somali pirate gets life in prison for attack on US Navy ship
  240. {FD} Two Detroit-area doctors among three indicted in genital mutilation case
  241. {FD} The Latest: Venezuela says it’s renouncing membership in OAS
  242. {FD} Police: Woman accused of spraying teacher with lighter fluid
  243. {FD} Oklahoma AG says state moving forward with execution plans
  244. {FD} New York launches task force to combat MS-13 gang on Long Island after recent murders
  245. {FD} Adviser gets 5 years in prison for defrauding NFL players
  246. {FD} Georgia officers charged; police say video showed assault
  247. {FD} Delaware trooper shot outside Wawa dies; suspect surrounded in home
  248. {FD} The Latest: Delaware trooper shot at convenience store dies
  249. {FD} Lifesaving bark alerts woman to fire in Georgia
  250. {FD} Prominent powwow set to begin in wake of pipeline protests
  251. {FD} Colorado dogs found beheaded were hit by train, investigators say
  252. {FD} Hard-line Iranian candidate says US should fear Iran
  253. {FD} Morocco’s parliament approves new government after crisis
  254. {FD} The Latest: Man accused of holding woman to appear in court
  255. {FD} The Latest: Jury to weigh life, death for ambush killer
  256. {FD} NAFTA: Wisconsin dairy farmers’ uncertain fate escalates US-Canada trade war
  257. {FD} New Mexico man accused of shoving wife out of moving SUV
  258. {FD} Washington student accused of bringing gun to school, sparking panic
  259. {FD} Border Patrol names Carla Provost acting chief
  260. {FD} The Latest: No charges for officers who shot man 19 times
  261. {FD} Missouri 7-Eleven worker shoots would-be robber dead on her smoke break
  262. {FD} 15-year sentence for shooter at Black Lives Matter protest
  263. {FD} Wildfire on US refuge doubles in size in less than a week
  264. {FD} Delaware trooper shot: Police close in on suspect in Wawa store attack
  265. {FD} Arkansas judge pulled from death penalty cases seeks probe
  266. {FD} Georgia sets execution for man convicted of killing doctor
  267. {FD} Albania opposition threatens ‘civil disobedience’ in vote
  268. {FD} California woman raises thousands for Good Samaritan who returned $676 check
  269. {FD} Poland’s ruling party, main opposition force even in survey
  270. {FD} 97-year-old Pennsylvania man fulfills lifelong dream of becoming a firefighter
  271. {FD} The Latest: Ann Coulter tells AP ‘Berkeley canceled’
  272. {FD} Lawsuits: Missouri jail stunk like a sewer
  273. {FD} Pope warns the powerful in surprise TED talk
  274. {FD} Belarus march against nuclear power on Chernobyl anniversary
  275. {FD} Tensions rise after Turkish attack on Syrian Kurds
  276. {FD} P&G shares slip as its quarterly revenue falls short
  277. {FD} Oil companies in Venezuela pull more expat employees as unrest escalates
  278. {FD} Ann Coulter cancels Berkeley event amid protests, says decision ‘a dark day for free speech in America’
  279. {FD} Cyprus activists protest Turkey’s planned nuclear plant
  280. {FD} Russia bans Khodorkovsky’s ‘Open Russia’ group
  281. {FD} The Latest: Delaware trooper shot, gunman got away
  282. {FD} German court upholds Greek teacher’s case against pay cut
  283. {FD} Doctors indicted in Detroit-area genital mutilation probe
  284. {FD} Chicago Archdiocese to settle priest abuse suits for $4.45M
  285. {FD} Ohio cocaine oops: Suspect drops bag of drugs in court
  286. {FD} Delaware trooper hospitalized, was shot at convenience store
  287. {FD} Minnesota woman gets probation for supporting al-Shabab
  288. {FD} THAAD anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea nearly set
  289. {FD} Those caught up in 1992 LA riot reflect on causes, changes
  290. {FD} Watch store owner foils robbers by pulling out gun
  291. {FD} Ann Coulter cancels Berkeley event amid protests
  292. {FD} The Latest: Iowa man “mourning” after death of giant rabbit
  293. {FD} Ex-Iowa fire academy manager pleads guilty in test scandal
  294. {FD} Police ask ‘letgo’ to help find killer of phone-seeking teen
  295. {FD} Hamas in Gaza says it won’t be cowed by Abbas’ threats
  296. {FD} Colorado police officer takes care of baby found in stolen car
  297. {FD} Indigenous protesters in Brazil shoot arrows at police in response to tear gas
  298. {FD} SD man arrested after running into burning building twice to ‘save’ his beer
  299. {FD} Trump pick for CIA’s top lawyer weighs in on interrogations
  300. {FD} Police: Captive woman found in pit in Ohio man’s shed
  301. {FD} Dye for mulch leaks from trailer, turning creek bright red
  302. {FD} Testimony ends in penalty phase of police ambush killer
  303. {FD} North Korea’s soldiers: A closer look the military’s ‘fake’ capabilities
  304. {FD} 20 more deaths in volatile central Congo, UN mission says
  305. {FD} New South Sudan fighting displaces 25,000 people
  306. {FD} ‘I’ll be praying for you:’ Americans assess Trump’s 100 days
  307. {FD} Dozens of snakes dumped in Arkansas Walmart parking lot
  308. {FD} Excavator gets stuck trying to remove bulldozer from Lake Michigan
  309. {FD} UK will be ‘wiped off the face of the earth’ if it uses nuclear weapons, Russian senator warns
  310. {FD} St. Louis home destroyed in explosion
  311. {FD} Crews back at church to remove beloved 600-year-old tree
  312. {FD} Louisville officer spotted on video helping rescue 2 from burning car
  313. {FD} Hanging at St. Louis lockup went undiscovered for hours
  314. {FD} French state faulted in case of girl who went to Syria
  315. {FD} UK leader meeting top EU officials for Brexit working dinner
  316. {FD} Winds hinder fight against southern Arizona’s Sawmill Fire
  317. {FD} Badgers nearly cut off UK town from the outside world
  318. {FD} Trekker missing for 47 days rescued in Nepal, friend dead
  319. {FD} Prosecutors: Inmates distributed child porn inside prison
  320. {FD} Ousted Maltese knight returns in defiance of pope’s wishes
  321. {FD} Madeleine McCann: Investigators pursuing ‘significant’ lead
  322. {FD} US colleges confront a new era of sometimes-violent protest
  323. {FD} Turkey arrests more than 1,000 ‘secret imams’ in police purge
  324. {FD} Montenegro opposition vows to freeze NATO membership
  325. {FD} 1 person dies in Kenya’s primary elections
  326. {FD} WFP says food shipment blocked by Burundi has turned back
  327. {FD} Migrants who allegedly raped woman on Facebook Live jailed for two years
  328. {FD} Lawmakers say Briton killed in drone strike was threat to UK
  329. {FD} Berkeley College Republicans explain lawsuit against university over Coulter
  330. {FD} Officer charged with punching casino bathroom attendant
  331. {FD} Report: 7 wounded in Istanbul explosion inside van
  332. {FD} Illegal immigrant denies any ties with husband’s alleged drug-smuggling ring
  333. {FD} Saudis thwart attempted attack on oil facility near Yemen
  334. {FD} The Latest: Germany criticizes mass detentions in Turkey
  335. {FD} The Latest: France’s Le Pen upstages rival Macron at factory
  336. {FD} Canadian firefighters rescue woman from crane in Toronto
  337. {FD} Kidnapped Ohio woman found trapped in backyard pit, police say
  338. {FD} Pope warns powerful to act humbly or risk ruin in TED talk
  339. {FD} Japan PM to visit Russia, Britain amid North Korean tension
  340. {FD} Iraqi forces say they’ve seized Hatra antiquities site
  341. {FD} EU expresses hope of Greek bailout cash payment soon
  342. {FD} South Korea: New components of THAAD missile defense system installed
  343. {FD} Student accused of planting bomb on London Tube train
  344. {FD} Thai taxi driver arrested for alleged rape of Brazilian
  345. {FD} Man in hospital beating video says he knew it would happen
  346. {FD} 6 inmates dead in Venezuela prison violence
  347. {FD} Turkish opposition to challenge referendum at European court
  348. {FD} China bans Muslim names including ‘Jihad,’ ‘Mohammad’
  349. {FD} 10 years later, UK police still pursuing missing girl case
  350. {FD} IS group, Taliban clash in Afghanistan, dozens killed
  351. {FD} US test-fires ICBM traveling 4,000 miles to South Pacific
  352. {FD} Fiat Chrysler profit up more than a third as Europe improves
  353. {FD} Merkel spokesman backs German FM in spat over Israel visit
  354. {FD} Rights group: Israel grants permit after earlier rejection
  355. {FD} Russia says it thwarted terror attack, arrested 2 suspects
  356. {FD} EU says up to Turkey to clarify stance on membership talks
  357. {FD} Italy prepares bridge loan to keep Alitalia flying
  358. {FD} Man convicted in 2010 killing of off-duty Chicago officer
  359. {FD} Saudi council rejects proposal for female sports colleges
  360. {FD} Officials: Egypt tribesmen burned militant alive in Sinai
  361. {FD} The Latest: China, Japan urge N. Korea to avoid provocations
  362. {FD} 2 sharks tracked in South Carolina
  363. {FD} Hungary premier dismisses university fear as EU takes action
  364. {FD} EU launches talks to defend work, living conditions
  365. {FD} The Latest: More than 700,000 granted asylum in EU in 2016
  366. {FD} Anti-Brexit entrepreneur launches tactical voting campaign
  367. {FD} Germany raises 2017 growth forecast to 1.5 percent
  368. {FD} Israel’s ex-defense minister says he’ll challenge government
  369. {FD} South African court rules against nuclear deal
  370. {FD} Ticks invade police station in Poland, biting 27 officers
  371. {FD} China launches first domestically-made aircraft carrier
  372. {FD} AP Photos: Chernobyl’s ghost town draws daring visitors
  373. {FD} Le Pen upstages Macron in battle for blue-collar votes
  374. {FD} United investigates report that rabbit died on flight
  375. {FD} French official says gas used in Syria attack bears chemical ‘signature’ of Assad regime
  376. {FD} Libya asks EU for motorboats, helicopters to patrol coast
  377. {FD} Berlin subway attack suspect charged, faces up to 10 years
  378. {FD} Strike forces South African Airways to cancel some flights
  379. {FD} Deadly ambush raises fears of rebel resurgence in India
  380. {FD} 3 government troops killed in eastern Ukraine
  381. {FD} Sharapova returns to tennis after 15-month doping ban
  382. {FD} The Latest: France links sarin gas used in Syria to regime
  383. {FD} AP Explains: Why China’s new aircraft carrier is significant
  384. {FD} Hong Kong arrests 2 disqualified lawmakers over oath fracas
  385. {FD} Romania: hundreds of taxis, buses protest against Uber
  386. {FD} Air Force launches unarmed missile for test in California
  387. {FD} 2nd suspect in Stockholm truck attack released
  388. {FD} US sets up missile defense in S. Korea as North shows power
  389. {FD} Russia says US airstrike on Syria damages peace process
  390. {FD} 10 arrested in probe of Paris attacks
  391. {FD} Lawmakers: Former Trump aide Flynn may have broken US law
  392. {FD} In Kashmir, brutality of videos deepen anger against India
  393. {FD} California dad of missing 5-year-old boy released from jail
  394. {FD} Witness: Durst victim said he may kill her years earlier
  395. {FD} Some high plains farmers struggling after fires, drought
  396. {FD} Judge cites Trump’s comment in ‘sanctuary city’ ruling
  397. {FD} Napolitano’s UC hid $175 million while demanding money, audit says
  398. {FD} Turkey: hundreds more detained over suspected links to Gulen
  399. {FD} Daimler profits double on sales of Mercedes E-class, SUVs
  400. {FD} Who speaks for Islam and reform? Debate heats up in Egypt
  401. {FD} US Navy fires warning flare at Iran vessel in Persian Gulf
  402. {FD} Credit Suisse to raise $4B in share issue as 1Q reaps profit
  403. {FD} Iran confirms rejecting appeal by held British-Iranian woman
  404. {FD} China talking with European Space Agency about moon outpost
  405. {FD} North Korea threat: Experts paint dark picture of what fallout of pre-emptive strike may look like
  406. {FD} Hyundai Motor reports 21 percent drop in 1Q profit
  407. {FD} S. Korean presidential hopeful accused of anti-gay comments
  408. {FD} APNewsBreak: Little change on race in Boston police stops
  409. {FD} China’s rare milu deer return in victory for conservation
  410. {FD} Cuba weathers storm in Venezuela but future looks uncertain
  411. {FD} Venezuela threatens to exit OAS as pressure on Maduro mounts
  412. {FD} Japan minister resigns over remark about 2011 tsunami
  413. {FD} Air China resumes booking flights to North Korea
  414. {FD} Watchdog says ASEAN must stand vs. killings in Philippines
  415. {FD} The Latest: San Diego school official sees Muslim bullying
  416. {FD} The Latest: Venezuela threatens to withdraw from OAS
  417. {FD} Lawmakers: Faith-based adoption groups can spurn gay couples
  418. {FD} ‘The Five’ on Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley: Riots ‘a step toward chaos and anarchy’
  419. {FD} Victim told friend if she was harmed that Durst ‘did it’
  420. {FD} Trump to order review of national monuments
  421. {FD} Illinois teen dies after being punched at party
  422. {FD} Navy destroyer has close encounter with Iran vessel in Persian Gulf
  423. {FD} Tourist hit by hammock blown off building in New York City
  424. {FD} S. Korea installs parts of contentious US missile defense
  425. {FD} The Latest: Friend says victim foretold of harm from Durst
  426. {FD} The Latest: No evidence missing boy was at California lake
  427. {FD} Rio slum dwellers protest deadly gang, police gunbattles
  428. {FD} Navy destroyer has close encounter with Iranian vessel in Persian Gulf
  429. {FD} North Carolina flooding: Body found in swollen river, road closures reported
  430. {FD} Arizona man convicted of killing best friend, woman, 4 kids
  431. {FD} The Latest: Arizona man guilty of killing 2 adults, 4 kids
  432. {FD} New issue in executions: Should the death chamber be silent?
  433. {FD} Zookeeper recovering from burns, saved rhino from wildfire
  434. {FD} The Latest: Workers body near bridge after heavy rains
  435. {FD} Last words haunt surviving teen’s sentencing in fatal fire
  436. {FD} Baltimore tops 100 homicides so far in 2017
  437. {FD} Legal battles brewing over ex-NFL star’s estate
  438. {FD} Tamir Rice lawyer releases videos ahead of officer hearings
  439. {FD} NRA affiliate sues California over gun-control laws that ‘demonize’ firearm owners
  440. {FD} Oregon town for sale
  441. {FD} Former federal officer pleads guilty to killing 2 strangers
  442. {FD} Philadelphia Dunkin’ Donuts robber spotted stretching beforehand
  443. {FD} US service member in Hawaii helps save family swept into ocean
  444. {FD} Texas advocates push longshot pot bills with veterans, moms
  445. {FD} Chinese court sentences US businesswoman accused of spying
  446. {FD} Officer who found boy’s body testifies at dad’s murder trial
  447. {FD} Puerto Rico doctor among 4 accused in prison contraband case
  448. {FD} Brazil police shoot tear gas at Indians, who throw spears
  449. {FD} Authorities: Veteran tied dog to tree and shot it 5 times
  450. {FD} Japan has only 10 minutes to take cover after North Korean missile launch, officials say
  451. {FD} Griffith Park: Deadly Los Angeles car wreck snarls Interstate 5
  452. {FD} Bond set for man accused of threats at anti-Islam event
  453. {FD} Georgia pastor gets 35 years in prison for child molestation
  454. {FD} Louisiana gator handcuffed after trespassing
  455. {FD} Juice floods Russian town after factory roof collapses
  456. {FD} Lawsuit sparks debate on West Virginia public school bible classes
  457. {FD} 2 gang members sentenced for deaths of prosecution witnesses
  458. {FD} Wisconsin fugitive Joseph Jakubowski pleads not guilty to federal charges
  459. {FD} Venezuelan authorities rely on arbitrary arrests, jailing, to silence critics, says Amnesty International
  460. {FD} US criticizes Turkey for striking Kurds in Iraq, Syria
  461. {FD} Thousands protest 1 year after night demolition in Belgrade
  462. {FD} Methodist court takes up challenge to election of gay bishop
  463. {FD} Wild monkeys spotted outside Orlando
  464. {FD} The Latest: Police ambush killer laughed about selling story
  465. {FD} Hook-handed Atlanta man eyed in package thefts
  466. {FD} Scottish politician wants to bring back the guillotine
  467. {FD} Storms soak North Carolina and threaten river flooding
  468. {FD} Official: White House to name new Secret Service director
  469. {FD} Florida deputies save suspected home invader named ‘gold teeth’ from burning vehicle after chase
  470. {FD} Mom left baby in hot car while paying fine at Florida courthouse, cops say
  471. {FD} Idaho: Bones found in badger hole are remains of 2 children
  472. {FD} WTO ruling favors Mexico in US ‘dolphin-safe’ tuna spat
  473. {FD} Netanyahu cancels meeting with German diplomat in rare feud with ally
  474. {FD} Coast Guard: Fewer Cuban rafts trying to reach US soil
  475. {FD} The Latest: Panel says keep Oklahoma execution moratorium
  476. {FD} Deputies search lake for missing California boy
  477. {FD} SWAT team raids wrong person’s home in case of mistaken identity
  478. {FD} US urges new sanctions against South Sudan, Russia says ‘no’
  479. {FD} Court awards 3M euros to Hungary church stripped of status
  480. {FD} Venezuela chief prosecutor denounces violence as deaths rise
  481. {FD} Austrian police arrest 2 people suspected of terror links
  482. {FD} Venezuela investigates shooting of Caracas police chief, death toll at 26
  483. {FD} Turkish jets bomb US-backed forces in Iraq, Syria, US officials say
  484. {FD} Retired NYPD cops, ex-prosecutor caught in corruption scandal
  485. {FD} Panel to release detailed report on Oklahoma’s death penalty
  486. {FD} The Latest: Sentencing of teen for fatal fire still pending
  487. {FD} Owner of gay nightclub hit by mass shooting plans memorial
  488. {FD} Suicide bomber kills 4 tribesmen in Egypt’s Sinai
  489. {FD} Driver fatally shot after police pursuit around LA County
  490. {FD} UN rights expert urges Swiss not to extradite Basque woman
  491. {FD} Tanzania expels country head of UN Development Program
  492. {FD} Philippine leader Duterte vows to ‘eat’ ISIS members alive
  493. {FD} Brazil police arrest 9 men suspected of stealing millions
  494. {FD} Anti-Semitism group says 10 tombstones smashed in Romania
  495. {FD} Former Trump aide Flynn may have broken law, lawmakers say
  496. {FD} Baltimore has already suffered more than 100 murders in 2017
  497. {FD} Woman gets prison in death of man with maggot-filled wound
  498. {FD} Connecticut doctor killed, son hurt in small plane crash
  499. {FD} A look at the conflict in Yemen as donors pledge $1B in aid
  500. {FD} Is attacking Trump the ticket? Democrats are trying it out
  501. {FD} Canadian leader responds to lumber tariffs imposed by the US
  502. {FD} Growing wildfire in Okefenokee refuge exceeds 90 sq. miles
  503. {FD} Egypt steps up security ahead of pope’s visit
  504. {FD} Germany sees spike in immigrant criminals
  505. {FD} Germany’s Merkel to face challenger Schulz in Sept. 3 debate
  506. {FD} Police ambush killer won’t take stand in bid to spare life
  507. {FD} 101-year-old woman wins gold in 100-meter sprint
  508. {FD} 15 charged in South Dakota ‘chop shop’ for eagles, officials say
  509. {FD} Terror in Brussels: Cops arrest eight suspected ISIS militants with links to bombings that killed 32
  510. {FD} US F-35 stealth fighters arrive in Estonia for NATO drills
  511. {FD} California toddler allegedly kidnapped by ‘dangerous’ father
  512. {FD} Tennessee Amber Alert: Teacher planned to take girl to Mexico, documents show
  513. {FD} UAE serviceman killed on duty in domestic mission
  514. {FD} ASEAN leaders likely to go soft on sea feud in Manila summit
  515. {FD} Australian girl, 8, survives car crash that killed her mother and siblings
  516. {FD} Air Force F-35s deployed to Russia’s doorstep in Estonia
  517. {FD} 100 roosters found at California cockfighting ring bust
  518. {FD} Europe lawmakers mediate in Albania’s politics
  519. {FD} Fla. principal transferred after racially insensitive email
  520. {FD} Wild monkey spotted in Florida suburb
  521. {FD} Thai husband kills baby, self on Facebook Live
  522. {FD} Slovenian leader wants talks on EU systematic border checks
  523. {FD} Four teenagers killed in Georgia car crash
  524. {FD} US consumer confidence dips in April but remains strong
  525. {FD} JetBlue’s profit sinks 59 percent as fuel costs rise
  526. {FD} Fracking isn’t contaminating groundwater, study finds
  527. {FD} Russia rereleases reports of NGOs linked to PM
  528. {FD} US new-home sales climb to 8-month high in March
  529. {FD} Suspect in sex assault of 9-year-old girl had been deported to Mexico
  530. {FD} US home prices rose at the fastest pace in nearly 3 years
  531. {FD} Emirates CEO says US laptop carry-on ban still puzzles him
  532. {FD} Truck carrying radioactive material stolen in Mexico, 9 states on high alert
  533. {FD} Lawmaker in Hungary’s ruling party indicted for corruption
  534. {FD} South African suspect in ax murders is taken to crime scene
  535. {FD} LVMH to consolidate hold on Dior in multibillion-euro deal
  536. {FD} Alitalia faces bankruptcy after employees vote down plan
  537. {FD} North Korea reportedly holds live-fire drill as US nuclear-powered sub approaches
  538. {FD} Amber Alert for 1-year-old allegedly kidnapped by ‘dangerous’ father
  539. {FD} Cremation of Thailand’s late king to be held on Oct. 26
  540. {FD} Starbucks unveils ‘Military Family Stores,’ serving up jobs to American vets
  541. {FD} Many condominiums for sale, rent at Chicago’s Trump Tower
  542. {FD} Partner of cop who shot Rice ‘I didn’t know it was a kid’
  543. {FD} Fitbit logs wife’s steps after husband says she died, police say
  544. {FD} California kids get no homework amid teachers union pay fight
  545. {FD} Russia steps in after Ukraine cuts power to rebel-held east
  546. {FD} Greece rejects new Turkish extradition bid for servicemen
  547. {FD} MMA fight pits 12-year-old against woman twice her age
  548. {FD} Ranchers fight Pelosi’s charge of ‘immoral’ border wall
  549. {FD} 12-year-old to make MMA debut against woman twice her age
  550. {FD} Nastase will be the ‘bad boy’ if he says more about Williams
  551. {FD} Prosecutor: No water for week led to jail dehydration death
  552. {FD} The Latest: Ivanka Trump at women’s event to ‘listen, learn’
  553. {FD} The Latest: France’s Marine Le Pen gets criticism from dad
  554. {FD} Council of Europe assembly wants to monitor Turkey again
  555. {FD} Police: Wife’s Fitbit logs steps after husband says she died
  556. {FD} Pope pays to rent beach space for disabled youths
  557. {FD} Thai gov’t approves purchase of $393M submarine from China
  558. {FD} Pope tells Egypt ahead of visit he comes as peace messenger
  559. {FD} Hungary’s prime minister to face critics at EU parliament
  560. {FD} Rare leatherback sea turtles wash up dead in South Carolina
  561. {FD} A look at Nepal’s progress in earthquake recovery
  562. {FD} Nepal makes scant progress in rebuilding 2 years after quake
  563. {FD} Turkish high court rejects opposition bid appeal referendum
  564. {FD} 17 women dead as fishing boat capsizes in central Senegal
  565. {FD} EU auditors say migrant centers in Greece, Italy overwhelmed
  566. {FD} Ivanka Trump in Berlin to talk women’s economic empowerment
  567. {FD} California: Teens rush Oakland regional train, rob riders
  568. {FD} Fears of military-grade weapons in wrong hands amid Venezuela unrest
  569. {FD} France honors police officer killed in Champs-Elysees attack
  570. {FD} Killings suspect won’t be allowed to go to mother’s funeral
  571. {FD} Specialists explain rising importance of North Korea holiday
  572. {FD} South Africa rioters kill truckload of newly hatched chicks
  573. {FD} Spain: Police arrest 8 suspected of ties to Brussels attacks
  574. {FD} Eurozone deficit down at lowest level since early 2008
  575. {FD} Trump asked to work for release of 2 jailed by Iran
  576. {FD} France’s Le Pen says the people revolting against the elite
  577. {FD} Researcher of Armenian Genocide Uncovers Lost Evidence of Muslim Extermination of Christians
  578. {FD} UK’s Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election
  579. {FD} Smugglers become a lifeline for the starving in South Sudan
  580. {FD} Iraqi troops capture largest neighborhood in western Mosul
  581. {FD} Philippines: Malaysian, 3 Indonesians among slain militants
  582. {FD} After 26 years, last ‘cocaine cowboy’ back in Miami court
  583. {FD} San Diego schools launches effort against Islamophobia
  584. {FD} German FM: Netanyahu cancelation would be regrettable
  585. {FD} North Korea reportedly conducts massive live-fire drill amid tensions
  586. {FD} Toddler dies after car window closes on his neck
  587. {FD} United Airlines flight reportedly makes emergency landing after engine issue
  588. {FD} Volunteers look to accompany immigrants in U.S. courts
  589. {FD} Official: Taliban kill 8 policemen in northern province
  590. {FD} Police say small-plane crash killed man, injured his son
  591. {FD} ECB unlikely to signal stimulus end, despite French optimism
  592. {FD} UN hosts aid-pledging conference for beleaguered Yemen
  593. {FD} Arkansas executes 2 inmates on the same gurney, hours apart
  594. {FD} North Korea celebrates as South Korea, US keep watch
  595. {FD} Three dead in gang-related Georgia shooting
  596. {FD} Turkey hits Kurdish areas in Iraq’s Sinjar, northeast Syria
  597. {FD} Official: Roadside bomb kills 9 people in northwest Pakistan
  598. {FD} The Latest: S. Korea says pressure on North will be maximum
  599. {FD} MORNING BRIEF: Caitlyn Jenner tells Tucker Carlson Trump ‘kind of disappointed me’
  600. {FD} 27 people killed in bus-trailer truck collision in Kenya
  601. {FD} San Diego schools criticized for effort against Islamophobia
  602. {FD} Gallipoli dead remembered on 102nd anniversary of WWI battle
  603. {FD} Man charged with abuse after allegedly locking 2 children in trash container
  604. {FD} Volunteers accompany US immigrants to court to allay fears
  605. {FD} Black man files civil rights lawsuit against California officer
  606. {FD} Brazil corruption scandal is business as usual for Odebrecht
  607. {FD} Arkansas executes two inmates in one night, first state to do so since 2000
  608. {FD} China won’t let its construction crews work in West Bank
  609. {FD} North Korea quiet amid expectation of missile follow-up
  610. {FD} The Latest: US, Japan, S. Korea envoys discuss N. Korea
  611. {FD} Arkansas executes one inmate, second in limbo after judge’s order
  612. {FD} Man who shot at car in downtown Los Angeles surrenders
  613. {FD} Germany: Christian Priest Pelted With Stones By Muslim Children Shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar’
  614. {FD} India: Muslim Eats A 7-Yr Old Child He Beheaded
  615. {FD} Converting coal would help China’s smog at climate’s expense
  616. {FD} Woman found shot execution-style in Oregon was from Russia
  617. {FD} Pence thanks US military members during stop in Hawaii
  618. {FD} Maryland police identify driver involved in shooting
  619. {FD} Federal officials charge 15 for eagle trafficking
  620. {FD} Athletic Director says complaints led to Iowa coach’s firing
  621. {FD} Mexico says vehicle carrying radioactive material stolen
  622. {FD} In Mexico, fears a new plant will kill wastewater farming
  623. {FD} Powerful 7.1 quake shakes central Chile; no damage reported
  624. {FD} Unisys’ adjusted earnings top estimates, stock surges
  625. {FD} North Korea tensions: USS Michigan submarine to enter South Korean port
  626. {FD} Bay Area Rapid Transit: Dozens of Oakland teens reportedly storm train, rob riders
  627. {FD} David Ortiz to address grads at Rhode Island tech university
  628. {FD} Ann Coulter’s backers at UC Berkeley file lawsuit
  629. {FD} Swedish midwife to take abortion beliefs fight to higher European Court
  630. {FD} Man admits role in woman’s death, to testify against friend
  631. {FD} The Latest: Man beaten while jaywalking says it’s a blur
  632. {FD} Prominent tax protester convicted of federal charges
  633. {FD} UK: Police hunt man after girl, 12, sexually assaulted at swimming pool
  634. {FD} Cameroon sentences RFI journalist to 10 years in prison
  635. {FD} Netanyahu gives German FM ‘ultimatum’ over meeting with NGOs
  636. {FD} Croatian police prevent nationalists from disrupting play
  637. {FD} Indian Woman Is Sold Into Slavery In Saudi Arabia For $4,000
  638. {FD} Germany: Muslim migrant criminal suspects soared by more than 50% in 2016
  639. {FD} Israeli president: Le Pen’s Holocaust denial ‘disturbing’
  640. {FD} Attorneys general: Restore guidance to aid student borrowers
  641. {FD} Washington home intruder watching women sleep in their beds, police warn
  642. {FD} Dallas office shooting: Man fatally shoots boss before killing himself
  643. {FD} UK: Toddler Madeleine McCann abducted by people traffickers to be sold to Muslims, says ex-Met detective
  644. {FD} Murder trial in Ohio firefighter’s death to stay in Hamilton
  645. {FD} Armenians commemorate start of massacre by Ottoman Turks
  646. {FD} Official: ‘Silver lining’ in hacker, foreign nation alliance
  647. {FD} Amid global donor fatigue, UN asks new billions for famine relief
  648. {FD} New Mexico woman, 62, killed by her own car
  649. {FD} Marine Le Pen’s France – Documentary
  650. {FD} NH treats overdoses as crime scenes, targets drug dealers
  651. {FD} Budapest protesters see growing Russian sway over Hungary
  652. {FD} Bundy Ranch trials: 2 convicted, mistrial declared for 4 others
  653. {FD} Texas police officer called to noise complaint teaches children how to salsa at party
  654. {FD} Georgia teens who killed grandparents planned on killing more, police say
  655. {FD} Marine Le Pen steps down as head of France’s National Front party
  656. {FD} Macron gains backing of French political establishment fearful of Le Pen
  657. {FD} Venezuelans shut down roads and highways as protests enter 4th week
  658. {FD} Paraguay: armed robbers use explosives to break into vault
  659. {FD} The Latest: Police ambush killer’s father says he failed son
  660. {FD} Washington boy, 12, donates shoes for his birthday
  661. {FD} Holocaust records project launched at FDR Library and Museum
  662. {FD} Hollywood adulation of Venezuela’s socialist government proven wrong — again
  663. {FD} Wolf pup born in Missouri offers hope for endangered breed
  664. {FD} No charges for Colorado Marine vet with brain injury in burglary case
  665. {FD} Man punched repeatedly by Sacramento officer files lawsuit
  666. {FD} Lesbian Methodist bishop faces challenge to her election
  667. {FD} Man accused of trafficking minors for sex to help make bail
  668. {FD} The Latest: Police: Building safe after active shooter alert
  669. {FD} Egypt’s tourism officials insist popular sites are safe
  670. {FD} Dallas office shooting: Man reportedly targets boss before killing himself
  671. {FD} Mother, son, his child found dead in apparent murder-suicide
  672. {FD} International court unseals warrant against Libyan suspect
  673. {FD} Birds, equipment issues caused B-52 bomber crash in Guam
  674. {FD} Judge: No competency hearing for killer who refuses to talk
  675. {FD} Man held after 2 Alabama children found in trash container
  676. {FD} France presidential election: Candidates’ families play roles in success
  677. {FD} Aaron Hernandez death: Family to get his suicide notes
  678. {FD} Trial begins in 2014 deaths of 2 Ohio firefighters
  679. {FD} Man pleads no contest to arson in 2014 Los Angeles inferno
  680. {FD} Hasbro heads for the loo and business booms
  681. {FD} Queens home where 5 died in fire didn’t have smoke detectors
  682. {FD} Adorable father-son dance duo release videos to inspire dads
  683. {FD} Macron vs. Le Pen: Opposing styles and visions for France
  684. {FD} Dashcam video captures Arkansas 4-year-old’s fall from bus
  685. {FD} London marathoner thanks runner who helped him finish race
  686. {FD} France’s steely Le Pen gets far-right in presidential runoff
  687. {FD} UK police seize Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren for racing
  688. {FD} Researchers find unique US Declaration of Independence copy
  689. {FD} Supreme Court won’t hear condemned Alabama inmate’s case
  690. {FD} Bail set for California dad found passed out at park; 5-year-old son missing
  691. {FD} Accused South Carolina serial killer denied permission to go to mom’s funeral
  692. {FD} Germany charges Afghan teen with Taliban membership
  693. {FD} Analysis: A Le Pen wins more acceptance than ever in France
  694. {FD} Untested, undefinable Macron nears pinnacle of French power
  695. {FD} New York Times scraps ‘female genital mutilation’ for being ‘culturally loaded’ term
  696. {FD} Luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo goes up for sale
  697. {FD} Albania grants citizenship to Kosovo’s ex-premier Haradinaj
  698. {FD} Two people reportedly shot at Dallas office building
  699. {FD} Dallas police responding to possible active shooter
  700. {FD} Nigeria shows off new air assets for Boko Haram fight
  701. {FD} Forestry official: National refuge fire could burn 6 months
  702. {FD} Army of 60 robbers gets away with spectacular heist in Paraguay
  703. {FD} Massachusetts boy, 9, in critical condition after being hit by line drive
  704. {FD} United Nations elects Saudi Arabia to Women’s Rights Commission
  705. {FD} Body of missing jet skier recovered after crash on Arizona lake
  706. {FD} Diplomats representing ancient civilizations meet in Athens
  707. {FD} The Latest: Syrian activists say airstrike kills 8
  708. {FD} Holocaust Remembrance Day: Thousands at Auschwitz for yearly memorial event
  709. {FD} Arkansas prepares for first double execution in US since 2000
  710. {FD} Congo government: UN experts’ murders filmed on cell phone
  711. {FD} Off-duty Tennessee police officer robbed, shoots at suspects, cops say
  712. {FD} Ohio boy, 10, sets fire inside store, causes $200G worth of damage, cops say
  713. {FD} 4 security guards killed in suicide bombing in eastern Afghanistan
  714. {FD} US citizens held in North Korea see diminished hope of freedom amid rising tensions
  715. {FD} Alitalia workers wrap up voting on deal to save airline
  716. {FD} County commissioner arrested on assault charge in Memphis
  717. {FD} US Holocaust Memorial Museum dedicates conservation center in Maryland
  718. {FD} Official: 3-year-old died after car window closed on neck
  719. {FD} NY troopers help woman give birth in vehicle on Thruway
  720. {FD} Texas officer shares story behind viral hopscotch video with girl
  721. {FD} Angola plans Aug. 23 vote, signaling end to dos Santos rule
  722. {FD} Colorado woman’s 2 pit bulls reportedly found beheaded
  723. {FD} Philippine troops kill militants, seize jungle camp in south
  724. {FD} Utah woman drowns after rescuing her 2 dogs
  725. {FD} French presidential election: Leftist protesters grow violent after results come in
  726. {FD} Putin criticizes opponents’ corruption fight in Russia
  727. {FD} UKIP seeks ban on face-covering veils, new Muslim schools
  728. {FD} Serbia customs officers among 17 arrested in corruption case
  729. {FD} The Latest: Crews start taking down 600-year-old tree
  730. {FD} European nations not returning Jewish properties taken during Holocaust era
  731. {FD} California police search for 5-year-old boy; father arrested
  732. {FD} French presidential election: Candidates’ families play roles in success
  733. {FD} Sweden police arrest 2nd suspect in Stockholm truck attack
  734. {FD} High court won’t hear appeal over CIA torture report
  735. {FD} 1 killed, many hurt in grenade explosion at school in Russia
  736. {FD} New Orleans takes down prominent Confederate monument
  737. {FD} Venezuela’s unrest claims 21st victim as new protests loom
  738. {FD} French analyst probed over Erdogan “assassination” comments
  739. {FD} Russian FM: No proof for reports on persecution of gay men
  740. {FD} EU Commission throws weight behind Macron in French election
  741. {FD} Man charged in South Carolina deaths faces another lawsuit
  742. {FD} Romanian political leader loses bid to get sentence quashed
  743. {FD} End of the line: Crews set to take down 600-year-old tree
  744. {FD} Burka ban, stopping female genital mutilation proposed by Britain’s UKIP
  745. {FD} The Latest: Migrant boat sinks in Aegean Sea, 16 dead
  746. {FD} Emirati in Islamic State group gets 10-year prison sentence
  747. {FD} Bavarian leader Seehofer reverses course, seeks new term
  748. {FD} Dubai state-backed DAE buys aircraft leasing firm AWAS
  749. {FD} Haley won’t rule out strike vs North Korea for nuke testing
  750. {FD} German FM says Russia’s help key to reaching Syria truce
  751. {FD} Maoist rebels kill 11 Indian paramilitary soldiers
  752. {FD} Egypt sentences 20 to death in police killings
  753. {FD} Pakistan army pledges transparency in PM Sharif fraud probe
  754. {FD} Police find 3 people shot to death inside home in Savannah
  755. {FD} Swedish police arrest second suspect in truck attack
  756. {FD} Germany sees new rise in far-right offenses, hate crimes
  757. {FD} Suspects held after author, conservationist shot in Kenya
  758. {FD} Greece, creditors to resume talks in Athens, seek swift deal
  759. {FD} Thousands at Auschwitz for yearly Holocaust memorial event
  760. {FD} Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
  761. {FD} Report: Companies not complying with Bangladesh garment plan
  762. {FD} Russia vows to get Ukrainian separatists to comply with deal
  763. {FD} Kashmir students, Indian forces clash as protests continue
  764. {FD} Mainstream politics shut out as Le Pen, Macron win in France
  765. {FD} Italian journalist home after 2 weeks detention in Turkey
  766. {FD} 6 bodies recovered off Greek island of Lesbos, 1 woman saved
  767. {FD} APNewsBreak: New Orleans to take down Confederate statues
  768. {FD} South African man pleads not guilty in family axe murder
  769. {FD} Philippines lawyer alleges President Duterte link to deaths
  770. {FD} Emiratis, Malaysians reach $1.2B deal over troubled fund
  771. {FD} Albania opposition blocks main roads ahead of June 18 vote
  772. {FD} Xi urges restraint on North Korea in phone call with Trump
  773. {FD} London nightclub acid attack suspect charged with 15 crimes
  774. {FD} Al-Qaida leader tells fighters to prepare for long Syria war
  775. {FD} Morning brief: Trump talks North Korea with China, Japan
  776. {FD} Israel indicts hacker linked to threats on US Jewish centers
  777. {FD} Lockerbie bomber’s family launches new bid to clear his name
  778. {FD} Family: Iran rejects detained British-Iranian woman’s appeal
  779. {FD} Militants ambush convoy with off-duty Iraq soldiers, kill 10
  780. {FD} French vote for Macron, Le Pen shuts out mainstream politics
  781. {FD} Police stop 12-year-old boy from driving across Australia
  782. {FD} German business confidence up in April, beats forecasts
  783. {FD} Oil workers’ strike triggers gas lines in Sri Lanka
  784. {FD} US Defense Sec’y Mattis in Afghanistan to discuss war needs
  785. {FD} AP journalist covering Kashmir protest helps injured teen
  786. {FD} New Zealand: US doctor must pay reparations for deadly crash
  787. {FD} Afghan army chief, defense minister resign following deadly Taliban attack
  788. {FD} Siren wails as Israel marks annual Holocaust Remembrance Day
  789. {FD} Afghan army chief, defense minister resign following attack
  790. {FD} New Orleans begins to take down prominent Confederate monuments
  791. {FD} The Latest: French socialist leader says party needs revamp
  792. {FD} Cases of anti-Semitism increased last year, report says
  793. {FD} Cement multinational CEO resigns after Syria deals
  794. {FD} France’s far-right reaches across spectrum as runoff looms
  795. {FD} Arkansas prepares for 1st double execution in US since 2000
  796. {FD} Arkansas prepares for first double execution since 2000
  797. {FD} Xi urges restraint on N. Korea in phone call with Trump
  798. {FD} Philippines’ Duterte insists he can be 50 times more brutal than terrorists
  799. {FD} Guatemalan land activist wins prestigious Goldman prize
  800. {FD} Report: US cases of anti-Semitism increased last year
  801. {FD} Survey of economists finds optimism about growth prospects
  802. {FD} Maine police scoop up pair of pygmy goats
  803. {FD} Magnitude-3.6 earthquake rattles California coast near Santa Barbara
  804. {FD} AP Exclusive: The sad saga of North Korea’s ATMs
  805. {FD} Police search for missing boy in California; father arrested
  806. {FD} 2 Arkansas men set to be executed want stays for poor health
  807. {FD} The Latest: California police ask for help to find boy
  808. {FD} South Korea, allies brace for North Korea follow-up act
  809. {FD} Mother of South Carolina cold case suspect dies
  810. {FD} Five dead, including three children, in New York City house fire
  811. {FD} Puyol meets refugees in Greece ahead of ‘clasico’
  812. {FD} French presidential election: Le Pen, Macron win first round to advance to runoff
  813. {FD} France: 2 men charged in thwarted pre-election attack
  814. {FD} ‘Not enough coffins’ after deadly Taliban attack on Afghanistan army base
  815. {FD} Convicted jihadist with California ties loses US citizenship
  816. {FD} 5 killed after house fire breaks out in Queens
  817. {FD} Le Pen took French party from pariah to spotlight _ and now?
  818. {FD} Pirates return to Somali waters, US officials say
  819. {FD} New York reopens oldest surviving theater in Hudson
  820. {FD} Florida teen dons Black Lives Matter prom dress
  821. {FD} Ex-soldier’s parole for Louisiana murder yanked at last minute
  822. {FD} Small earthquake rattles California coast near Santa Barbara
  823. {FD} Judge: Suspect in California school killings fit for trial
  824. {FD} Italian cyclist dies in collision with van while training
  825. {FD} American monitor killed in Ukraine when mine hits vehicle
  826. {FD} 9 dead in apparent gang shootout in western Mexico
  827. {FD} Costs mount despite Waco motorcycle gang trials on hold
  828. {FD} Russia upset over being blocked from Syria chemical weapons investigation
  829. {FD} Remains of Illinois man killed at Pearl Harbor come home
  830. {FD} French presidential election: Le Pen, Macron projected as winners in first round
  831. {FD} AP Explains: How Kenya’s drought has turned into violence
  832. {FD} Army says bomb kills 4 soldiers in southwest Pakistan
  833. {FD} Israel marks Holocaust remembrance day with somber ceremony
  834. {FD} Hunt on for missing 5-year-old California boy, father arrested
  835. {FD} Paris terror attack: Did ISIS make an error naming extremist?
  836. {FD} Renewed Zika outbreak feared on Texas border
  837. {FD} Egypt president in Saudi Arabia to reaffirm ties
  838. {FD} Police: Officer shoots knife-wielding man Virginia
  839. {FD} Ex-treasure hunter faces more charges over missing coins
  840. {FD} Arkansas firefighter captures moment 4-year-old girl falls out of bus
  841. {FD} Anti-Zionist Muslim activist Linda Sarsour to speak at NYC university
  842. {FD} Sicily prosecutor probes possible NGOs-smuggler ‘contacts’
  843. {FD} Officials: Suspected US strike kills 3 al-Qaida operatives
  844. {FD} Taliban’s surprise attack forced 30 coalition troops to ‘shelter in place’
  845. {FD} Israel-China construction deal reportedly bans settlements
  846. {FD} Navy SEAL charged in child porn, assault cases
  847. {FD} Corpses being sent home for burial after Taliban attack
  848. {FD} 1st farmer lawsuit on deck against Syngenta over China trade
  849. {FD} California moves _ slowly _ toward resuming executions
  850. {FD} Doctor’s arrest brings attention to US female circumcisions
  851. {FD} Palestinian stabs 4 in Tel Aviv, Israeli police say
  852. {FD} North Carolina civil rights center faces conservative ire
  853. {FD} Woman whose 10-year-old daughter was killed in 1999 loses second daughter to murder
  854. {FD} North Korea detains US citizen, the 3rd American being held there
  855. {FD} Tight, tense French presidential vote echoes around world
  856. {FD} Crime victims: Alabama is wrong to post personal info online
  857. {FD} Philippine president says he can be 50 times more brutal than terrorists
  858. {FD} Duterte says he can be 50 times more brutal than terrorists
  859. {FD} Israeli police: Palestinian stabs 4 in Tel Aviv
  860. {FD} German nationalists elect top duo for general election
  861. {FD} Kuki Gallmann, ‘I Dreamed of Africa’ author, shot at Kenyan ranch
  862. {FD} International mission member killed in Ukraine blast
  863. {FD} Ceremonies mark liberation of 2 Nazi camps 72 years ago
  864. {FD} Oregon deputy, bystander save woman’s life after she collapses in store
  865. {FD} Pentagon chief visits African nation home to key US base
  866. {FD} Saudis reinstate public sector perks after 7-month cutback
  867. {FD} Boy, 12, stopped 14 hours into epic drive across Australia
  868. {FD} Illinois college student killed in freak accident during track and field meet
  869. {FD} No one detained over South Sudan civilian killings, UN says
  870. {FD} Blogger found stabbed to death in the Maldives
  871. {FD} Syrian troops capture central town after heavy clashes
  872. {FD} Anger as footage of Cleveland Facebook killer shooting dead man remains online
  873. {FD} Iranian candidate says nuclear deal failed to lift sanctions
  874. {FD} Roadside bomb in Somalia kills 8 soldiers, police say
  875. {FD} Saudi king names son as US envoy as ties boosted with Trump
  876. {FD} Islamic State attacks Iraq police base, 1 killed
  877. {FD} Novelist and conservationist Kuki Gallman shot in Kenya
  878. {FD} FBI boss Comey arrives in New Zealand ahead of conference
  879. {FD} Man attacked by two pit bulls as he tries to save Jack Russell terrier
  880. {FD} US airstrike kills Taliban shadow governor in Afghanistan sought since 2011
  881. {FD} N.Korea detains US citizen; at least 3rd American being held
  882. {FD} Texas athlete dies during swimming portion of Ironman competition
  883. {FD} The Latest: First candidates cast vote in French election
  884. {FD} North Korea threatens to strike US aircraft carrier to show ‘military’s force’
  885. {FD} Amid North Korea crisis, Pence becomes Trump emissary abroad
  886. {FD} Plight of Palestinian refugees now spans 5 generations
  887. {FD} French presidential election: Voters take to the polls under heightened security
  888. {FD} French presidential election: Voters flood to ballot box as polls open
  889. {FD} French voters begin casting ballots in presidential election
  890. {FD} Korean-American reportedly arrested at Pyongyang airport
  891. {FD} Stolen plaque in Thailand a sign of antidemocratic sentiment
  892. {FD} 1 dead after train strikes 2 men in Virginia
  893. {FD} The Latest: Pence meets Australia’s cuddly creatures
  894. {FD} US carrier heading for Korea trains with Japanese destroyers
  895. {FD} UC Berkeley students threaten to sue over Ann Coulter visit
  896. {FD} Man, 71, faces attempted murder charge in stepson’s shooting
  897. {FD} Officials: 2 inmates found dead in cells in unrelated events
  898. {FD} Body of fire victim left on Greek street because he was poor
  899. {FD} Director of Guatemala prison holding gang members is slain
  900. {FD} Authorities drop 33 cases against Dakota Access protesters
  901. {FD} The Latest: French campaigns halt prior to presidential vote
  902. {FD} Officials: Cigarette likely caused fire that burned 4 homes
  903. {FD} Slideshow: Life in repressive North Korea
  904. {FD} France gets ready for a rocky vote
  905. {FD} Funeral services held for Ohio victim of Facebook killer
  906. {FD} Workers stage daring rescue after eaglet gets stuck in nest
  907. {FD} Bibles flown to moon stir ownership dispute
  908. {FD} Chief: Officer shoots man threatening suicide in S Carolina
  909. {FD} Croatia anti-fascists, Serbs gather at WWII death camp
  910. {FD} The Latest: Venezuelan protesters cross into western Caracas
  911. {FD} Florida worker bitten by poisonous snake opens up about ordeal
  912. {FD} UN Gaza staffer out after allegations of Hamas ties
  913. {FD} Scams push foreclosure fraud to limit, taking victims’ homes
  914. {FD} ‘Suspicious’ fire prompts evacuation of 800 Florida homes
  915. {FD} Russian soldier killed by knife attack in Armenian city
  916. {FD} Venezuelans march in memory of those killed in unrest
  917. {FD} Charlotte officer who shot, killed Keith Lamont Scott won’t face charges
  918. {FD} Family, friends hold funeral for Facebook shooting victim Robert Godwin Sr.
  919. {FD} Deputy shoots suspect during confrontation on interstate
  920. {FD} Assault charge dropped in punch outside Trump campaign rally
  921. {FD} Mexico says 2 top drug traffickers killed near US border
  922. {FD} Pope comforts sister of French priest slain by extremists
  923. {FD} Trump visiting Walter Reed military hospital
  924. {FD} Tennessee Amber Alert: Kidnapped teen back with family, lawyers say
  925. {FD} Rare parchment copy of Declaration of Independence found by Harvard researchers
  926. {FD} Opposition: airstrikes knock out hospital in Syria’s north
  927. {FD} Humor, sarcasm at Hungarian anti-govt protest in Budapest
  928. {FD} Madeleine McCann may have been snatched by traffickers, top ex-cop says
  929. {FD} Afghanistan massacre: More than 100 feared dead in Taliban attack
  930. {FD} Police arrest man with knife at Paris’ Gare du Nord station
  931. {FD} Spanish police arrest suspect from Egypt with German help
  932. {FD} Milo Yiannopoulos plans ‘comeback’ at UC Berkeley
  933. {FD} Kim Jong Un party paradise: North Korean dictator’s resort revealed as his people starve
  934. {FD} Jail to job: NYC to give jobs to released inmates
  935. {FD} Lebanon army kills wanted IS militant in raid
  936. {FD} Actress Octavia Spencer to speak at Kent State commencement
  937. {FD} 2 teens die in April avalanche in western Romania
  938. {FD} Charleston church shooter on federal death row in Indiana
  939. {FD} Harvard researchers find copy of Declaration of Independence
  940. {FD} Romanian border police find 111 migrants in back of truck
  941. {FD} 2 suspected IS adherents killed in Russia
  942. {FD} Philippine troops kill suspected militant on resort island
  943. {FD} France election: Marine Le Pen sees Trump-like boost in support, but victory far from assured
  944. {FD} Spain: 13 injured as ferry slams into port in Canary Islands
  945. {FD} French overseas territories kicking off presidential voting
  946. {FD} China, Philippines argue over defense chief’s island visit
  947. {FD} March for Science events to take place around the globe
  948. {FD} Protesters injure 1 officer at nationalist party convention
  949. {FD} Turkey’s justice minister says contesting referendum moot
  950. {FD} Senators seek data on Americans caught up in surveillance
  951. {FD} Delicate bargain frees 26 hostages, including Qatar royals
  952. {FD} American Airlines investigates reported confrontation between flight attendant and mother
  953. {FD} Florida boy, 8, crushed to death by large TV in freak accident
  954. {FD} Gas stations in North Korea’s main city restrict services, speculation that China is reducing supply
  955. {FD} Pence reaffirms US-Australia alliance after Trump spat
  956. {FD} Prosthetic arm designed by undergrads lets girl play violin
  957. {FD} Lawyer: Abducted Tennessee girl’s recovery ‘just beginning’
  958. {FD} Chinese jihadis’ rise in Syria raises concerns at home
  959. {FD} Hanoi mayor, villagers meet in bid to end hostage crisis
  960. {FD} Afghan official: Gunmen attacked army base, 100 casualties
  961. {FD} Qatar royals among the 26 hostages freed in bargain
  962. {FD} Venezuela opposition boss asks Wall Street to cut off Maduro
  963. {FD} Law partners in Odebrecht, Panama Papers scandals get bail
  964. {FD} Iowa man gets life for hacking 3 to death with machete
  965. {FD} South Dakota man charged with streaming terrorist threats
  966. {FD} Fresno killings suspect shouts out during 1st court hearing
  967. {FD} Man dies after riding Disney’s Thunder Mountain
  968. {FD} UN panel: Syria evacuees likely to be caught in new fighting
  969. {FD} 3 judges to hear appeal of Hawaii ruling blocking travel ban
  970. {FD} Suspect who died in Seattle officer shooting named
  971. {FD} Guards at NY’s Rikers jail sue, say city making it unsafe
  972. {FD} Woman convicted of charges in Oklahoma corpse-slashing trial
  973. {FD} Parole denied for Brinks heist getaway driver Judith Clark
  974. {FD} Rights group: Halt Egypt aid over video showing executions
  975. {FD} Judge seems reluctant to issue another travel ban injunction
  976. {FD} Milwaukee man convicted of killing girlfriend and her child
  977. {FD} United CEO won’t add chairman title in 2018 as was planned
  978. {FD} How France’s election could have a big impact on the US
  979. {FD} 2,000 homes evacuated as brush fires threaten Collier county
  980. {FD} Iran: Group claims regime is ‘in full gear’ on covert work on nuclear weapons
  981. {FD} Man charged with making threatening calls to Jewish centers
  982. {FD} Germany to appeal US case involving Nazi art sale
  983. {FD} Christian mom sentenced to hang for ‘insulting Islam’ in Pakistan may face final hearing
  984. {FD} Kids must be taught transgenderism, homosexuality starting in nursery school, UK teachers say
  985. {FD} Ivanka Trump’s brand ramped up China trademark work in 2016
  986. {FD} Georgia mom’s remains found 6 months after she vanished
  987. {FD} Man suspected in New York City, Los Angeles bank robberies
  988. {FD} South Carolina man accused of vandalizing fallen police officer’s memorial
  989. {FD} Battle for Berkeley: Will Ann Coulter spark another clash?
  990. {FD} Three Texas sixth graders help police catch burglary suspect
  991. {FD} Afghan ex-President Karzai sees no difference between US, ISIS
  992. {FD} ‘Islamic’ kindergartens in Austria raise eyebrows
  993. {FD} Lawyer: Airport shooting suspect’s mental health stable
  994. {FD} Police: Fewer migrants reaching Austria from Hungary
  995. {FD} Florida firefighters throw baby shower for expecting mother who lost everything in fire
  996. {FD} Charges dropped for all but 2 arrested in DC pot giveaway
  997. {FD} Georgia officer seen in video hitting man asks for job back
  998. {FD} Lawyers: Dismissed drug convictions mostly for freed inmates
  999. {FD} Police officer killed in Paris was on duty at Bataclan
  1000. {FD} 7 admit to arranging sham marriages for Brazilians in US
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