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  1. {FD} Drunk driver gets unusual jail sentence as a reminder of woman he killed
  2. {FD} Venezuela denying trial to US man held since June, case goes to the UN
  3. {FD} Boy who lost his mother last year wins with grand champion pig
  4. {FD} Accused killer of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother went from singer to slayer, officials say
  5. {FD} Video shows cop berating man, calling him a ‘little p—y’
  6. {FD} Stray bullet bounces off Oregon woman’s head
  7. {FD} Suicidal women in China put into early grave to appreciate life
  8. {FD} Paris teens block schools to protest alleged police rape
  9. {FD} Woman killed by flying debris as Storm Doris batters Britain
  10. {FD} Brazil’s sexy Carnival puts Pentecostal mayor in tight spot
  11. {FD} Live stream of giraffe birth temporarily pulled from YouTube over ‘nudity & sexual content’
  12. {FD} Anchorage-area high school bans Confederate flag
  13. {FD} Georgia man charged with possession of ricin, a deadly toxin
  14. {FD} Syrian immigrant mayor’s NJ town won’t be sanctuary city
  15. {FD} Professor has taken a selfie every day for the past 30 years
  16. {FD} 4 arrested in death of blind boy, 9, with cerebral palsy who weighed less than 15 pounds
  17. {FD} A closer look at the U.S. Mexico border
  18. {FD} Postal worker admits he failed to deliver mail for years
  19. {FD} High school student arrested with machete on campus
  20. {FD} Oklahoma city abolishes decades-old dance ban
  21. {FD} Police: Dallas teacher threatened to kill staff unless he was given raise
  22. {FD} Russia has launched its own service to counter ‘fake news’
  23. {FD} Swedish politician proposes to give employees paid time off to have sex
  24. {FD} Morning brief: Conservatives flock to CPAC
  25. {FD} Chicago Public Schools take measures against illegal immigration crackdown
  26. {FD} Iraqi forces retake runway at Mosul International Airport
  27. {FD} At least 6 people killed in blast at upscale Pakistan market, report says
  28. {FD} Winning $435M Powerball ticket sold in Indiana
  29. {FD} Texas teen charged after allegedly killing bald eagle with pellet rifle
  30. {FD} Video appearing to show off-duty Los Angeles cop firing gun in scuffle with teens spark protests
  31. {FD} UK: Muslim racist spits in the face of a baby and tells mother: ‘White people shouldn’t breed’ – blamed on mental health
  32. {FD} Muslim secret service ‘protecting’ Geert Wilders leaked details to criminals
  33. {FD} Medical workers quit Delaware prison following fatal inmate riot
  34. {FD} Massive manhunt in Kansas after gunman opens fire in packed bar, injuring 3
  35. {FD} Statue of Jesus Christ beheaded twice in two weeks
  36. {FD} Washington Post reportedly denies new slogan was inspired by Trump
  37. {FD} North Korea denies it was behind killing of Kim Jong Un’s brother
  38. {FD} Austria: Muslim asylum seekers gang rape woman for two hours
  39. {FD} UK: Muslim convert tried to buy himself a 9-year-old virgin slave girl
  40. {FD} Refugees are pouring into Canada from the US after Trump crackdown
  41. {FD} Guantanamo terrorist earns £1mil compensation – used it to fund terrorism
  42. {FD} Muslims mourn ‘blind sheikh’ convicted in 1993 World Trade Center bombing
  43. {FD} Utah teens accused of robbing, shooting 14-year-old girl ordered held in custody
  44. {FD} Support pours in for damaged Jewish cemetery near St. Louis
  45. {FD} Tulsa’s former Black Wall Street tries to remake itself
  46. {FD} Fugitive wanted in 2007 killing arrested at international crossing in El Paso
  47. {FD} Ohio court will hear debate on autopsies of 8 family members
  48. {FD} Detroit EMTs save 9 people from firebombed house
  49. {FD} Georgia man assaults mother with pork chop, head-butts her, police say
  50. {FD} Police say photo of suspect in Indiana murders came from teen’s phone; audio released of man’s voice
  51. {FD} Mexico homicides jump by a third amid cartel infighting
  52. {FD} Canada sees spike in border crossers coming from US
  53. {FD} San Jose mayor admits failures in flood evacuation order
  54. {FD} Cuba denies entry to OAS chief invited to a pro-democracy event
  55. {FD} Supporters of American pastor jailed in Turkey say he is scapegoat, push for his return to U.S.
  56. {FD} Teen used cell phone to capture chilling audio of her killer: Police
  57. {FD} US troops have come ‘under fire’ in and around Mosul, official says
  58. {FD} Deported man commits suicide jumping off bridge near U.S.-Mexico border
  59. {FD} Ex-con could face murder rap after NY granny dies from punch
  60. {FD} A less carnal Carnival: Rio’s top muse will not be performing nude this year
  61. {FD} Arrests made in North Dakota, as group of pipeline protesters remain at camp
  62. {FD} Family of inmate who killed himself announcing lawsuit
  63. {FD} ‘Lucky’ puppy survives heroin overdose
  64. {FD} UK appoints 1st female Scotland Yard chief in 188 years
  65. {FD} Swiss police lead raids, arrest 1 in probe of ISIS recruiting
  66. {FD} After shooting, Roof went toward 2nd black church, documents say
  67. {FD} Where Eagles Dare: French military using winged warriors to hunt down rogue drones
  68. {FD} Polish play investigated for blasphemy, inciting violence
  69. {FD} Teen allegedly used revenge porn to force woman into having sex with friends
  70. {FD} Caretaker filmed performing sexual dance on 100-year-old man
  71. {FD} New York Times ignores Starnes’ latest best-selling book ‘Deplorables’
  72. {FD} Train station escalator grabbed girl’s foot, lawsuit claims
  73. {FD} Women who assassinated half-brother of Kim Jong Un coated hands in poison, official says
  74. {FD} ‘Kill some Jews’ tweet gets Texas pre-school teacher fired
  75. {FD} Pipeline protesters set fires ahead of camp closing
  76. {FD} Wives of Melbourne plane crash victims found out due to traffic delays, sister reveals
  77. {FD} Immigration minister says Australia won’t take Costa Rican refugees if US refuses Island refugees
  78. {FD} Australia school allows Muslim boys to refuse handshakes with girls
  79. {FD} Authorities say German school shooting alert a false alarm
  80. {FD} China nearly finished building South China Sea structures to house missiles, officials say
  81. {FD} Morning brief: Podesta says ‘forces within the FBI’ may have wanted Clinton to lose
  82. {FD} Iowa bill seeks more political balance at state schools
  83. {FD} Pilot radioed in ‘Mayday’ call before Australian plane crash
  84. {FD} Polygamous man accused of plotting with 3 wives to kill teen he sexually abused
  85. {FD} Philippines to deport convicted U.S. pedophile wanted for crimes
  86. {FD} Assassins wiped toxin on Kim Jong Un’s brother, police say
  87. {FD} Hunters fight so-called ‘feral hog apocalypse’ in Texas
  88. {FD} Graffiti about JFK assassination, 9/11 found on Washington DC monuments
  89. {FD} California police chief rips sentencing overhaul after officer’s killing
  90. {FD} Massachusetts police halt ‘High Five Friday’ after concerns from parents
  91. {FD} Rhode Island police arrest third suspect in $90K diaper heist
  92. {FD} Great grandmother in Florida fights off would-be carjackers
  93. {FD} Missouri man accused of plotting ISIS attack in Kansas City
  94. {FD} Italian authorities investigating possible smuggler funding of migrant rescue boats
  95. {FD} US appeals court upholds Maryland assault weapons ban
  96. {FD} Cop caught on tape sexually harassing store clerk
  97. {FD} More tests needed to determine cause of Russia UN ambassador’s death
  98. {FD} Bizarre break-in leaves Texas family stunned
  99. {FD} Dakota Access Pipeline protesters remain at camp
  100. {FD} No evidence of shooting at Houston hospital, police say
  101. {FD} Drew Peterson now in federal custody, officials say
  102. {FD} Drive-by shooting kills 8-year-old boy inside California home
  103. {FD} ISIS suicide bomber in Iraq was reportedly former Gitmo prisoner
  104. {FD} North Korea further isolated after leader’s half brother killed
  105. {FD} Hundreds rescued from California floodwaters in San Jose
  106. {FD} ‘Best of the best’: California police mourn officer shot dead
  107. {FD} Air Force faces pilot shortage, but training is a challenge
  108. {FD} Dramatic rescue from burning car captured on body-cam video
  109. {FD} Runaway bull dies after making dash for freedom
  110. {FD} Deadline looms for Dakota Access Pipeline protesters to leave the site
  111. {FD} ‘Kung Fu Granny’ keeps town safe at 94
  112. {FD} Kim Jong Un’s half-brother reportedly asked to serve as head of government-in-exile
  113. {FD} Man on DEA’s most-wanted list arrested in Mexico, faces extradition to the US
  114. {FD} ‘Abortion reversal’ bill clears Indiana panel for 2nd time
  115. {FD} One year later, Kalamazoo remembers shooting rampage victims
  116. {FD} Sweden’s riots: Police forced to shoot at Muslim mob in capital – yet PM is in denial
  117. {FD} Texas border residents mixed over whether they need a finished wall
  118. {FD} Police: Tenants killed landlord, lived with body for two weeks
  119. {FD} Teacher receives chilling death threats ordering her to pass students on physics
  120. {FD} Bodies of 74 migrants heading to Europe wash up in Libya
  121. {FD} Israeli soldier sentenced to prison for killing wounded Palestinian attacker
  122. {FD} Out-of-service trains collide head-on near Philadelphia
  123. {FD} Rioting erupts in immigrant-dominated Swedish suburb
  124. {FD} Overnight riots in Stockholm suburb
  125. {FD} College kid says his mom sent him a care package of trash
  126. {FD} Barcelona cops shoot at, arrest truck driver in vehicle packed with gas cylinders
  127. {FD} French presidential candidate Le Pen refuses headscarf to meet Lebanon’s mufti
  128. {FD} Louisiana woman hailed as a hero for stopping man from beating police officer
  129. {FD} Interracial couple refuses to cover slur on garage door until police investigate
  130. {FD} Morning brief: Filmmaker defends investigation of refugees in Sweden
  131. {FD} Heavy rain forces California residents to evacuate
  132. {FD} Small plane crashes into mall in Australia, killing 5
  133. {FD} ‘Deliberately planted’ spikes injures 2, forces closure of North Carolina park
  134. {FD} Iraqi forces reach vicinity of key Mosul airport
  135. {FD} Plane carrying 5 people hits Australian shopping mall
  136. {FD} 6 teenagers fall through ice into Central Park pond, rescued
  137. {FD} Indiana church’s Jesus statue beheaded twice in two weeks
  138. {FD} Ex-cop says Philippines leader paid him to kill suspected criminals
  139. {FD} ‘Donald Trump’s claims about Sweden aren’t all lies’
  140. {FD} Dozens of headstones damaged at Jewish cemetery near St. Louis
  141. {FD} Vatican, Rome’s Jewish Museum to hold first-ever joint show
  142. {FD} Montenegro accuses Russia of masterminding coup attempt
  143. {FD} Nearly a dozen passengers walked through unattended TSA checkpoint at JFK, police say
  144. {FD} As casualties mount in eastern Ukraine, some wonder whether Putin is testing Trump
  145. {FD} California storms threaten to cause more flooding
  146. {FD} Virginia city cancels visit to Ark Encounter after atheist protest
  147. {FD} Florida teen makes special teddy bear to honor fallen officer
  148. {FD} Half of Americans say Islamist militants aren’t really Muslims
  149. {FD} Officer responding to car crash is shot dead; 2nd officer wounded
  150. {FD} In face of rising deportation, immigrants increasingly forced to fight alone
  151. {FD} Extradition under way for ex-CIA officer, despite appeals to Trump administration for help
  152. {FD} Study: Venezuelans lost 19 lb on average over past year due to lack of food
  153. {FD} ISIS Egypt affiliate: Christians are our ‘favorite prey’
  154. {FD} Iran sells body of execution victim for $3,000
  155. {FD} Russian ambassador to UN dead in New York
  156. {FD} Sweden: Politicians and Malmo residents gather in front of city hall to protest against a wave of violence
  157. {FD} UK prime minister on Brexit: Don’t hold up ‘what the British people want’
  158. {FD} China’s move to ban fentanyl could help curb drug addiction crisis in US
  159. {FD} Prosecutor urges Indiana community to remain calm amid search for suspect linked to teens’ deaths
  160. {FD} Leader of Italy’s ‘Trump Party’ looks to jump-start disillusioned voters
  161. {FD} Global arms trade rises to post-Cold War high
  162. {FD} British man bludgeoned girlfriend before sleeping next to body, prosecutors say
  163. {FD} Iran launches ‘advanced’ rockets during new military exercises
  164. {FD} Warmth brings early-rising bear to Colorado backyard
  165. {FD} Former student in New Hampshire prep school sex assault wants new trial
  166. {FD} US Navy carrier deploys to South China Sea for first time in Trump presidency
  167. {FD} Suspect in Denver murder was wanted for possible deportation
  168. {FD} Sprint car crashes into crowd at Florida speedway, injuring 3
  169. {FD} Olympic dream in Rio morphs into costly ruins
  170. {FD} A look inside Haiti’s horrifying prisons, where most end up dead or insane
  171. {FD} Sweden: Syrian refugee jailed for mass executions
  172. {FD} ‘He was my puppy’: Heartbreaking note about dog given up for adoption goes viral
  173. {FD} Six months after the Rio Olympics, decaying arenas and mounting debt
  174. {FD} Russians optimistic on improved US ties
  175. {FD} Military medals stolen from Calif. veteran are found; 3 arrested
  176. {FD} At least 2 tornadoes strike San Antonio; dozens of homes damaged
  177. {FD} Living hell: Officials alarmed by upsurge of inmates dying in Haiti prisons
  178. {FD} Iraqi forces push into ISIS-held southern outskirts of Mosul
  179. {FD} Video showing apparent poisoning of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother surfaces
  180. {FD} 76-year-old Boston woman fined for failing to clear snow off sidewalk
  181. {FD} Morning brief: Tucker explains the interview Trump cited regarding Sweden
  182. {FD} One suspect arrested, one at large in basement murders of Massachusetts couple
  183. {FD} Canadian recycling plant workers find more than $100G stashed in TV set
  184. {FD} Dozens of workers lose their jobs for participating in Day Without Immigrants protest
  185. {FD} US Navy sends warships on freedom of navigation operation through South China Sea
  186. {FD} Scientists, environmental activists protest in Boston against threat to science
  187. {FD} Flood fears renewed as another storm aims for California
  188. {FD} Man in photograph described as suspect in deaths of Indiana teens
  189. {FD} If Oroville Dam failed, residents likely would not be advised in time
  190. {FD} Tucson mayor reports being carjacked at gunpoint
  191. {FD} Man facing 16 charges after police car chase
  192. {FD} Brawling teammates, parents mar NY girls high school basketball game
  193. {FD} Hunters charged in Texas shooting had blamed immigrants
  194. {FD} Egypt: Al-Sisi versus the Sheikhs resistance to renew Islam: ‘You wear me out’
  195. {FD} Islamophobic Saudi Arabia Deports 40,000 Muslim Pakistanis, Citing Terrorism Concerns
  196. {FD} ICE arrests man who escaped Illinois prison in 2003
  197. {FD} Death toll in Somalia marketplace blast rises to 34
  198. {FD} Voters in Ecuador choosing between change, continuity
  199. {FD} 11 dead after boat capsizes off Sri Lanka’s southwest coast
  200. {FD} Father, son killed in head-on collision with each other
  201. {FD} Finland: Former Foreign Affairs Officer to Muslims: ‘I lived in your country for 10-years – you are sick, cruel’
  202. {FD} SpaceX launches rocket from NASA’s historic moon pad
  203. {FD} Malaysia searchs for 4 North Korean men who fled country the day Kim Jong Nam died
  204. {FD} Iran says ‘unmoved by threats’ after new U.S. pressure
  205. {FD} Israeli leader says ‘new day’ in relations with U.S.
  206. {FD} Iraqi forces launch large-scale push to retake western Mosul from ISIS
  207. {FD} Pakistani police say 5 militants killed in counter-terrorism raid
  208. {FD} Man dies after breaching security at airport in Hawaii
  209. {FD} Police: Man shot by officer after opening fire near zoo dies
  210. {FD} Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur mass rally calls for stricter Islamic law
  211. {FD} Southern California rain eases; north facing renewed storm
  212. {FD} Montana officials alarmed as they fight surge in meth use
  213. {FD} India: 100,000 Hindus rally against Muslim terror in Calcutta
  214. {FD} London Police Chief Puzzled that Clerics Aren’t Doing Enough To Discourage Jihad
  215. {FD} Firefighters knock down blaze at California oil refinery
  216. {FD} Angela Merkel: Islam is NOT a source of terror. EU must accept MORE refugees.
  217. {FD} Historic railway station in Germany to be turned into a mosque
  218. {FD} Pope Francis: Muslim terrorism does not exist
  219. {FD} UK: London descends into the Medieval times with a ‘modest’ Sharia fashion show
  220. {FD} Iraq: Devout Muslim raped 200 women and boasts: ‘It was normal’
  221. {FD} States in US West mark 75th anniversary of internment order
  222. {FD} Robber jumps through McDonald’s window
  223. {FD} Paris riots mapped: Violence spreads to 20 areas across France
  224. {FD} McCorvey, who was at center of Roe v. Wade, dead at 69
  225. {FD} Ex-Guantanamo detainee yearns to return to his cell
  226. {FD} Bob Jones U to get tax-exempt status back after 30 years
  227. {FD} Serbia’s pro-Russia leader is urged to drop presidency bid
  228. {FD} Kelly: Trump is working on a “streamlined” travel ban
  229. {FD} The Latest: Voluntary evacuations asked in California town
  230. {FD} Turkish premier promotes presidential system at German event
  231. {FD} Blind cleric jailed for life in US dies
  232. {FD} Blind cleric serving life sentence dies in federal prison
  233. {FD} NATO: Debunking of rape claim shows need for critical press
  234. {FD} Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, mastermind behind 1993 World Trade Center attack, has died
  235. {FD} Russia now recognizes Ukrainian rebel documents, passports
  236. {FD} Spain rescues 112 migrants off Libyan coast, 36 more at sea
  237. {FD} Congo investigates video showing soldiers shooting militia
  238. {FD} Thousands in Barcelona urge Spain to take in more refugees
  239. {FD} NASA aborts SpaceX rocket launch after last-minute technical trouble
  240. {FD} Germany: No plans to add US to group solving Ukraine crisis
  241. {FD} Backed by Trump Venezuelans march to demand release of Lopez
  242. {FD} 680 Cubans returned home since end of ‘wet foot, dry foot’
  243. {FD} Bus flips over in Argentina’s Andes, at least 19 killed
  244. {FD} Miami-Dade officials approve decision against ‘sanctuary city’ designation
  245. {FD} 140 Somali refugees settled in US after court suspends ban
  246. {FD} Canadians from Iran and Pakistan rally against the “Islamophobia” law
  247. {FD} Police: Man charged in shooting death of Chicago toddler
  248. {FD} US-backed Syrian fighters inch closer to IS ‘capital’
  249. {FD} Uganda seizes ton of ivory, arrests 2 West African suspects
  250. {FD} Albanian opposition Democrats in protest for free election
  251. {FD} New Phoenix sheriff changes jail rule for immigrants flagged for deportation
  252. {FD} Anxieties rise at Detroit haven for asylum seekers
  253. {FD} Germany’s Merkel backs free press amid Trump media criticism
  254. {FD} After son’s suicide, dad starts ‘The Kindness Challenge’
  255. {FD} 1 killed, 20 injured after passenger train derails near Brussels
  256. {FD} Kenya arrests 2 suspected IS recruits deported from Turkey
  257. {FD} Library grounds in southern India turn into quiet study area
  258. {FD} Marijuana found inside firewood seized at U.S.-Mexico border
  259. {FD} Desert to ice: Qatar takes on curling at Asian Winter Games
  260. {FD} Russia seeks pragmatic US ties and “post-West” world order
  261. {FD} Hundreds of Mexicans protest with ‘human wall’ on US border
  262. {FD} Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr. in Dubai to open golf club
  263. {FD} Paris rally planned against police abuse after alleged rape
  264. {FD} UN chief says US decision to block Libya envoy was “serious mistake”
  265. {FD} Serbia FM Dacic sees danger in Bosnia’s UN suit revival
  266. {FD} Dutch far-right populist Wilders kicks off election campaign
  267. {FD} Russia-Belarus rift grows as Putin loses patience
  268. {FD} Another South Sudan official resigns, alleging graft, bias
  269. {FD} UN chief: US blocking Libya envoy was “serious mistake”
  270. {FD} IKEA apologizes for catalog aimed at ultra-Orthodox Jews
  271. {FD} Gambia’s new president set for inauguration
  272. {FD} The Latest: Pakistani ambassador summoned by Afghanistan
  273. {FD} In Europe, Pence says US will hold Russia accountable
  274. {FD} Morning brief: F-15s, F-18s, F-35s and more to know today
  275. {FD} 26 people detained after Turkey car bomb attack
  276. {FD} The Latest: Pence reassure allies on NATO in era of Trump
  277. {FD} Pakistan shuts key border crossing in wake of shrine attack
  278. {FD} Germany’s Merkel to US: uphold, strengthen multilateralism
  279. {FD} US lawmakers want North Korea added to terrorism blacklist
  280. {FD} Outside of Washington, Trump slips back into campaign mode
  281. {FD} F-15s scramble to intercept unresponsive aircraft over restricted airspace over West Palm Beach
  282. {FD} NHL Turns 100: Borje Salming hailed as European trail blazer
  283. {FD} 10 years in jail and still no trial for murder suspect
  284. {FD} Iraqis risk all to spy on Islamic State militants in Mosul
  285. {FD} Philippine Catholics rally vs. drug killings, death penalty
  286. {FD} N. Korea, Malaysia lock horns over apparent killing
  287. {FD} 3 Sri Lanka soldiers arrested for abducting journalist
  288. {FD} Fourth suspect arrested in North Korean leader’s half-brother’s death in Malaysia
  289. {FD} 2 dead, others stranded as storm lashes California
  290. {FD} Columbia University sent out 277 erroneous acceptance letters
  291. {FD} China police arrest mine manager in explosion death cover-up
  292. {FD} Man critically injured by shark on Great Barrier Reef
  293. {FD} The Latest: Malaysia readies 2nd autopsy on N. Korean
  294. {FD} 1 dead, others stranded as storm lashes California
  295. {FD} Ivy league school accidentally emails nearly 300 acceptance notices
  296. {FD} Was it brother? Lover? Or crime gang? N. Korea rumors abound
  297. {FD} Philosopher Tom Regan, animal rights author, dies at 78
  298. {FD} Abundant fish draw 1 million penguins to Argentine peninsula
  299. {FD} Union lawyer says inmates staged “dry run” before uprising
  300. {FD} McCain slams Trump in Munich speech without using his name
  301. {FD} APNewsBreak: Denver slaying suspect supports Islamic State
  302. {FD} Teacher shot in head by radical Islamists as attacks on Christians in Egypt escalate
  303. {FD} Citigroup CEO Corbat takes home $15.5 million for 2016
  304. {FD} 11 top Puerto Rico university officials resign amid crisis
  305. {FD} Christian men’s conference decried for featuring speakers accused of rape, sex abuse cover-up
  306. {FD} John Glenn’s widow turns 97, says she misses him ‘terribly’
  307. {FD} Trouble with your marriage? It may be time to make a ‘map’
  308. {FD} Tensions over Trump deepen fractures among American Jews
  309. {FD} Eric Garner chokehold case rolls on, but future is cloudy
  310. {FD} 2 men plead guilty in deaths of 2 boys swept over waterfall
  311. {FD} 96-year-old WWII pilot takes flight again in Florida
  312. {FD} The Latest: Judge orders $250,000 bail for Amtrak officer
  313. {FD} Military wife mourning fallen Green Beret in viral video is hailed as ‘patriot’
  314. {FD} Largest branch of American Judaism opposes Trump envoy pick
  315. {FD} Fashion insiders declare ‘I Am an Immigrant’ in new video
  316. {FD} Commission: ‘Systemic racism’ at root of Flint water crisis
  317. {FD} Pence arrives in Germany for meetings with world leaders
  318. {FD} Officials close Penn State frat where pledge had fatal fall
  319. {FD} Agency reports earthquake felt across Hawaiian Islands
  320. {FD} Alaska’s Bogoslof Volcano erupts, sends up ash cloud
  321. {FD} Defrocked priest appears in court in Maine on 29 sex counts
  322. {FD} The Latest: School vows vigilance to prevent sex abuse
  323. {FD} Students stage walkouts at 3 Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools
  324. {FD} UN: 1 million children in eastern Ukraine urgently need aid
  325. {FD} Crimea under Russia: Locals fear more mayhem if forced to return to Ukraine
  326. {FD} Racism denounced at Vatican-sponsored inequality conference
  327. {FD} Arizona to death-row inmates: Bring your own execution drugs
  328. {FD} Jerry Sandusky’s son waives hearing in child sex abuse case
  329. {FD} Ecuador election could decide Assange’s continued asylum
  330. {FD} French candidate Macron sparks protests over Algeria remarks
  331. {FD} Library waives fine on book returned 75 years past due
  332. {FD} Cities ask federal judge to keep Trump travel ban on hold
  333. {FD} Pentagon cites evidence of Islamic State “exodus” from Raqqa
  334. {FD} Car bomb in Turkish town kills 3-year-old, wounds 15 people
  335. {FD} Argentine ex-military chief arrested in torture, kidnap case
  336. {FD} Police detain shooter near California zoo; many shots fired
  337. {FD} Report: Bank of China to pay fine in Italy money-laundering
  338. {FD} UK considers ramping up punishments for its own government leaks
  339. {FD} Bosnia to appeal UN court ruling clearing Serbia of genocide
  340. {FD} Food is harder to find in west Mosul, say fleeing Iraqis
  341. {FD} Poland’s PM Szydlo leaves hospital a week after car crash
  342. {FD} Report: Explosion hits Turkish town, injuring several people
  343. {FD} Troopers find 4-times deported man among victims of car crash
  344. {FD} Liberal moms reportedly force school to cancel skating party at Trump rink
  345. {FD} Utah girls wrestle on junior high team amid gender discrimination lawsuit
  346. {FD} Venezuelan lawmakers block Caracas freeway to demand elections
  347. {FD} Powerful storm threatens to be California’s strongest in years
  348. {FD} Amtrak officer faces murder charge in fatal Chicago shooting
  349. {FD} Dallas ex-teacher appeals after firing for porn-acting past
  350. {FD} Indiana police: No new evidence in dead girls’ investigation
  351. {FD} Comedy prank? Suspect in murder of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother says she was duped
  352. {FD} The week in pictures
  353. {FD} Thieves at sandwich shop steal cash for bone marrow charity
  354. {FD} Hungary: NGOs should reveal amount, aim of foreign funding
  355. {FD} Judge: Man accused of killing flamingo incompetent for trial
  356. {FD} Russian spy ship ‘loitering’ off Virginia near world’s largest naval base, officials say
  357. {FD} Avalanche kills 7 army troops in Kazakhstan
  358. {FD} Chicago gang members say more police won’t stop the murders
  359. {FD} UK, French prime ministers meet to ease Brexit concerns
  360. {FD} Rutgers apologizes for rejecting students who wore blue suits, brown shoes to job fair
  361. {FD} NY teen admits to killing 2, wounding 5 at Halloween party
  362. {FD} Austrian woman convicted for pro-Hitler sign, Facebook post
  363. {FD} 14 killed in Algerian army anti-extremist operation
  364. {FD} ‘Our mosques are not big enough:’ Benin’s Muslims squeezed
  365. {FD} Video shows Chicago girl’s accused killer beaten in courthouse lockup
  366. {FD} Finnish lawmakers reject call to revoke same-sex marriage
  367. {FD} Veteran’s medals of valor stolen during California dam evacuation
  368. {FD} 2 injured in shooting with deputies at Florida motel
  369. {FD} Rebel leader in eastern Ukraine issues military threat
  370. {FD} AP PHOTOS: Bosnian lake dries out, memories revisited
  371. {FD} Penguin stolen from zoo is found dead near parking lot
  372. {FD} The Latest: Turkey ‘confirms’ with US need to combat terror
  373. {FD} Almost 500 migrants smash through border fence into Spanish enclave in Africa
  374. {FD} As investigation swirls, body of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother is unclaimed
  375. {FD} US wrestler strikes gold by making Trump the ‘villain’ in lucha libre matches
  376. {FD} Mugabe’s wife says he could run in election ‘as a corpse’
  377. {FD} Pope: Migration isn’t a danger, it’s a challenge for growth
  378. {FD} Afghan official: ISIS kills 17 Afghan Army soldiers in east
  379. {FD} Thai police empty-handed so far in search for prominent monk
  380. {FD} Former Bosnian tax chief charged in mayor corruption case
  381. {FD} Man convicted of running over woman, dragging body 3 miles
  382. {FD} Florida man accused in plot to bomb Target stores
  383. {FD} Semi driver gets 10-year sentence for crash that killed 5
  384. {FD} Syria and monitoring group blast Turkey over civilian deaths
  385. {FD} Merkel: Germany will raise defense spending, but slowly
  386. {FD} Police officer struck, dragged by vehicle during traffic stop
  387. {FD} 15-year-old girl subject of Amber Alert charged in mother’s stabbing death
  388. {FD} 6 die in gas leak at South African naval base, several hurt
  389. {FD} AP Interview: General says Libya strikes bore critical intel
  390. {FD} Montenegrin prosecutor summons opposition leaders over coup
  391. {FD} Former Hong Kong leader guilty in unprecedented graft trial
  392. {FD} Protesters heckle French conservative candidate Fillon
  393. {FD} How North Korean mountain and myth may have inspired murder
  394. {FD} France’s Le Pen faces new challenges from EU Parliament, UN
  395. {FD} Florida brush fire destroys 9 mobile homes, kills 1 dog
  396. {FD} Teen who took selfie after fatally shooting friend convicted
  397. {FD} Tillerson holds first set of talks with Chinese counterpart
  398. {FD} Kentucky man shot during police confrontation dies
  399. {FD} Spain’s Princess Cristina not guilty in tax fraud case
  400. {FD} Montenegro women protest cuts in state aid for mothers
  401. {FD} Police: Georgia toddler abused by father dies in hospital
  402. {FD} Kaczynski: a 2nd EU term for Tusk not in Poland’s interests
  403. {FD} Uganda warns of strain under huge South Sudan refugee influx
  404. {FD} WikiLeaks: CIA ordered spying on French 2012 election
  405. {FD} Zimbabwe protest pastor doesn’t rule out political run
  406. {FD} AP Interview: Sweden PM: Brexit deal in 2 years ‘very tough’
  407. {FD} Thai gov’t panel approves coal plant in popular tourist area
  408. {FD} Philippine leader’s critic faces charges, possible arrest
  409. {FD} The Latest: Pope: Migration a challenge, not a danger
  410. {FD} Cambodian analyst arrested on charge of defaming premier
  411. {FD} Florida man accused of planning to bomb Target stores to lower company’s stock
  412. {FD} UAE says 2 Emirati soldiers killed in Saudi-led war in Yemen
  413. {FD} Car bomb in Baghdad claimed by Islamic State kills 59
  414. {FD} In Sweden, 8 held in aggravated child porn case
  415. {FD} French victim of alleged police rape thanks supporters
  416. {FD} Morning brief: Trump not in the dark and more to know today
  417. {FD} Turkey’s top cleric denounces raids on 4 imams in Germany
  418. {FD} Tony Blair’s new mission is to change minds on Brexit
  419. {FD} France, Germany welcome ‘useful’ meeting with US on Syria
  420. {FD} Slovak PM Robert Fico survives no confidence vote
  421. {FD} Czech PM foresees coalition government with Communists
  422. {FD} 11 dead as Nigerian troops repel Boko Haram suicide bombers
  423. {FD} Red Cross assists hundreds of migrants who entered Spain
  424. {FD} Longtime ruler of Turkmenistan sworn in for new term
  425. {FD} Tropical cyclone kills 7 in southern Mozambique
  426. {FD} Afghan official: Taliban attack kills 5 policemen in east
  427. {FD} Justice Department says arrested ‘Dreamer’ has gang ties; lawyers deny allegation
  428. {FD} Witness: ‘It was her or me,’ Durst said about slain friend
  429. {FD} AP FACT CHECK: Trump Israel pick talks tough on Palestinians
  430. {FD} Major militant attacks in Pakistan over the past 3 years
  431. {FD} Virginia man faces sentence for trying to help Islamic State
  432. {FD} Inmate’s rape conviction overturned days after he’s killed
  433. {FD} Book author says Kim Jong Nam was tiny hope for change
  434. {FD} The Latest: Pakistani raids kill 39 suspects after IS attack
  435. {FD} Critics: Trump should not ignore domestic terrorist threats
  436. {FD} Kremlin reportedly ordered state media to tone down Trump coverage
  437. {FD} Family, friends describe ‘nice girl’ embroiled in Kim case
  438. {FD} Christian florist who turned away same-sex couple broke anti-discrimination laws, Washington court says
  439. {FD} UAE says Emirati soldier killed in Saudi-led war in Yemen
  440. {FD} Wisconsin students group demands free tuition for black students
  441. {FD} Former Marine arrested in Los Angeles over pipe bombs found in Denver hotel room
  442. {FD} Pakistan detains dozens after 75 killed at Shiite shrine
  443. {FD} Vatican inequality talks start in California farm heartland
  444. {FD} Suspect in slaying of teenage Ohio girl pleads not guilty
  445. {FD} Ohio man enters guilty plea in air base security breach
  446. {FD} Munich conference brings hope for clarity on US priorities
  447. {FD} Despite charges, Brazil’s Lula eyes another run
  448. {FD} Florida man charged in plot to bomb retail stores
  449. {FD} Dozens of Vietnamese mark anniversary border war with China
  450. {FD} 7 Hong Kong police get 2 years’ prison in activist’s beating
  451. {FD} World’s oldest seabird hatches new chick at Midway Atoll
  452. {FD} 10 Things to Know for Friday
  453. {FD} Massive storm takes aim at Southern California
  454. {FD} Trump supporters cheer his combative stance with the media
  455. {FD} Israeli facing drug trafficking and money laundering charges
  456. {FD} Indiana home searched in investigation of girls’ deaths
  457. {FD} Chinese national in Kansas guilty in engineered rice theft
  458. {FD} February 2017 already the snowiest for parts of New England
  459. {FD} NYPD officers shoot and kill gun suspect
  460. {FD} Students walk out, Latino-owned businesses close
  461. {FD} Police: Uber driver broke into passengers’ homes after trips
  462. {FD} Kansas deputy testifies about alleged sexual assault
  463. {FD} Mexican says she was stolen as baby in Spain under Franco
  464. {FD} Pastor who baptized Dylann Roof speaks out
  465. {FD} Indiana high court hears arguments in house explosion appeal
  466. {FD} Judge rules man can’t be tried in forgotten 1972 cop-shooting case
  467. {FD} Noted Spanish history expert faces child porn charge
  468. {FD} US prosecutors: Arrested Seattle ‘dreamer’ admits gang ties
  469. {FD} Inmate’s lawsuit describes uprising at Delaware prison
  470. {FD} Owner of stolen gemstones worth $60G offers reward
  471. {FD} James Nichols, brother of Oklahoma city bomber, dead at 62
  472. {FD} Man with zip-ties around his neck found dead in New York City jewelry store
  473. {FD} Durst told friend he killed mutual friend, key witness testifies
  474. {FD} Trump seeks to end legal fight with revised travel ban
  475. {FD} Indian man admits to improperly touching woman aboard flight
  476. {FD} Nigeria court: Forfeit $110 million linked to oil minister
  477. {FD} Venezuelan court upholds sentence against opposition leader
  478. {FD} Michigan man shot on the highway drives himself to hospital
  479. {FD} Watchdog: No way to measure US-Mexico border wall success
  480. {FD} Iran nuclear deal could unravel with Europe’s help, analyst says
  481. {FD} Police identify man fatally shot by officers during arrest
  482. {FD} Old friend testifies Robert Durst confessed he killed wife
  483. {FD} One person hospitalized after explosion at Oklahoma oilfield
  484. {FD} Colorado man charged in Oklahoma in death of daughter’s mom
  485. {FD} 10 snowmobilers die in thinly frozen lakes in mild Northeast
  486. {FD} Tennessee man convicted of planning to attack NY mosque
  487. {FD} Georgia firefighter defies odds, returns to work after being shot 14 times
  488. {FD} Police get 100 tips from photos of man near Indiana deaths
  489. {FD} Israeli defense minister to Gaza: Let’s talk
  490. {FD} A broader Israel-Arab deal _ rare opportunity or diversion?
  491. {FD} Kurds’ move to keep Yazidi, Christian refugees from their homes is hurting anti-ISIS alliance
  492. {FD} Lawyer: Florida airport shooting suspect mentally competent
  493. {FD} The Latest: Trump says not aware of any contacts with Russia
  494. {FD} Tennessee man indicted in deadly birthday party shooting
  495. {FD} Head of Friars Club: I have no idea why the feds raided us
  496. {FD} The Latest: Ex-friend’s testifies Durst said he killed wife
  497. {FD} Monopoly ditches classic game piece
  498. {FD} School officer acquitted in recorded slapping of student
  499. {FD} Shirt with $8G in pocket accidentally donated to Goodwill
  500. {FD} Sick owl discovered at construction site
  501. {FD} NATO to boost naval presence in Black Sea
  502. {FD} Military mother’s American flag desecrated
  503. {FD} Declining sales force, revenue send Avon shares tumbling
  504. {FD} FBI: White supremacist talked of Dylann Roof-type attack
  505. {FD} The Latest: Guilty plea made involving San Bernardino attack
  506. {FD} Boko Haram shoots at military helicopter, wounds airman
  507. {FD} Mom testifies at trial of man accused of killing infant
  508. {FD} Washington court rules against florist in gay wedding case
  509. {FD} Tillerson meets Asian allies, condemns NKorea missile test
  510. {FD} Disabled teen dies from bedsore infection, 3 charged
  511. {FD} Officials: Jailer arrested after fight with sheriff’s deputy
  512. {FD} Disabled Navy veteran beaten after defending turtle
  513. {FD} Jeans get governor booted from North Dakota Senate’s floor
  514. {FD} Inmate’s lawyers argue last execution went ‘horribly wrong’
  515. {FD} Clashes renew in Paris suburb over alleged police violence
  516. {FD} Wisconsin students demand free tuition for black students
  517. {FD} Police: 15-year-old took joyride in pizza deliveryman’s car
  518. {FD} Trump’s ambassador pick is well-known figure in West Bank
  519. {FD} Roadside bomb kills 12 in Afghanistan’s Paktika province
  520. {FD} AP Interview: Dutch lawmaker insists on ‘de-Islamization’
  521. {FD} Woman charged in connection with autistic teen son’s death
  522. {FD} Prosecutor: Off-duty officer justified in shooting intruder
  523. {FD} Cops: Motive for anti-Arab graffiti was personal, not ethnic
  524. {FD} UN: Israel-Palestinian conflict must not drift to extremism
  525. {FD} ‘Angel’ the cat saves owner before dying in house fire
  526. {FD} Trinidad & Tobago tries to halt fighters to ISIS
  527. {FD} Woman accused of stabbing 16-month-old daughter in back
  528. {FD} Man pleads not guilty in road-rage killing of 3-year-old boy
  529. {FD} German cities to increase security during Carnival
  530. {FD} Albania police find ton of marijuana hidden under house
  531. {FD} Museum official: No plans to sell Wright Brothers artifact
  532. {FD} Judge: Black man beaten by police was stopped illegally
  533. {FD} Pastor Abedini sentenced for violating restraining order
  534. {FD} Ivory Coast cocoa producers protest downturn in sales
  535. {FD} Strike at Berlin airports leads to 210 flight cancelations
  536. {FD} Suicide bombing at shrine in Pakistan kills 5, wounds dozens
  537. {FD} Hezbollah says two-state Israel-Palestine peace ‘gone’
  538. {FD} Austria pressing fraud charges against Airbus over fighters
  539. {FD} Trinidad & Tobago tries to halt fighters to Islamic State
  540. {FD} Fire alarm, protests disrupt ex-pharma exec Shkreli’s talk
  541. {FD} Trump calls for release of Venezuelan opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez
  542. {FD} Paramedic apologizes for lying about Boston Marathon bombing heroics
  543. {FD} Slain inmate’s conviction reversed 4 days after his death
  544. {FD} Russia says Syrian contact group established
  545. {FD} Egypt shuffles Cabinet, appoints 1st female governor
  546. {FD} NJ teen admits making threats amid Texas school shooting
  547. {FD} GM chief in talks with UK amid alarm over possible unit sale
  548. {FD} ISIS bombings kill dozens in Iraq and Pakistan
  549. {FD} Probe of Myanmar assassination names army-linked suspect
  550. {FD} Russian spy ship spotted near Virginia
  551. {FD} Flooding in Gaza overwhelms battered infrastructure
  552. {FD} Penguin stolen from German zoo found dead in Mannheim
  553. {FD} 6 charged in North Carolina with trafficking a ton of pot
  554. {FD} Saudi authorities arrest 18 IS suspect
  555. {FD} EU parliament OKs more anti-terror rules
  556. {FD} Family discovers wrong headstone at grave of 9-year-old girl
  557. {FD} 3 workers arrested in package thefts from UPS center
  558. {FD} Greece: No further austerity as part of bailout deal
  559. {FD} Pressure rises for Irish premier to quit over police scandal
  560. {FD} Illegal immigrant takes refuge in Denver church to avoid deportation
  561. {FD} US home building falls as developers start fewer apartments
  562. {FD} Florida brush fire contained, residents allowed to go home
  563. {FD} 4 climbers die on Italian-Swiss border after ice wall cracks
  564. {FD} Egypt swears in 9 new Cabinet ministers in limited shuffle
  565. {FD} Libya requests NATO help to rebuild security institutions
  566. {FD} World Relief to lay off 140 after Trump refugee order
  567. {FD} Anthem granted restraining order in deal fallout with Cigna
  568. {FD} Preschool teacher charged with sex assault of 3-year-old
  569. {FD} Mattis: US not ready to collaborate militarily with Russia
  570. {FD} Al-Shabab claims mortar attack near Somalia leader ceremony
  571. {FD} Saudi-led coalition to probe Yemen funeral airstrike
  572. {FD} Germany’s Merkel testifies on alleged US eavesdropping
  573. {FD} Paris: Boulders block migrants from sleeping, prompt debate
  574. {FD} The Latest: UN calls for aid convoys ahead of Syria talks
  575. {FD} Syrian government sits face-to-face with rebels in Astana
  576. {FD} Angolan vice president faces corruption charges in Portugal
  577. {FD} Prosecutor releases more details on suspect’s shooting
  578. {FD} ECB discounted inflation jump as it pressed on with stimulus
  579. {FD} Lithuania confident of US security guarantee over Russia
  580. {FD} Ukraine’s president vows to resume coal supply from east
  581. {FD} Putin calls for cooperation with West against terror
  582. {FD} Sulfuric acid cloud causes breathing troubles in Germany
  583. {FD} Nigeria’s Eurobond 8 times oversubscribed, shows confidence
  584. {FD} Poll shows Israelis and Palestinians prefer 2-state solution
  585. {FD} After protests, Greece to extend some firefighter contracts
  586. {FD} N Korean and its long history of using women spies
  587. {FD} US chief of staff to visit Turkey for talks on Raqqa
  588. {FD} Trudeau hails EU-Canada deal in address to EU parliament
  589. {FD} Swedish court hands life sentence to Syrian asylum seeker
  590. {FD} Bangladesh urged to drop charges against garment activists
  591. {FD} Turkish Cypriot leader walks of out peace talks meeting
  592. {FD} 2 women, 1 man arrested in North Korean’s death in Malaysia
  593. {FD} Germany plans NATO deals for military planes, subs
  594. {FD} Myanmar says army ends operation in troubled Rakhine state
  595. {FD} Samsung’s billionaire heir tries to avert arrest in court
  596. {FD} Watchdog: Number of anti-Muslim hate groups tripled since 2015
  597. {FD} French prosecutors maintain probe into candidate Fillon
  598. {FD} MORNING REPORT: 5 things you need to know to start your day
  599. {FD} ICE agents reportedly arrest alleged domestic violence vicitm at Texas courthouse
  600. {FD} Burundi’s government boycotts resumption of peace talks
  601. {FD} Third person arrested in killing of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother
  602. {FD} Judge reduces charges in fatal New Orleans shootout
  603. {FD} Police: Suicidal man, 70, shot after brandishing gun
  604. {FD} Egypt official: Suspected militants kill Christian in Sinai
  605. {FD} Saudis optimistic about relations with US under Trump
  606. {FD} Uganda deploys troops to train Equatorial Guinea forces
  607. {FD} Mystery deepens, questions build in N.Korea princeling death
  608. {FD} Harsh Mongolian winter risks livelihoods of herder families
  609. {FD} Phoenix officials turn down petition to adopt sanctuary city status
  610. {FD} Watchdog: Number of anti-Muslim hate groups on the rise
  611. {FD} Trump White House wrestles with a crush of crises
  612. {FD} SKorean court refuses to allow search of presidential palace
  613. {FD} Syria’s Assad lashes out at France’s Hollande ahead of polls
  614. {FD} The Latest: Malaysia makes 3rd arrest in N. Korean’s death
  615. {FD} Trump’s secretary of state faces questions on first trip
  616. {FD} Police, pollution protesters clash in northern China city
  617. {FD} WWII bomb transported across Germany, found at waste site
  618. {FD} Moscow blasts US defense secretary for his comments
  619. {FD} College student who filmed professor’s anti-Trump rant fights suspension
  620. {FD} Friend of San Bernardino attacker pleads guilty to providing guns
  621. {FD} Old friend of real estate heir Durst speaks in murder case
  622. {FD} North Koreans, in eye of storm, fete leader’s birthday
  623. {FD} Germany’s Merkel to testify before parliament NSA panel
  624. {FD} Cardinal sent to Guam to investigate sex abuse claims
  625. {FD} G20 diplomats to discuss development, crisis prevention
  626. {FD} Utah couple arrested for allegedly peering into neighbors’ windows with drone
  627. {FD} Pakistan police raid Taliban-linked militant hideout, kill 6
  628. {FD} Thai police begin raid on Buddhist sect’s temple
  629. {FD} Judge to rule on reopening ’72 shooting of Ohio officer
  630. {FD} A family mourns son lost to fighting IS in Iraq’s Mosul
  631. {FD} Pro-government tribal leader among dead in US raid in Yemen
  632. {FD} ‘Day Without Immigrants’: Protest closes restaurants in US
  633. {FD} Indonesia trying to verify if citizen involved in Kim death
  634. {FD} Wildfires in Colorado could get worse because of state’s 834 million dead trees
  635. {FD} Shooting that killed Chicago toddler captured on video
  636. {FD} Amanda Knox reveals same-sex, non-sexual relationship in Italian prison
  637. {FD} Philippine president asked to release bank account details
  638. {FD} In Ecuador election, strongman Correa’s legacy on the line
  639. {FD} Report: Human rights lawyers in China beaten, arrested
  640. {FD} Quakes rock area of Indonesian province devastated in Dec
  641. {FD} South Carolina Boeing workers overwhelmingly vote against unionization
  642. {FD} Seoul court begins to deliberate Samsung chief’s arrest
  643. {FD} British envoy urges action to prevent Somalia famine deaths
  644. {FD} Evacuations ordered as concrete slab threatens to fall from San Francisco construction site
  645. {FD} Suspect in Florida officer’s killing indicted by grand jury
  646. {FD} Boy, 14, charged in fatal shooting of 2 brothers
  647. {FD} 3 dead, 2 wounded in shooting on Chicago’s Southwest Side
  648. {FD} Albuquerque students urged to skip ‘Day Without Immigrants’
  649. {FD} 2 New England states battle more snow after nonstop storms
  650. {FD} A crush of crises all but buries the young Trump White House
  651. {FD} Suspect dragged cop 150 yards with car for stolen beer, police say
  652. {FD} Court says Jackson County Christian-only prayer is illegal
  653. {FD} Trump’s secretary of state on the spot on 1st foreign trip
  654. {FD} Family gets $300K after officer tackled man, who later died
  655. {FD} Freed by Innocence Project, Wisconsin man takes up cause
  656. {FD} Venezuela shuts off CNN in Spanish after criticizing story
  657. {FD} Officials making ‘great progress’ on California dam repairs, remind residents to stay vigilant
  658. {FD} Connecticut congressmen express concern over Russian ship
  659. {FD} Remains of tortoise Lonesome George returning to Ecuador
  660. Democrats Block 2017 Tax Cuts
  661. {FD} Michael Flynn’s security clearance suspended pending review
  662. {FD} Prosecutors clear man who fatally shot deputy’s attacker
  663. {FD} Police: Man shot to death by North Carolina officer
  664. {FD} Detective: Nothing dangerous before police sergeant shot man
  665. {FD} ISIS using kidnapped Yazidi children in suicide missions
  666. {FD} Bodies found in Indiana are missing teen girls, police say
  667. {FD} Colorado has 834 million dead trees; fires could get worse
  668. {FD} Trump Effect? Populism leaves its mark on European allies’ elections
  669. {FD} The Latest: Homes burglarized in evacuation area below dam
  670. {FD} Man dubbed ‘Porn’s New King’ sentenced to 11 years for fraud
  671. {FD} Police investigate anti-Muslim flyer at Louisiana mosque
  672. {FD} ‘Making a Murderer’ investigator opens up on case’s unanswered questions
  673. {FD} The Latest: Judge allows reporter to cover Durst hearing
  674. {FD} 2 Trump Cabinet secretaries to visit Mexico next week
  675. {FD} The Latest: Autopsies confirm bodies are those of 2 girls
  676. {FD} Texas anti-sanctuary city law could cost border county millions
  677. {FD} Cop’s selfie to Uber driver shows he means business
  678. {FD} Former high school employees dispute charges in lawsuit
  679. {FD} Cardinal Burke to Guam to investigate alleged sex abuse case
  680. {FD} Immigrant workers, families to protest by staying home
  681. {FD} Ex-cop kills man in bar, calls 911 on himself, deputies say
  682. {FD} Man gets prison time for fatally beating small dog with cane
  683. {FD} Texas splits with other states, defends Trump travel ban
  684. {FD} SPLC says number of anti-Muslim hate groups on the rise
  685. {FD} The Latest: Woman recovering from shooting that killed boy
  686. {FD} Police find 4 Doberman-mix puppies stolen from shelter
  687. {FD} Plane hits deer while taking off from Charlotte-Douglas Airport
  688. {FD} Venezuelans mostly apathetic after drug trafficking allegations against VP
  689. {FD} Penn State ex-officials seek appeal as criminal trial nears
  690. {FD} Secret witness to testify in Robert Durst murder case
  691. {FD} Maryland prosecutor resigns, sentenced for indecent exposure
  692. {FD} Tulsa man charged in neighbor’s killing to plead insanity
  693. {FD} Lawyers in CIA torture case argue over secret documents
  694. {FD} Toledo man charged with spray-painting anti-Arab message
  695. {FD} Cranston man gets jail time for fatally beating 10-pound dog
  696. {FD} Iran allows female spectators at beach volleyball tournament
  697. {FD} Swedish court upholds life term for Rwandan man for genocide
  698. {FD} French candidate Fillon floats prosecuting teens as adults
  699. {FD} Houston picks up the pieces after 6 tornadoes slam the area
  700. {FD} Coast Guard calls off search for missing kayaker
  701. {FD} UN rights office makes ‘ambitious’ appeal for donors
  702. {FD} Pipeline exec compares Dakota protesters to terrorists
  703. {FD} Students push Ivy League to drop fee for needy applicants
  704. {FD} Man pleads guilty in slayings of his 2 kids, 2 stepchildren
  705. {FD} German paper apologizes for false story on migrant attacks
  706. {FD} Defense wants case dismissed against Minnesota officer who shot Philando Castile
  707. {FD} Reports: Student rammed hotel window before fatal fall
  708. {FD} APNewsBreak: Grand jury report blasts NY foster care system
  709. {FD} Russians remain patient for thaw with US under Trump
  710. {FD} Groupon’s surprise revenue sends stock to 4-month high
  711. {FD} Vatican sends conservative cardinal to Guam as investigator
  712. {FD} Naked intruder scaled fence at US Homeland Security campus
  713. {FD} Businessman who homeschooled kids to lead schools department
  714. {FD} WATCH: NC deputy busts a move in dance-off
  715. {FD} Texas tries new anti-abortion strategy after high court loss
  716. {FD} Rutgers condemns anti-Muslim poster found at cultural center
  717. {FD} Player benched when ice rescue causes him to miss team bus
  718. {FD} The Latest: Lawyers for Minnesota officer want case tossed
  719. {FD} Lisbon aims to adapt military airport for commercial use
  720. {FD} The Latest: Yemen rebels say Saudi-led strikes hit funeral
  721. {FD} Russia’s military power in photos
  722. {FD} Drug catapult found attached to Mexican side of US border fence
  723. {FD} Under Armour CEO responds to criticism of Trump praise
  724. {FD} EXCLUSIVE: Shadowy Iranian general visits Moscow, violating sanctions
  725. {FD} Moldova claims to break up extremist Islamic group
  726. {FD} Caught on video: Several boats destroyed in massive marina fire
  727. {FD} Russia’s newest target is German Chancellor Angela Merkel
  728. {FD} Texas woman, 2 children pulled from rumble left by tornado
  729. {FD} Circus agrees to pay $25K in tent collapse that killed 2
  730. {FD} School officer caught slapping student on video enters plea
  731. {FD} Bombing suspect’s lawyer wants shootout charges dropped
  732. {FD} Ambulance crash kills passenger en route to nursing home
  733. {FD} Autopsies set for 2 bodies found in search for missing girls
  734. {FD} Memorial ceremony marks fall of Singapore to Japanese troops
  735. {FD} Texas cop uses patrol car to push burning truck from restaurant
  736. {FD} Ohio zoo’s polar bear moves to Chicago to find romance
  737. {FD} Dutch intelligence agency warns of child jihadists
  738. {FD} Eric Holder to participate in panel on race in Atlanta
  739. {FD} Charges filed in 11-year-old girl’s Chicago shooting death
  740. {FD} Only 5 of 11 NFL players show up for Israel-sponsored trip
  741. {FD} Germany concerned about possible sale of GM’s Opel
  742. {FD} World’s diplomats seeking reassurance from US at G20 meeting
  743. {FD} Russian spy ship spotted closer to US, near Navy submarine base
  744. {FD} Pentagon chief Mattis makes clear that US committed to NATO
  745. {FD} Report: More than 55,000 US bridges structurally deficient
  746. {FD} Sarah Jessica Parker to chair library association book club
  747. {FD} US retail sales rise in January, led by gas and restaurants
  748. {FD} New York state factories expand at fastest pace in 2 years
  749. {FD} Missouri lawyer acquitted in killings of dad, his girlfriend
  750. {FD} EU: Migrant deaths in central Mediterranean rise despite aid
  751. {FD} Trial starts for teen police say took selfie with corpse
  752. {FD} Few good alternatives to Palestinian state
  753. {FD} Medical group warns of severe shortages in Yemen’s Taiz
  754. {FD} Good Samaritan foils Texas thief’s plan to steal woman’s purse
  755. {FD} Did a South Korean news report doom Kim Jong Un’s brother?
  756. {FD} Hearing in case against officer charged in black man’s death
  757. {FD} Donetsk residents say OSCE monitors inffectual
  758. {FD} Egypt extends detention of prominent activist
  759. {FD} Lufthansa reaches wage agreement with pilots
  760. {FD} UAE ambassador wounded in Afghanistan bombing dies
  761. {FD} Jordan commander: IS expands hold in border camp for Syrians
  762. {FD} Kazakhstan postpones Syria talks by a day
  763. {FD} Police: Man told pastor he caused mother’s fatal overdose
  764. {FD} Montenegro: Immunity lifted for 2 alleged coup suspects
  765. {FD} China awards Trump valuable new trademark
  766. {FD} Portugal cuts budget deficit to lowest level in 4 decades
  767. {FD} NATO chief concerned if Russia missile reports prove true
  768. {FD} UN briefly pauses aid to Iraq’s Mosul amid security concerns
  769. {FD} Pope weighs in on Dakota pipeline dispute: Native people have rights over their lands
  770. {FD} Madrid police talk to Maradona after altercation at hotel
  771. {FD} 7 Kenya medics union officials freed; strike continues
  772. {FD} Philippines eyes more airports to unclog Manila hub
  773. {FD} Centrist upends French presidential race in era of extremes
  774. {FD} The Latest: Malaysia arrests woman in N. Korean killing
  775. {FD} 3 suspects handed terror charges in thwarted French attack
  776. {FD} Unearthed drawings prompt man’s search to ID World War II heroes
  777. {FD} EU on the verge of approving trade deal with Canada
  778. {FD} Iranian president visits 2 Gulf Arab states to improve ties
  779. {FD} Briton arrested in Cambodia in Pattaya slaying
  780. {FD} UN envoy: progress on Cyprus security deal, long way to go
  781. {FD} Kangaroos, zebras found at homes evacuated in California dam crisis
  782. {FD} Trump sons Eric, Donald Jr. to attend ‘closed’ Dubai event
  783. {FD} German authorities investigate possible Turkish spies
  784. {FD} 2 state solution optional? Palestinians puzzled by US view
  785. {FD} Woman chained in metal box says captor bragged about dozens of victims
  786. {FD} Religious freedom could top Sessions civil rights priorities
  787. {FD} US official says Russia deployed missile in treaty violation
  788. {FD} Officials: Trump knew Flynn misled WH weeks before ouster
  789. {FD} French police raid an entire Muslim bomb lab and thwart suicide attack
  790. {FD} EU financial affairs chief in Athens as bailout talks drag
  791. {FD} AP FACT CHECK: Democrats condemn Flynn after fake tweet
  792. {FD} Afghan official: Taliban attack kills 5 in northern village
  793. {FD} US Security Contractor Warns: Muslims Will Kill Americans & Are Very Good Manipulators
  794. {FD} Plea agreement reached for friend of San Bernardino gunman
  795. {FD} Hits and misses: Notable NKorean assassinations or attempts
  796. {FD} Greek soccer hero helps refugees win battle against boredom
  797. {FD} Korea Warns Against Visiting Paris After Muslims Set Fire to Tourist Coach
  798. {FD} Clues scarce after half brother of N. Korean leader killed
  799. {FD} Pennsylvania college group wants pins to start conversation on ‘white privilege’
  800. {FD} Woman arrested in killing of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother, Malaysian police say
  801. {FD} Egypt chief-of-staff mediates between Libyan rivals in Cairo
  802. {FD} Top human rights official urges Turkey to ‘change course’
  803. {FD} Slain North Korean played complicated role in ruling dynasty
  804. {FD} Indonesian capital votes in test for moderate values
  805. {FD} Former NYC college athletic official allegedly pocketed $600G from school
  806. {FD} Bull escapes livestock auction show in New York
  807. {FD} Ohio police probe shots fired at vehicles in I-275 area
  808. {FD} India launches 104 satellites in single day, breaking record
  809. {FD} Gun owners angry over UMass’ decision to nix youth shooting program
  810. {FD} New York judge orders drug-addicted mother of 4 to not get pregnant
  811. {FD} Local China government suspends plant project after protests
  812. {FD} India launches more than 100 satellites into orbit
  813. {FD} Official: Suicide attack kills 2 in northwestern Pakistan
  814. {FD} Mystery of Etan Patz’s disappearance ends in conviction
  815. {FD} More questions than answers in death of North Korean royalty
  816. {FD} New Zealand wildfires prompt hundreds of evacuations
  817. {FD} Ex-leader of northern Chinese province sentenced for graft
  818. {FD} Guatemala’s indigenous seek recognition for justice system
  819. {FD} Rumors highlight the hidden lives of North Korean leaders
  820. {FD} Mattis’ reassurance tour in Europe could include US requests
  821. {FD} Boyfriend of reporter killed on live TV eyes Virginia House seat
  822. {FD} 8 dead after knife attack in China’s western Xinjiang region
  823. {FD} Man initially held on $4 billion bond freed on reduced bond
  824. {FD} ‘Dreamer’ arrested in Seattle immigration sweep, lawyers say
  825. {FD} The Latest: Woman has mixed emotions to plea in terror case
  826. {FD} Feds: At least 6 tornadoes cause damage southwest of Houston
  827. {FD} Polls open in divisive vote for Indonesia capital governor
  828. {FD} Argentina prosecutor seeks approval to investigate president
  829. {FD} Arrest made after bacon strips left at California mosque
  830. {FD} US arrests Mexican immigrant ‘dreamer’ in Seattle
  831. Anti Trump Protestors Are Paid by Communist Billionaire George Soros
  832. {FD} Royal Caribbean cruise ship departs Florida after day delay
  833. {FD} UN Staff Union: 32 personnel killed in line of duty in 2016
  834. {FD} 2 live men found tied to bridge in Mexican border city
  835. {FD} AP Interview: Pullman reveals ‘His Dark Materials’ follow-up
  836. {FD} Records: Man to plead guilty to aiding San Bernardino terror attack
  837. {FD} Arrest in live-round shooting at Wyoming gunfight show
  838. {FD} Chicago toddler shot and killed; 11-year-old wounded in weekend shooting dies
  839. {FD} Father charged in case of severely malnourished Utah boy
  840. {FD} Bodies found amid search for 2 missing Indiana teens
  841. {FD} Michael Flynn’s resignation: A timeline
  842. {FD} Family plans to seek compensation for Henrietta Lacks’ cells
  843. {FD} Polisario: Morocco must accept Western Sahara independence
  844. {FD} Thousands of California dam evacuees allowed to go home, told to stay prepared
  845. {FD} AP Explains: National security adviser a policy whisperer
  846. {FD} Bison, cars endangered by deep snow in Wyoming’s Grand Teton
  847. {FD} Official: Russia has deployed missile in violation of treaty
  848. {FD} Texas neurosurgeon found guilty of maiming patients
  849. {FD} British foreign secretary: Gambia to return to Commonwealth
  850. {FD} Trump toilets, condoms could be flushed after his China win
  851. {FD} Illinois governor to propose more state troopers to patrol Chicago area expressways in wake of shootings
  852. {FD} Man pleads guilty to making threats against Boston mosque
  853. {FD} Gun owners angry after UMass rejects youth shooting program
  854. {FD} Police: Naked intruder at NBC Washington bureau bites man
  855. {FD} Texas officer helps student get back on the road in a big way
  856. {FD} Russia cloud over Trump not going away with Flynn exit
  857. {FD} Flynn exit creates vacuum that Trump’s pragmatists may fill
  858. {FD} 2 Dominican journalists killed during live transmission
  859. {FD} Trusty pet squirrel foils burglary
  860. {FD} Officials: Man fatally shot after ramming officers’ vehicles
  861. {FD} Shining Path leader to be tried in 1992 deaths of 25 in Peru
  862. {FD} China stabbing spree reportedly kills 8
  863. {FD} Fatal Denver airport train collision with van investigated
  864. {FD} New probe begins into accusations of French police violence
  865. {FD} Nigeria: Up to $100 billion lost from oil militant attacks
  866. {FD} The Latest: Durst lawyers want reporter booted from court
  867. {FD} Construction halted on mosque with too-tall minarets
  868. {FD} Robert Durst murder case focuses on first wife’s 1982 disappearance
  869. {FD} France: Candidate Fillon’s spokesman under tax fraud probe
  870. {FD} Convenience store clerk convicted of murdering 6-year-old Etan Patz, who vanished in 1979
  871. {FD} Tillerson off to Europe on 1st trip amid disarray at home
  872. {FD} The Latest: Looters burglarize empty homes and businesses
  873. {FD} The Latest: Etan Patz’s father says he’s ‘truly relieved’
  874. {FD} Somaliland asks US for exemption to Trump’s travel ban
  875. {FD} Venezuela’s VP shrugs off drug sanctions as US weighs policy
  876. {FD} Jefferson statue defaced with ‘slave owner’ graffiti
  877. {FD} Prosecutors: Murder suspect watched friend die for half-hour
  878. {FD} Attorney: Deputy lied about why he fatally shot unarmed man
  879. {FD} The Latest: Police, feds probe fatal airport train crash
  880. {FD} Officials: Serbia’s PM to run for president
  881. {FD} Tornado slams town near Texas coast; reports of several injuries, damaged homes
  882. {FD} Ten-year-old boy, parents hit in Texas road rage shooting
  883. {FD} ‘Deadliest Catch’ stars know hope is running out for lost colleagues
  884. {FD} Verdict reached in case of boy who vanished in NYC in 1979
  885. {FD} Armyworm invasion threatening southern Africa’s crops
  886. {FD} Text of Michael Flynn’s resignation letter
  887. {FD} Baltimore County teacher accused of videotaping cheerleaders
  888. {FD} Israeli envoy to Cairo ordered to stay home due to threats
  889. {FD} Ohio man pleads guilty to fatally shooting 2 adult siblings
  890. {FD} 4 dead in Congo clashes between police, separatist sect
  891. {FD} 71st Valentine’s Day for Auschwitz survivor, soldier she met
  892. {FD} Russia sends spy ship near US coast, deploys banned missiles at home, officials say
  893. {FD} Conservative criticism of pope sparks rally of support
  894. {FD} Iowa State could lose thousands on sale of president’s plane
  895. {FD} Secretly recorded comments lead to teachers’ reprimand
  896. {FD} UN: Gambia formally reverses withdrawal from ICC
  897. {FD} Drunken driver gets 3 months in prison after deadly crash
  898. {FD} Catholic hospital denies unfair bias against transgender man
  899. {FD} Panama’s former vice-president Arias Calderon dies at age 83
  900. {FD} Angry mob in Afghanistan kills lovers who eloped
  901. {FD} 2nd man wanted in Maryland slaying surrenders
  902. {FD} Montenegro to Russia: ‘Keep your hands off’ our NATO bid
  903. {FD} Somebody stole penguin from zoo, German police say
  904. {FD} Report cites increased Chinese, Russian military activity
  905. {FD} Austrian politician documents Turkish surveillance abroad
  906. {FD} Ex-officer’s lawyers seek dismissal of federal charges
  907. {FD} Brazil’s Armed Forces to police Rio amid security crisis
  908. {FD} Cyprus expects robust economic growth this year
  909. {FD} Backlash after teachers caught playing crude game naming students
  910. {FD} FBI aerial video showed to jury in Bundy ranch standoff trial
  911. {FD} Romanian party leader denies wrongdoing in corruption case
  912. {FD} Drizzly Valentine’s Day in Paris doesn’t stop the love
  913. {FD} Merkel, Tunisian premier pay tribute to Berlin attack dead
  914. {FD} Burj Khalifa developer Emaar pulls in $1.43B profit in 2016
  915. {FD} Dad recalls final words to son decapitated on water slide
  916. {FD} German court excludes Jewish brothers from Auschwitz trial
  917. {FD} Woman who livestreamed rape of teen gets 9 months in prison
  918. {FD} Traffickers log Madagascar timber with impunity, study says
  919. {FD} Greek farmers march in Athens against higher taxes
  920. {FD} US wholesale prices rose in January, led by gasoline
  921. {FD} Iraqi forces build up around Mosul ahead of expected push
  922. {FD} North Korean man dies after becoming ill at Malaysia airport
  923. {FD} German hostage says Abu Sayyaf threatening to behead him
  924. {FD} Prosecutor: Over 70 Ohio child sex assault cases unattended
  925. {FD} Report says Islamic State extremists using mainstream media
  926. {FD} PSA Group says it is exploring acquisition of GM’s Opel
  927. {FD} Kim Jong Un’s half-brother reportedly assassinated in Malaysia
  928. {FD} Teen who tossed baby from window to be sentenced as juvenile
  929. {FD} 1 dead, several injured in Luxembourg train crash
  930. {FD} Report: Turkey arrests alleged nightclub attack planner
  931. {FD} UK says Trump state visit still on despite loud opposition
  932. {FD} Pound collapse costs Rolls Royce $5.5 billion
  933. {FD} Italian court convicts couple in Islamic State group plot
  934. {FD} Brazil state to fire military police who failed to patrol
  935. {FD} Residents of Chinese city protest against aluminum plant
  936. {FD} ZeekRewards founder sentenced for role in $850 million scam
  937. {FD} Man accused of engaging in sex act with dog turns himself in
  938. {FD} North Korea celebrates its late leader, and missile launch
  939. {FD} Bahrain protesters, police clash as island marks uprising
  940. {FD} NATO chief seeks bigger defense budgets ahead of US meeting
  941. {FD} Police: Migrant smugglers brought down in Spain and Morocco
  942. {FD} Portugal’s finance minister survives lawmaker spat, for now
  943. {FD} Man charged in car crash that injured Polish prime minister
  944. {FD} UN: Reports say 101 dead as troops, militia clash in Congo
  945. {FD} Mongolia nationalizes mine, prompts warning on investors
  946. {FD} UK inflation reaches a 2 1/2-year high in January
  947. {FD} Syrian state media says talks should focus on terrorism
  948. {FD} Indonesia lawmaker: Palm oil workers shot orangutan for meat
  949. {FD} Algerian man held for promoting extremism online, Spain says
  950. {FD} Thousands of California dam evacuees might be away from home for 2 weeks
  951. {FD} South Korean investigators seek arrest of Samsung heir again
  952. {FD} Myanmar imposes death penalty on border post attacker
  953. {FD} Indian army: 3 soldiers, 1 rebel killed in Kashmir gunbattle
  954. {FD} Philippine environment secretary cancels 75 mining deals
  955. {FD} Top-selling Greek daily out again after court ruling
  956. {FD} Libya rivals in Cairo to discuss political settlement
  957. {FD} Recent Trump win on China trademark raises ethics questions
  958. {FD} Flynn, fired once by a president, now resigns to another
  959. {FD} Governor has chosen person to lead review of prison uprising
  960. {FD} Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn resigns
  961. {FD} Graft conviction keeps south Indian politician out of office
  962. {FD} Appellate court takes up ‘Making a Murderer’ inmate’s case
  963. {FD} California dam managers brushed off threats of flooding 12 years ago
  964. {FD} Federal judge blocks Trump travel ban for Virginia residents
  965. {FD} Youth basketball team forfeits season rather than play without girl teammates
  966. {FD} Russian lawmakers mount fierce defense of Flynn
  967. {FD} Trump’s comments put Bergdahl case on uncertain ground
  968. {FD} Credit Suisse narrows 4Q loss ahead of US settlement
  969. {FD} AP Interview: Trump yet to call UN atomic chief on Iran deal
  970. {FD} Haitian man admits role in scheme to stage dozens of crashes
  971. {FD} Head of US Pacific Command touts strong ties with Thailand
  972. {FD} Police: Man charged after grabbing, kissing transit officer
  973. {FD} Federal officials to monitor probe of fatal shooting by Nashville police
  974. {FD} Pakistan mourns 13 killed in Lahore suicide bombing
  975. {FD} Text of national security adviser Flynn’s resignation letter
  976. {FD} Sandusky’s son awaits hearing on child sex abuse allegations
  977. {FD} UN says fighting in 2 South Sudan hotspots is ‘devastating’
  978. {FD} Colombia keeps cocaine from spoiling Valentine’s Day flowers
  979. {FD} 8 dead, 3 missing after central China coal mine blast
  980. {FD} 7 Hong Kong police guilty in activist’s 2014 filmed beating
  981. {FD} Judge grants injunction against Trump travel ban in Virginia
  982. {FD} Paraguay officials investigate huge hoard of Venezuelan cash
  983. {FD} Bull-taming tradition resumes in southern Indian state
  984. {FD} UN Security Council condemns North Korea missile test
  985. {FD} Police: Man shot after opening fire on officers in Virginia
  986. {FD} Murder suspect released from jail after historic $4 billion bond
  987. {FD} The Latest: Trump travel ban case can proceed in lower court
  988. {FD} Judge allows girl’s confession in Slender Man case
  989. {FD} Dominican court sentences American in slaying of US hotelier
  990. {FD} Panama seeks arrest of 2 sons of ex-president in graft case
  991. {FD} The Latest: FBI to monitor probe of fatal shooting by police
  992. {FD} Families fear mistreatment of inmates after prison uprising
  993. {FD} Suit over artifact looting case suicide rejected on appeal
  994. {FD} NYC man pleads guilty to smuggling exotic turtles
  995. {FD} Lance Armstrong loses bid to halt ex-teammate’s $100 million lawsuit
  996. {FD} Trump presidency gets social with detailed posts, photos
  997. {FD} Police: No charges against woman who breastfed another’s son
  998. {FD} Judge orders Ohio village to pay back $3 million to lead-footed drivers
  999. {FD} Judge rejects tribes’ request to temporarily halt construction of Dakota Access pipeline
  1000. {FD} Mexican official: Cartels send $64B in drugs into US annually
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