Where To Find Our Current Thinking

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Where To Find Our Current Thinking *** Revision #7 ***

Our current thinking on key subjects will now be found in our Current Positions Snapshot section just below.

Our current thinking on many subjects will now only be found at our parent portal, the CCU Nexus | Tenth Generation, on the relevant websites. 

Our content spans many years.  During that time we have acquired massive amounts of new information and gained a host of new insights.  As a result, there have been changes in our thinking.  What this means to you is that, once in a very great while, you might find one article contradicting another.  How will you know what we really think in such a case?  Generally (in most cases), the answer is that the viewpoint expressed in the newer article overrules the viewpoint expressed in the earlier article.  (If you want to be absolutely sure about what we really believe about anything, contact us.)

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